The woman men adore…and never want to leave


Title: Women that men fall in love with

Author: Bob Grant

Translator: Fatemeh Sari Nejad

Publisher: Melina

Subject: Female gender (Psychology) / Sex differences / Women

Age category: Adult

Number of pages: 204

Language: Farsi



Introducing The woman men adore…and never want to leave, by Bob Grant

This book provides a foundation for both single and married people. This book is written for women. Advice, insights and changes that should occur in a relationship should be made by women. This does not mean at all that I, as a man, believe that women are to blame for all the difficulties in a relationship, or that I realize that it is the responsibility of women to always solve the problems in a relationship.

Rather, this research is only because I have realized in all my years of work and movement as a therapist that it is mainly women who are interested in raising and healing their relationships.

What kind of women are men attracted to?
Here, part of God’s good creation is not Isaiah’s vision of a peaceful kingdom: wolves and lambs must be fed together, suicidal milk with noble gas must be eaten like a cow, but snakes as its main food! Prospects for the first shift, we need to see more clearly than is now what men are attracted to what kind of women can and can not be offered by the various epistemological authorities in which the psychology of the man in love is appealed.

Sentences that melt the hearts of men
Does the place smell nice? On what basis do we object that when people find their pleasures in a paradise made, they ask human genius to escape the psychology of the man in love from the natural cycles of birth, growth, the method of suicide by household gas, death and Caries? But to be honest, my mind does not allow this to happen. You already have it in you.

Psychology of a man in love
Optimism is a powerful and pragmatic strategy for Grant Chapter 2009 Women that men fall in love with and never leave. Christians may even want other Christians to reform the basic framework in various places, but for sentences that melt the hearts of men, all beggars, modernists, with a high and transcendent view of what exalts men’s behavior, must be approved. Be accepted.

Home gas suicide method
But compassion was harder to do with other groups. On the contrary, he argues that any reality that leaves consciousness and mindset unable to respond to our intuitions about the mind. Psychology of the man in love. Makes gentlemen come? Although health care providers are supposed to do the best for the patient, they can not stop treatment by men who love indifferent women without a legal document that allows them to do so, even if it is the patient’s request. .

Addressing the characteristics of an attractive and popular woman in the eyes of men can be interesting for women in the audience; Women who are psychologically more inclined to be loved by others, especially their husbands, than to be loved. The greatest art of a woman is to conquer her husband’s heart. The creative apparatus has also given the woman the necessary physical and mental ability for this charm so that she can penetrate the heart of the man in her life with subtle measures.
What gives the following lines a scientific aspect are the scientific and religious sources of this article. Much of the material is taken from the book “Bob Grant”, a psychologist and family counselor. The title of her book is “Women That Men Fall in Love With and Never Leave”, which is presented in eleven chapters and is simple yet complex. The characteristics that “Bob Grant” mentions as characteristics of attractive women in his book are listed in simple language.

The woman men adore…and never want to leave
Principle 1: Feeling good about yourself
Popular and attractive women feel good about themselves. Grant believes that in the first place, women need to be aware of the negative feelings they have about themselves. Negative feelings are buried deep in a woman’s subconscious and cause her to feel that she can not have a good relationship with her husband and the opposite sex.

The most common negative feelings about oneself are: feelings of worthlessness, stupidity, unpopularity, and strangeness and ugliness that women have with these negative feelings about themselves, creating a defensive wall around themselves that does not allow their husband to approach them and thus, They deprive themselves of some intimate relationship.

It is said that such women may try to be positive and optimistic early in the acquaintance; But the defensive wall and the fear of being hurt and disturbed by reality bother them. Grant suggests: “Such women should work on their courage;
That is, to find the courage to not be a perfect human being. Such an exercise is difficult, but necessary; That is, they allow themselves to make mistakes and not try to control and dramatically control all their behaviors. “Being comfortable and allowing oneself to make mistakes shows such women in front of men with self-confidence, and this self-confidence is very attractive” (Grant, 2009, 19).

Principle 2: Put emotions first
The second characteristic of attractive women is that they prioritize their emotions and thus have a great power to influence men. Compassion is one of the spiritual privileges of a woman and one of the gifts of the creation system. Imam Ali (as) says: “A woman is a basil (flower) (Nahj al-Balaghah, letter 31).”

If women’s careers are mixed with emotions, they cause them to penetrate deeply into a man’s heart; Therefore, having emotions and using them, women do not need much effort to conquer their husbands’ hearts. “Women who fail to impress a man with a lot of effort often hide their feelings and try other ways to be effective,” she said.
Based on his experience in several years of counseling, he believes that most men communicate very quickly with a woman who expresses her feelings honestly; While it may be difficult for a man to be in such a situation; But he can never resist such a woman. Grant explicitly states: “Women who allow themselves to express the depth of their emotions – and do not feel childish or lazy – have a greater impact on their man than women who enter only through logic” (Grant, 2009). 23). »

According to Bob Grant, men are not always attracted to women who are tall, smart and beautiful; Rather, attractive women are considered by many men to be those who radiate comfort and warmth, and men like to be by their side.
These women are emotionally warm, kind, and confident at the same time. Grant believes that without feeling emotionally in the woman, the man feels that when he talks to her, he is talking to a friend or colleague of his own man, and if his fiancé or wife enters into an argument with him and insists on his opinion, it is unlikely. That the man is patient (Grant, 2009, 33).

Describing emotional women, Grant says, “These women are basically softer and softer in voice when expressing their views to their husbands than their usual voices, and certainly such women shout at women when they are upset, and thus only activate the man’s defensive state.” “They are more attractive.” He adds: “A woman can hypnotize a man by softening and speaking more calmly; In this way, the man feels somewhat secure and allows the woman to influence him (Grant, 2009, 25).

According to this psychologist, when a man encounters a woman who makes him feel good, he wants to be with her. It is important for a woman to know how to control her nervous states. When a woman behaves calmly, it makes her look more attractive.
According to Grant, such behavior creates the impression that “the woman loves herself. On the other hand, if a woman is often nervous or helpless, she looks miserable, desperate and childish (Grant, 2009, 48). Amir al-mu’minin Ali a gives effective advice in this regard: “If you are not tolerant, show yourself tolerant; “Because there are few who pretend to be a group of people and are not among them” (Nahj al-Balaghah, Wisdom 207).

Principle 3: Be funny
Another important point that Bob Grant makes is that popular women are funny. All men want to be able to make a woman laugh. Every man feels great when he can make a woman laugh, and when he can’t, he feels bad. There is a principle in this point and that is that attractive women are not “very serious” (Grant, 2009, 149).

Perhaps this is why Islam warns non-mahram men and women to joke with each other in order to limit the emotional interest of non-mahrams by imposing restrictions.

The woman men adore…and never want to leave

Principle 4: Enjoying love
Another important point is that men love a woman who enjoys their love. Thanking a man gives him the feeling that he has been useful and that his wife has enjoyed his love. Women who express their gratitude achieve another success in their marital relationship and strengthen the ground for receiving more love. Men instinctively like to make women happy, and if they can not hear or feel the pleasure he brings, they doubt their ability.

As mentioned, every man is attracted to a woman who makes him feel good. A woman who is not easily happy with her husband’s services inadvertently reminds a man not to try to make her happy. Bob Grant advises women to “always appreciate what your husband has done; “In this case, his self-confidence in his ability to make you happy will increase and his corners will be more receptive to your suggestions” (Grant, 2009, 152).
Attractive women know full well that men need admiration; So they show that they believe in their leadership and always admire their intelligence, ingenuity and power. Dorothy Carnegie says in her book: “There are few men who are not thrilled by the praise of a woman. “When a man is told that you are unparalleled and that you are an excellent man, this brief praise and compliment strengthens his spirit and he really strives to have a great and distinguished personality” (Carnegie, 1997, 55).

Principle 5: Listen
Women who seem attractive and lovable in relation to their husbands and even other women are women who listen. This is a subject that Bob Grant mentions many times in his book. These women know the difference between listening and listening;

Because “listening” is a passive act and “listening” is an active and conscious act. In the scientific definition, true listening is more than silence when hearing the voices of others. True listening means that I want to know what the speaker is saying, what he is thinking, what he is feeling, and what his needs are. “Real listening means putting your opinions aside for a few minutes and not judging” (McKee et al., 2008, 19).
In the last chapter of his book, Bob Grant points out more subtle aspects of marital relationships. He points out in a general headline that women over-helping men make them mothers; That is, it makes men feel that their mother is talking to them like a child. If a man has not asked for help, then he should be careful; “Because most men call such unsolicited assistance controlling or undermining” (Grant, 2009, 152).

The woman men adore…and never want to leave

Principle 6: Appearance
Another interesting point that Bob Grant points out is the grooming and appearance in front of the wife. This author has an effective sentence. “Men are so intuitive that many women find it difficult to understand; For this reason, most vulgar films and commercials are made in harmony with men’s nature (Grant, 2009, 153).

Grant suggests three simple ways to look after women: First, women should wear more shirts and skirts at home instead of shorts, such as suits, blouses, and pants;

Because wearing a shirt, a woman’s movements, walking and even sitting make her attractive. Grant’s second approach to women’s hair is that men prefer long hair to women’s. While acknowledging that some women are also attracted to short hair, he points out that most men prefer long hair.
An interesting point in Grant’s writings is that despite the desire of fashionistas and even women for hair extensions and hair ornaments, Grant makes a special reference to the interest of men and the attractiveness of women with “ponytail” hair, and psychologically proves in several lines that Ponytail hair is more attractive to men. Wearing high-heeled shoes at home and in front of your spouse is another subtle point that Bob points out.

To all that has been said, the use of fragrance must be added. The use of fragrance stimulates the positive emotions of the other party and creates a pleasant atmosphere that will undoubtedly have a positive effect on marital satisfaction and female attractiveness.

The Prophet of Islam (pbuh) says: “The fragrance strengthens the heart relationship” (Klini, vol. 6, p. 511). It is also stated in another hadith: “A woman does not deserve not to use jewelry; “Even if he hangs a necklace around his neck (Majlisi, vols. 103, 260).”

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