Title: Yalda

Author: M. Modabpour

Publisher: neyriz

Subject: Persian story

Age category: Adult

Cover: Paperback

Number of pages: 436 p

Language Farsi

Categories: ,


Yalda is the name of a work by “M. Modabpour” that cultivates a story of a random love in its heart. Siavash, who went to the hospital after the appendix operation of his friend’s father, Nima, accidentally meets Yalda. “Yalda” is a girl who recently returned from abroad and crashed into an old woman on the street. He takes the old woman to the hospital with great anxiety, where he meets Siavash for the first time. But there are other relationships as well. For example, Yalda is Nima’s neighbor and Siavash’s sister is a doctor at the same hospital.

In the continuation of the story of “Yalda” written by “M. Modabpour”, a woman named “Shiva” also opens the story. “Shiva” has a life full of ups and downs, and the destiny of the time and the ignorance of those around her have caused her, who was once a pure and innocent girl, to go astray and fall into the trap of addiction and prostitution. Shiva’s life story becomes even more painful when she becomes a carrier of the AIDS virus.
He describes how this happened to him and then focused his entire life purpose on infecting corrupt men with the disease. Of course, the character of “Yalda”, after whom the title of the novel is derived, has its own adventures and talks about her childhood abroad and her life situation in America. “M. Modabpour” includes various big and small events in “Yalda” novel that the characters face one after another in order to finally form the end intended by the author.

Excerpts from Yalda’s book

It was about eleven o’clock in the morning, inside my father’s office, I was in the company when my cell phone rang… I was showing a drawing I had drawn for a building to my father! I apologized to him and answered the phone… Yes, please… Nima: Hello Siavash! Brush… my dad’s burst! I said softly on the phone: Nima, I do not have time now, I will call you in half an hour, we are checking پدر the fans با with my father! Nima: Sounds not right!
You are checking women with your dad! Shut up Nima! No woman, fan! Nima: Let go of your father! I say my dad exploded! I saw that he was talking seriously! My voice was different and it was disconnected and connected! My cell phone did not spell correctly… Are you kidding? What does it mean for my dad to burst? Nima: Doesn’t my dad have a gas capsule ?! I say his appendix burst!
You can’t hear me این oh, this mobile phone is in the oven! Nima: What kind of plan… Let me go to that one room to see what you say! Nima: What are you going to do in the oven ?! What are you talking about ?! My father: What happened to Siavash? Who’s on the phone? My friend Nima… says her dad’s appendix is ​​burst! My father: Where is he now چ How are you… The cell phone does not ring here… Let me go to that room… My father followed me to that room… Hello! Nima, Nima

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