Chocolate Cigarette


Title: Chocolate Cigarettes

Author: Homa Pourasfahani

Publisher: Arasp

Subject: Persian novel

Number of pages: 724

Language: Farsi

Categories: ,


Introducing the novel Chocolate Cigarette
The novel Chocolate Cigarette is a readable novel by Homapour Esfahani. In this story, he deals with the love story that arises between the three characters, and by adding new and exciting adventures, including a fight with a drug gang, he has created an interesting story.

About Chocolate Cigarette Book
This novel narrates the life of a man who finds himself alone in the world. It has reached the end of the line. He is ready to cling to anything so that he does not fall. But the difference with other people is that he wants to prevent others from falling. His collaboration with a strong girl is one of exciting adventures. A girl who has had everything in life but none of it has prevented her from having a weak personality.

He relies on himself and that is enough. Chocolate Cigarette is a romance novel with criminal adventures. At the very beginning of the story, we get acquainted with Shahrad’s character. When we read about his family life, we find that he is still being punished for the mistakes he has made in the past.

He is apparently trying to make up for the past and regain his former place in his parents’ hearts. The next character is Ardalan. What attracts the most attention about Ardalan is his sacrifice. Sarah is a girl who grew up in beauty.
But he is always trying to maintain a strong and independent personality. But what is the matter? Two men who have secretly entered a drug gang have a strange mission. They have to find the leader of this group. This is where Sarah is added. Sarah, who wants to take revenge on her brother, joins them and the adventures begin between them. Little by little, this connection leads to the formation of a love triangle between them. A love that sparks criminal adventures and strange conflicts.

Why should we read the book Chocolate Cigarettes?
Chocolate cigarette is a novel. A novel full of fascinating adventures. It is full of events that happen over time and take readers along.

This book is great for fans and lovers of fiction and all those who are looking for a fascinating and entertaining adventure. The story has its own charms and yet it is very enjoyable. The complexities of the story do not prevent the simple writing of the story, and this is one of the advantages of this book.
Who do we recommend the Chocolate Cigarette Book to? If you are interested in fiction and you are interested in reading novels professionally, chocolate cigarettes can be one of the best options for reading. We also invite lovers of stories by Iranian writers to read this book.

About Homa Pourasfahani
Homapour Esfahani is one of the young Iranian novelists whose works have found their place among young readers and lovers of novels and fiction. Homapour Esfahani was born on March 3, 1990 in Isfahan. He continued his education in psychology until his master’s degree, and one can always see the combination of psychology with his works.

He started writing at the age of ten and first published his stories in cyberspace. He owes part of his success to publishing his work in cyberspace and attracting audiences. But another reason is the simplicity of his pen and his power of storytelling. His works include Nostalgia, Style, Bitter Chocolate, Oracle and Alder.

Part of the Chocolate Cigarette Book
His mother still loves him. She loves him very much. This could be seen from his behavior. From the milk banana dishes that he put in the refrigerator every day to eat Shahrad. Because Shamim and Mr. Shahed did not like the banana with all the nutrients that had been added to it.

From the plates of Shahrad’s stew, in which the most meat is always eaten, from the fact that the chicken’s thighs always belonged to Shahrad because his mother knew that Shahrad only likes this part of the chicken. From his room, which he kept clean and tidy from time to time, away from Mr. Shahed’s eyes, and Shamim sometimes saw how lovingly his mother hugged and smelled Shahrad’s clothes. You just do not understand the reason for his mother’s anger!

That is, he understood, but he did not understand. If mom had accepted the professions of others, how could she still love Shahrad? If he had not accepted, how could he not break his silence and reconcile? Shamim was unaware of his mother’s love! He well remembered the day his mother got angry with Shahrad.
The day he realized what Shahrad had done, even though he was not more than four years old, but he had never missed this scene! Shahrad had fallen to the floor of his house under the beatings of his father, his mother was looking at his father with tears in his face, spitting accusatory sentences in Shahrad’s face …

Excerpts from the book Chocolate Cigarettes:

As he stared intently at the middle point of Sibel, he turned his body approximately forty-five degrees to the left. He dipped his left hand into the pocket of his black warm pants and tried to point and adjust the muzzle of the gun on the opposite sybil with his right hand.
His whole mind was on his target, and after a few seconds of adjusting his mark, he pulled the trigger with the first finger of his right index finger. The gun kicked and a five-millimeter bullet was fired. In less than a few seconds, he focused on his target again and pulled the trigger again.
The third, fourth, fifth and sixth shots were fired until the ammunition was empty. Ignoring Sibel, he started to change the wood. He pulled the safety earphone that was on his ears to the right and left the empty gun on his special stand. Seeing Omid, the person in charge of the square nodded. What? Omid said as he looked at Sibel Shahrad: – Take a look! Three at number ten, two nine, one on the line between nine and eight!
He was collecting his weapon when he saw hope in the distance. He was arguing with the owner of the shooting club, Mr. Nabavi. There was no news about the case today.
He decided to leave as soon as possible, he really did not have the patience to keep hoping. He picked up his briefcase, which looked like a Samsonite. He quickly put the guns and ammunition in the bag, locked the bag tightly and left after leaving the club.
It was summer noon and the weather was cowardly hot! He exhaled and made his way to the right, which led to the parking lot. The sun shone in the middle of the sky with all its might. Again the sound of hope swirled in his mind. He really did not know where to place these desires and aspirations of hope in his heart! It was a pity that he had to stay in that club, otherwise he would not have hesitated for a moment and changed his training place. Hearing the ringing of his mobile phone SMS as he walked towards his motorcycle, he pulled his phone out of his pocket.
Shahrad grinned, got up from the edge of the bed. He pulled a handkerchief from his bag out of his bag and ran his long but calloused fingers over the handkerchief one by one, then wiped the palm of his hand and then his whole hand obsessively … after work he just liked to shower Take it … he had to wait until he got home.
He picked up the belt of his pants, which was on the chair next to Omid’s bed, and inserted it into the straps of his pants one by one and patiently … he looked at Omid from the corner of his eye. Her most relaxed naked client was lying on her stomach on the bed, and her body was red, indicating that she was still in pain from the blows.
But that was his job. It did not matter to him whether the customers were in pain or not, it did not matter at all whether the pain was accompanied by pleasure or not! They wanted to, so they certainly loved …. What about Shahrad? … He pulled his belt and gave his belly to you and closed the belt buckle … The voice of hope was raised, half of his face was on the pillow and his words were half sunk into the heart of the pillow:

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