Two can keep a secret


Title: The secret between two people

Author: Karen M. McMans

Translator: Zahra Eskandari

Publisher: Atisa

Subject: English stories

Age category: Adult

Number of pages: 274

Language: Farsi

Categories: ,


Introducing the book Two can keep a secret  by Karen M. McMans
The book The Secret Between Two People by Karen M. McManes tells the story of a teenager who goes to see his grandmother in another city, where mysterious events take place that confuse and terrify him.

Introducing the book Secret between two people: Has the killer returned after five years?

Alry enters a small town called Akurij, a town he has never been to and has heard strange things about. In this city, people know each other and their relationships are very intertwined. Elle’s aunt went missing in the city when she was 17 years old. Five years ago, one of the winners of the school dance ceremony was killed, and this is how the name of this city spread among the people.

Now, with the circumstances that arise for him, Alry is forced to go to this city and live with his grandmother, who does not know him very well. Although the city of Akurij looks beautiful, it still has secrets. Before the start of the school year, a person claims in various ways that a murder will take place in the coming days, and constantly warns that the dance of that year will be just as dangerous and horrible as it was five years ago.
In the days that follow, as if these claims are supposed to be true, another girl goes missing. Alry knows there are secrets and mysteries; The secrets his mother and grandmother know, and the longer he stays in Akurij, the more confident he becomes that they are hiding everything from him. These secrets are very dangerous and most people can not keep them with them. That’s why in the city of Akurij it is better not to reveal your secret to anyone.

Karen Am. Karen M. McManus, author of the best-selling book One of Us, Lies . So that you will not be able to stop reading the rest of the story even for a moment.

In a part of the book Two can keep a secret , we read:
My shirt is very tight from the waist and when I put my hands on the knot of my tie, I feel that my shirt is officially breaking. I look at my hands in the mirror and try to straighten the tie knot, which of course I can not. Finally, as soon as the size of the knot is fixed, I release it. The mirror looks old and expensive, like everything else in a Nelson house. The photo of the bedroom in the mirror is three times the size of my old room and at least half of Deklan’s apartment.

Last night, when Mom was in the bathroom, my brother was cleaning his birthday cake from the plate by hand, saying, “How does life in that house feel?” Mom had brought a bunch of balloons with her. The balloons constantly hit her in the narrow recess that the shopkeeper called the kitchen; But in the foyer of the Nelsons’s house, I could not see it at all.
“A sense of rubbish,” I said. I was right; But no more dirty than the feeling of the last five years. Declan had lived most of those five years in a basement four hours from New Hampshire, rented from his aunt.

Someone knocks on the door. Then the squeaking of the hinges rises, and my half-sister, without waiting for an answer, turns her head and says, “Are you ready?”

“Yes,” I say. And I pick up the blue coat from the bed and put it on my shoulders. Katherine tilts her head, frowns, and her golden hair falls to one side of her shoulder. I know that look well. He means, “One thing is not right. “Now I will tell you what and how to fix it.”

I have been familiar with this facial expression for months now.

Index of the book Two can keep a secret
Season One: Alry, Friday, August 30th
Season Two: Alry, Saturday, August 31st
Chapter Three: Malcolm, Wednesday, September 4th
Chapter Four: Alry, Saturday, September 7th
Chapter Five: Malcolm, Sunday, September 8th
Chapter Six: Alry, Monday, September 9th
Chapter Seven: Malcolm, Monday, September 9th
Chapter Eight: Alry, Monday, September 9th
Chapter 9: Malcolm, Thursday, September 19th
Chapter Ten: Alry, Saturday, September 21st
Chapter Eleven: Malcolm, Thursday, September 26th
Chapter Twelve: Alry, Friday, September 27th
Chapter Thirteen: Alry, Friday, September 27th
Chapter Fourteen: Malcolm, Saturday, September 28th
Chapter Fifteen: Alry, Sunday, September 29th
Chapter Sixteen: Malcolm, Sunday, September 29th
Chapter Seventeen: Alry, Sunday, September 29th
Chapter 18: Malcolm, Sunday, September 29th
Chapter 19: Alry, Sunday, September 29th
Chapter 20: Malcolm, Monday, September 30th
Chapter Twenty-one: Alry, Monday, September 30th
Chapter Twenty-two: Alry, Wednesday, October 2nd
Chapter Twenty-three: Malcolm, Thursday, October 3rd
Chapter Twenty-four: Malcolm, Thursday, October 3rd
Chapter Twenty-Five: Alry, Friday, October 4th
Chapter Twenty-six: Malcolm, Saturday, October 5th
Chapter Twenty-seven: Alry, Saturday, October 5th
Chapter Twenty-eight: Alry, Sunday, October 6th
Chapter Twenty-eighth: Malcolm, Sunday, October 6th
Chapter Thirty: Alry, Monday, October 7th
Chapter Seven: Malcolm, Monday, October 7th
Chapter Thirty: Alry, Monday, October 7th
Chapter Thirty-Three: Malcolm, Thursday, October 10th
Chapter Thirty-Four: Alry, Thursday, October 10th
Chapter Thirty-Five: Malcolm, Thursday, October 10th
Chapter 36: Alry, Friday, October 11th
Chapter 37: Malcolm, Saturday, October 26th
Chapter 38: Alry, Saturday, October 26th

Another part of the book Two can keep a secret :
If I believed in signs, I would say it is a bad sign. There is only one suitcase left in the conveyor, a light pink suitcase full of peach kitty labels, which of course is not my suitcase. My brother Ezra leans on his big suitcase and watches the suitcase pass in front of us for the fourth time.

The people around the conveyor are almost gone. There is only one couple left who are arguing over who was going to pursue the car reservation. “I think you have to cut,” Ezra says. It seems that its owner was not on our flight. I bet they have an interesting wardrobe. “It should be full of spotted and flashy clothes.” His phone rings. He takes the phone out of his pocket and says to me, “Grandma, get out.” I kick the metal in front of the linen with the tip of a linen and say under my breath: “I can’t believe it. “My whole life was in that suitcase.” Of course, it is a bit exaggerated.
My whole life was in Lapwent, California, just eight hours ago. Except for a few boxes we sent to Vermont last week, everything else is in that suitcase. “I think we should report,” Ezra puts her hand in her short hair, looks around the bar several times. Ezra’s hair used to be curly and thick like mine, and it closed her eyes. I have not gotten used to her hairstyle since summer. He tosses his suitcase to one side, pulls it toward the information desk, and says, “It’s probably here.”

The skinny man behind the desk, with the small, red pimples on his jaw and cheeks, is more like a high school kid. From a gold plate with a crook on his vest, his name is revealed: Andy. I explain to him about my suitcase. She purses her narrow lips and then turns her head to Kitty Peach’s suitcase, which is still on the conveyor, and says:
“Flight 5624 from Los Angeles? “With a stop in Charlotte?” “Yes.” “O Baba! “Of course it can be found.” Then he opens a drawer, takes a form out of it, pushes it towards me, and says, “Fill out this form.” He flips through a pile of paper and says under his breath, “There was a pen here.” I unzip the front of my backpack and say, “I have it myself.” I take a book out of my bag, put it on the counter in front of me and look inside the bag for the pen. Seeing the crumpled cover of the book, Ezra raises his eyebrows and says, “Really? Did you bring the book on the plane in complete composure? “Why didn’t you send it with the rest of your book?” “Because it’s so precious to me,” I say defensively.

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