Communicate to win


Title: The Art of Successful Communication

Author: Danny Richard

Translator: Javad Shafei Moghadam

Publisher: Almas Parsian

Topic: Success in business

Age category: Adult

Number of pages: 170

Language: Farsi



The book Communicate to win  by Richard Danny has been translated by Javad Shafei Moghaddam. In this book, the author offers strategies for influencing and effective speech. Communication is one of the most important words in a foreign language.

The Art of Successful Communication
Part One: Communication Skills The Importance of Communication Over the past thirty years, there have been many changes throughout human history. These changes involve increasing advances in technology, enabling us to communicate effectively and efficiently with each other.

Advances in technology have certainly led to faster communication. At present, we are equipped with devices such as e-mail (text in abbreviated form, which is in fact a completely new language) to fax, call, video conferencing and pager to communicate with others.

But still, are we able to communicate usefully with each other? Definitely not. We are now equipped with media such as television and radio that transmit news to us immediately.
Newspapers, magazines, newsletters, books, letters and specialized magazines and the Internet as well. We have reached saturation in terms of receiving information, but nevertheless, do we communicate effectively and usefully with each other? Definitely not.

In today’s world, children have less opportunity to communicate and learn communication skills with people than in the past. Many children rush to school and eat breakfast alone. They are also under pressure in the classroom to achieve academic achievement.

Today’s children have less opportunity to open up and connect with their classmates than in the past. They exercise less and even have less opportunity to learn human communication skills. (Page 11) Interesting facts about body language – Every human body language always sends messages from itself to others.
– Messages sent by people’s bodies are sometimes clear and sometimes vague, but often include emotions. – Many people can read the messages sent by Ral’s body language very carefully. By consciously changing your body language, you can also change your emotions.

Your body’s preferential positions send messages to others about the type of personality you have. You are not satisfied if messages from your body language are transmitted to others. Awareness of the above can give you the opportunity to make a difference.

So be aware of how you want to look in the eyes of others. You may need to emulate someone you approve of.
In this case, change your behavior to be the person you really want. Appearance is a large part of body language communication, unconscious and therefore automatic. But there are elements that can be controlled and as a result, using them, an effective relationship can be established.

One of these controllable elements is your personal appearance. Surprisingly, your overall appearance and appearance affect your body language.

Have you ever noticed that people with new hairstyles walk differently? Or do people walk differently according to the clothes they wear? How do you dress? What jewelry are you wearing? What is your hair style? All of these will shape people’s attitudes about you.
Of course, here wind said that people may have a wrong perception of your appearance. However, it will be very difficult for them to change their attitude towards you. The term (no book should be judged solely by its cover) applies to a large extent here.

But on the other hand, it should be noted that a good book cover can provide the ground for its best-seller. Because the cover of the book is the only thing that attracts the viewer’s attention in the first place. So here’s what Charles Dickner said about it. “There are books that have very good sections on the back and sides,” he says.

Introducing the book Communicate to win  by Richard Danny
The book The Art of Successful Communication by Richard Danny has been translated by Javad Shafei Moghaddam. In this book, the author offers strategies for influencing and effective speech. Communication is one of the most important words in a foreign language. Without communication, trade fails, and the government collapses.

On the other hand, people’s lack of communication and inability to communicate effectively can cause a lot of stress, failure, anger and problems. The present book can generally be an extensive guide to communication. In particular, it can provide you with interpersonal communication and a variety of verbal, written, and conversational communication methods.
Readers of this book, after reading it, commit themselves to achieving prosperity and self-help, and dream of achieving greater success.

To help you achieve more success, joy, confidence and success in your professional and personal life. You can improve your quality of life through self-actualization and greater success in your workplace.

Richard Danny is the author of The Art of Successful Communication
Richard Denny is one of the leading British experts, speakers and writers who has given lectures in many countries around the world and even in Iran. He is the author of six best-selling books, most of which have been published in 46 countries and in 26 languages.

Part of the book The Art of Successful Communication by Richard Danny
Communication is one of the most important words in English. Without communication, trade fails and governments collapse. On the other hand, people’s lack of communication and inability to communicate effectively creates a lot of stress, failure, anger, hatred, misunderstanding and despair.

The present book is generally a general guide to the broad subject of communication, and in particular to interpersonal communication and the various modes of communication, both verbal and written, conversational, and conference.
After reading this book, the readers will find themselves committed to achieving self-fulfillment and self-help, and will dream of achieving greater success in order to achieve greater pleasure, self-confidence, and success in their working lives.

They will wish to move from the “I wish I could” stage to the “I can and will be able” stage. “Through self-actualization and greater success in the workplace, they will be able to improve their quality of life.” The present book has been published by Almas Parsian Publications and made available to the audience.

All our names
The book All Our Names is a work by Dina Mangesto, translated by Salman Sabet and published by Yuban Publications. This work is the first book of the author that has been translated into Persian and it deals with the relationship between human beings, human beings with different genders, nationalities and origins.

The story is told from the perspective of two different people about their relationship with Isaac and depicts the story of deep friendship and unpredictable love.

Events take place in two separate periods of time and in two different corners of the world and tell the story of war, discrimination, self-sacrifice, identity and personality. It seems that in order to know Isaac, one must read the book to the end to become aware of what is going on inside.
The novel is the story of two young men who mature during the events of a revolution and are dragged from the safe areas of the campus to the midst of the growing chaos of the streets.

But as the line between perfectionism and violence grows blurred, the two friends part ways — one on the deadliest dangers and the other on a safe journey to America. Pretending to be a guest student in the United States, he falls in love after a while and settles in a small town.

Yet this quiet and dreamy life is inevitably influenced by the secrets of his past: the things he has done before and the work he left unfinished. Above all, he thinks of a dear friend who left him at home.

Excerpts from the book Communicate to win
From that day on, all the people of the city are free to think and can talk about foreign lands, countries they have read about or places where there are no foreigners at all, lovers they have not yet met, husbands or wives. The better they dreamed, the bigger the house they dreamed of one day.

In short, people give up their lives without knowing the young man. Give him all the power he wanted and, despite not knowing enough about him, make him their king.

Weeks, months and years go by. People dream of living on the surface of the moon and the sun. The dream of palaces built on clouds, the dream of children who never cried, and just as people dreamed these dreams every night, their king wiped out part of the city every night.

One night one of the parks disappeared. One night, the hill with the best view of the city disappeared. Streets and then houses began to disappear. Soon the people who complained about these disappearances also disappeared.
Book of the Year by the New York Times, The Washington Post, The Boston Globe, and The Daily Beast.
An all-encompassing and influential story about the love of men and women, friends, nations and countries. “All Our Names” is an amazing exploration of the relationships that represent our identity and personality.

Dina Mengesto is one of the emerging and successful writers who has won many prestigious awards around the world. The book “All Our Names” is the first work translated by this author into Persian.

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