A gentleman in Moscow


Title: A gentleman in Moscow

Author: Imor Tols

Translator: Nooshin Heidari Thani

Publisher: Azarmidakht

Subject: American stories

Age category: Adult

Number of pages: 632

Language: Farsi

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Introducing the book of A gentleman in Moscow by Amor Tolz
The Nobleman in Moscow by Amor Tools is one of the New York Times bestsellers and has been nominated for Best Historical Novel of 2016 by Goodreads.

The Book of Nobles in Moscow

With the outbreak of the Russian Revolution, its political and class system changes … Alexandra Ilyich Rostov, an aristocrat who has no place in the new political system, is sentenced to life imprisonment at the Moscow Metropolitan Hotel and placed under surveillance, but she is sentenced to four years in prison. The metropolitan wall does not limit and tries to make the scope of the hotel walls beyond reality with realism and pragmatism …

In a part of a gentleman in moscow, we read:
Kent was not exactly sure if he had heard such a thing before. Its echo was subtle and daring, but it had a definite sign of expulsion (probably because it made one think).

Even a person who is usually harassed for being rude may in some circumstances admit that the punishment is unfair, such as when he finds himself in an empty hallway with his shoes open and the buttons of his shirt open (and at the same time a woman). That he has just left him to sleep in a sweet and heavy sleep. Send a job rejecting his job?

Well, maybe so; But Kent, standing in the empty corridor in front of the half-eaten bowl of fire, felt more like a ghost than a thinker.
Kent thought to himself, yes, a ghost as he walked silently into the hall. Like Hamlet’s father wandering around the tower and fortifications of El Sinor after a night watch … or like Akaki Akakievich, the ghost left by Gogol to capture Paul Kalinkin in the dark of the morning in search of his stolen cape …

Index of the book
Introduction Translator
The first office
1922: Ambassador
An English man by the beach

getting to know
let’s move on…

Second Office
1923: Actress, soul, bee
the attachment
1924: Unnamed
1926: Goodbye
Third Office
Art of Arachna
Appointment in the afternoon
the attachment
1938: Newcomer
Going up, coming down
the attachment
Ridicule, antithesis and accident
the attachment
Fourth Office
1950: Slow, normal, fast
1952: America
1953: Apostles and converts
Fifth Office
1954: Applause
Achilles struggles


Enemies of handguns (and concealment)
End of speech
Final remarks …
And anonymous

Sentences from the text of the book
1. Humans, by their very nature, are so capricious, complex, and so paradoxically pleasing that they deserve not only our attention, but our repeated attention — as well as the merit of being at all times. And we have not been by their side all the conditions, we have not commented on them.
2- What is important in life is not to be praised by others, but to dare to take risks despite not being sure of victory.
Summary of the book
In this book, Tols tells the story of a Russian nobleman after the Russian Communist Revolution. Count Alexander Ilyich Rostov, who had gone to Paris before the revolution, returned to Russia in 1918.

But other times are not his time and the like. Kent still considers himself an aristocrat, and this stratum is a threat to the new government. He is identified, interrogated and rescued because he wrote a revolutionary poem in the past, but now he has to go to the Metropolitan Hotel in Moscow to spend the rest of his life in a staff attic.
At first despair and boredom overwhelm Kent, but it does not take long for his life to take on a new meaning, as if born again. The hotel is no longer a four-wall enclosure for him, but the whole world, and he tries to enjoy the existing realities, and gradually the ideals of life change for him.

The important message of this work for the readers is that “life without luxury can sometimes be more glorious.”

Excerpts from the book
Kent thought to himself: Yes, the wheel of time is spinning.

In fact, the world revolves around the sun on its own axis. The galaxy also spins – a wheel inside a larger wheel – and produces a sound quite different from the nature of the small percussion clock; And when that celestial sound is heard, perhaps the mirror will suddenly do its rightful job (and not show to man what he imagines, but to show who he has become).

Kent remained in his seat.
“Get down,” he told the hairdresser. “Complete correction, my friend.”

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