10secrets for success and inner peace


Title: 10 secrets of success and inner peace

Another title: 10 secrets of success and inner peace

Author: W. Wayne Dyer

Translator: Mina Amiri

Publisher: Nik Farjam

Subject: Success / Peace of Mind – Aspects of Psychology

Age category: Adult

Language: Farsi

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Introducing the book 10secrets for success and inner peace by Wayne Dyer
Ten Secrets to Success and Inner Peace by Dr. Wayne Dyer in 152 pages. This book deals with issues of success and peace of mind and has been translated by Shaghayegh Kandahari. Phoenix Publications has published this book in paperback and with a matte cellophane paperback cover.

“Those who have consciously decided to set their own course in life will succeed and find peace with the help of this little book. “People’s lives are eliminated. To begin with, although it is not easy, try to have a mind that is receptive to everything and dependent on nothing. With such an idea in mind, you should step into the mysterious land of bliss.”

A review of the chapters of the book 10secrets for success and inner peace
First secret:
Have a mind that is receptive to everything and does not depend on anything;
No one knows enough to be pessimistic;
The miraculous mentality of belief;
What is the meaning of being receptive to everything;
Let go of dependence.
The second secret:
Do not say goodbye to life as long as there is a song in you;
Listening and paying attention to your heart;
Listen to the right hemisphere of your brain;
Passion means accepting risk;
The illusion of defeat.

The third secret:
You can not give what you do not have to others;
Change your inner essence;
Love and self-respect;
Find the target.
The fourth secret:
Embrace silence;
The value of silence;
Try to achieve more silence in your life;
Meditation, in addition to affecting you, also affects those around you;
Communicating consciously with God;
Healing nature skirt;
Do not share your secret and silent need with anyone.

Secret Five:
Let go of your past;
Do not be a victim of your own personal past;
Set aside minutes;
Embracing the past;
You only have the present;
God is only here right now;
Do not rely on your past anymore.
Secret Six:
You can not solve the problem with the same mentality that created it;
How to change our mindset;
Your new covenant with the truth;
Three levels of awareness.

The seventh secret:
There is no reason for anger or resentment;
What is the reason for anger and resentment;
Do not look for a situation that offends you;
The last word about forgiveness and resentment.
The eighth secret:
Treat yourself as if you are who you want to be;
What is the meaning of inspiration;
Spread inspiration everywhere;
Simultaneity and inspiration.

The ninth secret:
Respect your divinity;
What is your soul;
Accept your divinity with open arms.
The tenth secret:
Wisdom is the abstinence from all thoughts that weaken you;
Thoughts that weaken you;
Thoughts that strengthen you;

About the book Ten Secrets of Success and Inner Peace
This book presents ten secrets in detail in the form of daily and completely practical programs, a program that removes the feeling of weakness and inadequacy from people’s lives and brings them peace and comfort. These principles are useful for those who have consciously decided to set their own course in life.

These secrets determine your situation and show you that you are just on the path to life, that you are at the end of the path, or that you are somehow passing this path. Doing these things is not new at first, but the important thing is to have a “mind that is receptive to everything and does not depend on anything.” Those who have consciously decided to take the path of their lives will achieve success and peace with the help of this little book.

Wayne Dyer is someone who has often paid attention to his instincts and instincts and has often gone astray. Based on his experience with many people over the decades, he has found that many people like to be ordinary people in society, so they suffer from feelings of remorse that lead to despair and failure.
While their existence is full of conflict and anger and they always think to themselves what is the meaning and concept of life. He wrote this book with the hope that it will help you to stop feeling weak and inadequate and to be able to feel the divine peace that shows the meaning of success in yourself. It is better to read these secrets with an open and receptive mind and cultivate secrets among them that you feel are more present in you.

In part of the book, we read 10 secrets of success and inner peace:
There is not a day that I do not think about God. In fact, more often than not, I feel the presence of God when I wake up. This feeling, which is accompanied by a sense of satisfaction and contentment, is beyond what I can express in a book.

I have succeeded in understanding and experiencing peace of mind in my life, and it is because of this awareness and realization that all my worries, concerns, problems, achievements, and reserves have lost their value and importance. In this little book, I will discuss in detail the ten principles that lead to inner success and peace. Principles that, if you learn them well and practice them according to your daily routine and apply them in practice, will also bring you peace of mind and comfort.

Over the past three decades, I have been repeatedly asked to speak in high schools and colleges. Readers of my work always encourage me to write to teens about how they spend their puberty and adulthood, and to share my “secrets” to achieving happiness. Whenever I have the opportunity to talk to teens, I talk to them about the ten secrets of this book and in some cases write about the same secrets for them.
Having an open mind that is receptive to everything and not dependent on anything is not so simple, because you have been influenced by conditioning throughout your life and your current thoughts and ideas are influenced by the geographical environment, religious beliefs of ancestors, skin color, shape. And the state of your eyes, the political stance of your parents, your height, your gender, the schools you have chosen, and the profession of your fathers; Of course, this list does not include all environmental factors.

You are born with unlimited abilities and talents. Many of your choices and powers remain unknown and intact; Because the same conditioning program, which we hope will be well-intentioned, is designed to align you with the principled and cultural issues of your supervisors. Most likely, you have no opportunity to oppose the cultural and social planning that is already planned and arranged for your life.
Some adults and adults may have encouraged you to be open-minded, but if you are honest with yourself, you know your personal philosophy of life, religious beliefs and dress, language and even manner of expression. , Are all plans and functions that your community and fathers have determined for you at their own discretion. If you have objected to this predetermined conditioning and started a controversy, maybe even someone has explicitly and firmly asked you to put aside monotony and harmonize your behavior with other people and do things the same way. Do the same as before. In this way, the open mind, which is receptive to new ideas, gives way to harmony and adaptation with others.

The book “10secrets for success and inner peace” contains 10 methods that can be used as basic teachings in life and have a tremendous impact on people’s lives. These methods are presented in the form of daily and practical plans. A program that removes the sense of weakness and inadequacy from the lives of its audience. To begin, you must have a mind that is receptive to everything and does not depend on anything. With this start, you can step into the mysterious land of happiness and bliss.
“I wrote this book to help people get rid of feelings of weakness and inadequacy in their lives and to find the true peace that is the key to success. Listen to the solutions in this book with an open and receptive mind,” Dyer says of the book. And put them into practice.

Dr. Wayne Dyer is one of the most prolific writers and speakers in the field of character development, and he has published more than 30 books and participated in hundreds of television and radio programs, saying many times in his life, everything He has done what he wanted and will continue to do so. He has overcome all the incapacities of his character in such a way that he can eliminate his fatigue, cold and even physical pain with the force of will. Most of Wayne Dyer’s books revolve around “spirituality” and “mysticism”. His most famous book, The Realm of Your Mistakes, was published in 1976 and became one of the best-selling books in history.

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