Why I am not a Christian


Title: Why I’m not a Christian

Author: Bertrand Russell

Translator: S. a. s. Taheri

Publisher: Forbidden

Subject: Christianity / Free Thought / Forbidden

Age category: Adult

Cover: Paperback

Number of pages: 231 p

Language: Farsi

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Book Introduction Why I am not a Christian, and other essays on religion and related subjects by Bertrand Russell
Bertrand Russell is one of the most famous British philosophers of the twentieth century. His fame, more than philosophical reasons, is related to the scope of his political, peaceful and social activities. Russell lived to be more than 97 years old. During these years, in addition to being directly confronted with World War II, he also realized the residual effects of World War I in Europe.

The Soviet October Revolution was another event that influenced his thinking. In his speeches, Russell often criticizes the capitalist system and the colonialism that originated from it. Put these alongside his outspoken critique of communism. He even tasted prison because of his anti-war activities. In this book, you will read a collection of Russell articles on religion and other topics related to religion. In this book, he criticizes the Christianity introduced by the church.
Russell finds the morality preached by the church disturbing and contrasts it with modern education. All these efforts are to cut off Christianity from political power. The power that causes so many crimes in human history. The book is named after an article entitled Why I Am Not a Christian, published in 1927. But the whole book is a collection of several articles, lectures, and debates compiled in 1957 by Professor Paul Edwards. This book has been compiled under the supervision of Bertrand Russell and has been approved by him.

“Why Am I Not a Christian” is a collection of classic essays that expresses the views of liberals on religion and poses challenges in today’s society to one of the most influential thinkers of the twentieth century, Bertrand Russell. Paid.

Why I Am Not a Christian is a collection of articles, debates, and lectures by Bertrand Russell, named after an article of the same name. Religion provides easy answers to the questions that have always plagued mankind. Why are we here? What is the starting point of life? How should we behave? But Bertrand Russell leaves us with more difficult alternatives: responsibility, autonomy, and self-awareness.
He tells us that this is the time to live, this is the place to live, and the way to be happy is to make sure that others are happy. Russell begins by defining ecclesiastical Christianity and explains why he does not believe in God and immortality and does not think that Christ was the best and wisest man. He considers some logical arguments for the existence of God, deals with matters concerning Christian theology, and finally supports Darwin’s theory. He also expresses doubts about the historical existence of Jesus and questions the religion-based ethics, which he sees as largely based on fear.

Whether the reader agrees with or rejects Bertrand Russell’s comments on Why I Am Not a Christian, this book is a powerful challenge to formulate concepts, masterfully articulate a philosophical position, and bring pure joy to study.

Learn more about the author Why I am not a Christian:
Bertrand Arthur William Russell, Earl Russell III

(English: Bertrand Arthur William Russell, 3rd Earl Russell),

(Born May 18, 1872 – died February 2, 1970),

He was a twentieth-century British Nobel laureate, philosopher, logician, mathematician, historian, sociologist, Nobel laureate, and activist.

Russell is one of the leading philosophers of the twentieth century

And led the “opposition movement against idealism” in the early twentieth century.
He is mentioned, along with Gottlob Frege and Ludwig Wittgenstein, as the founders of analytic philosophy.

Bertrand Russell was an anti-war activist as well as an opponent of imperialism

He was expelled from university and imprisoned for his peaceful views during World War I.

He opposed Adolf Hitler, a critic of Stalin’s totalitarianism, protested the US involvement in the Vietnam War, and was a supporter of nuclear disarmament.

He won the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1950 for his “numerous works in support of altruism and freedom of thought.”

Topics covered in this book:
Chapter One: Why I’m Not a Christian
Chapter Two: Has Religion Helped Civilization?
Chapter Three: What I Believe in
Chapter 4: Will We Live After Death?
Chapter Five: Religion and the Supernatural
Chapter Six: Protestants of Protestant and Catholic Religions
Chapter 7: Life in the Middle Ages
Chapter 8: The Fate of Thomas Payne
Chapter 9: Good People
Chapter Ten: The New Generation
Chapter Eleven: Our Sexual Ethics
Chapter Twelve: Freedom and Colleges
Chapter Thirteen: The Existence of God
Chapter Fourteen: Can Religion Solve Our Problems?

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