Title: Self-knowledge

Author: School of Life

Translator: Ali Motamedi

Publisher: Mehriz, The Event of the Desert

Subject: Self-knowledge

Age category: Adult

Number of pages: 72

Language: Farsi

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The book Self-Knowledge is written by Alan Dubaten and translated by Mohammad Hadi Hajibiglou. This book is one of the books of life school that helps you to have a better life.

About the book of self-knowledge
One of the most prominent features of our human mind is that we have very little understanding of it. Although we are literally living in ourselves, we often only succeed in realizing a part of ourselves. Sometimes it is even easier for us to understand the dynamics of planets in space than it is to understand the mechanism that works deep inside our brains.

When we are self-conscious, we often get confused and confused: some days we are moody or sad, without knowing why at all, or we may feel confused in our job, but we can not say anything more than that we want to be “more creative.” To do “or” to do something that makes the world a better place “;
Plans and plans that are so vague that when we encounter the principled plans of others, we feel weak and vulnerable. This book helps you to know yourself and respond to the important walls of your mind.

Who do we recommend reading the book of self-knowledge?
We recommend this book to all those who are looking for the right way to know themselves

Part of the self-knowledge book
We, who are strangers to ourselves, end up making bad choices: we come out of a relationship that could possibly have gone very well. We do not explore our work talents at the right time. We kill our friends with whims and abusive behaviors.

We do not realize at all how we grow green in front of others and frighten or shock them. We make the wrong purchases and go on vacation to places that are not really enjoyable at all.

It is no coincidence that Socrates summed up all the wisdom of philosophy in one simple phrase: Know thyself. This seems like a very strange goal.
Society is full of individuals and organizations whose job it is to provide guidance for traveling to distant continents, but there are very few who help us to travel the paths of our minds; A journey that is actually much more important than those external journeys.

But fortunately there are tools and procedures that can help us access our minds and clear our minds of dangerous confusions; Although challenging, it saves us.

Self Knowledge
One of the most important things that everyone should do for themselves is to know themselves. Without sufficient self-knowledge, man can not have the right choices and goals in life and achieve peace;

But what can be done to achieve sufficient self-knowledge? Many writers around the world have tried to write guides for this, one of them being a motivational writer, Alain Dubaton.

The self-knowledge book by this author can be a good companion for those who want to take a step towards self-knowledge.

Self-knowledge by Alan Dubaten
Self-knowledge with the original title “self-knowledge” was first published in 2018. This book has been published in the author’s life textbook collection, and Dubatan has tried to talk about the importance of self-knowledge and then provide a way for his readers to move towards self-knowledge as much as possible.

In this book, Dubaton tries to focus more on human emotions, motivations and feelings, and asks his readers to try to change their perspective and see other aspects of themselves.
There are several personality questionnaires in this book that can give you new insights about yourself. Self-knowledge is an art, and Dubatan in the self-knowledge audiobook helps you progress in this art.

List of self-knowledge books
Alan Dubaton’s book on self-knowledge has six sections, the titles of which are as follows:
Part One: Unawareness
Part II: Philosophical Meditation
Part Three: Emotional Identity
Section 4: Straightforwardness and Evasion
Section 5: Judging Yourself
Section 6: فی Emotional skepticism
About Alan Dubaton, author of Self-Knowledge
You’ve probably heard of Love Essays, the author of which has long been one of the best-selling books in the world, and the Swiss philosopher and author Alain Dubatten.

He has written many motivational books and is very popular in the United States and around the world. Dubaten was born in 1969 in Switzerland but spent his childhood in England. Dubathen’s university education is in the field of philosophy, and he continued this field until his doctorate.

Alan Dubaton decided to drop out of school when he was a doctoral student at Harvard University and find a way to tie the lessons he learned into people’s lives.
Dubatan’s first attempt to do so led to the publication of the book Essays on Love in 1993. Dubaton later wrote other books, including The Journey of Love, The Consolations of Philosophy, Situation Anxiety, Observation and Perception, and Self-Knowledge.

Alan Dubaton is 51 years old and lives in London with his wife and two children. The author has founded the School of Life Foundation with his friends and works to help improve people’s quality of life.

Book of self-knowledge, translation and publication in Iran
Alan Dubaton’s book on self-knowledge, like many of this author’s books, has been very well received in Iran. This book has been translated into Persian by Mohammad Hadi Haji Biglou and published by Nik Library.

This publisher has also offered an audiobook of self-knowledge for the fans of audiobooks in the market. Dadbeh Dadmehr has read this book.

Why read a book on self-knowledge?
From Aristotle to Jung, everyone has talked about self-knowledge and anthropology, and believes that the more one knows about oneself, the better one will deal with one’s problems. Alain Dubatten’s self-knowledge has also tried to speak of the importance of this issue by combining the views of philosophy and psychology, and to ask man to be honest with himself.

He points to our lack of knowledge of our brains and consciousness and believes that we should take a step that leads not only to knowing more about our personality but also to knowing more about our minds and brains.
If you are one of those people who think you need to think more about yourself, maybe listening to Alan Dubaton’s self-help audiobook can be a good help.

You can recommend listening to this book to all the people you love and ask them to spend their time in vehicles or in the waiting room of a doctor’s office or office.

We read another part of the book of self-knowledge:
We begin our philosophical reflection with this question:

What am I worried about right now?

Life is so much more worrying than we are willing to accept. We must constantly navigate and move in an uncertain world. We are the constant captives of the desires of luck and destiny. At every minute of our daily lives, the restless radar of our minds is scanning the vast and relatively hazy horizons of the world, constantly discovering new sources of uncertainty and risk;

How will the meeting go? When is it better to leave? What is written on the letters? What will we be like five years from now? Where is the nearest toilet? It almost always takes a bit of bad luck to hurt, awful or ruin our work.

During a philosophical meditation session, we should give all our anxieties a chance to understand themselves; Because three-quarters of our anxiety is not because there are things to worry about, but because we do not give our worries enough time to be understood and thus neutralized.
Just listening to our anxieties can make them a little less intense. If we were to record the fluid flow of our consciousness in times of distress, the result would be in the form of sets.

Confused and confused, he said: … “… Again, the story of these biscuits, why, why, why, idiot, God made the Seoul contract, they will not take care of it, I have to do it myself, I have to go to the bathroom, scheduled for tomorrow at 10 o’clock: 30 I do not go with Luke, why did I get involved in this case at all, this damn bill, oh why I was wrong, the branches of these trees, I can not sleep … »

This fluid, high-velocity flow can be gradually subdued, absorbed by its flood power, directed to smoother streams, and evaporated into things that are less terrifying.

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