The woman in the window


Title: Woman behind the window

Author: AJ Finn

Translator: Simin Tajdini

Publisher: Atisa

Subject: American stories

Age category: Adult

Number of pages: 416

Language: Farsi

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Introducing the book The woman in the window by AJ Finn
The Woman in the Window is a crime and mystery novel. It’s Gin Finn who will amaze you with Hitchcock’s atmosphere and impact.

Summary of the novel behind the window
Anna is the only woman who has no interest in communicating and often watches TV or watches her neighbor’s activities through the window. One day while Anna is looking at the neighbor’s house, something unbelievable happens to her.

The novel is on the New York Times bestseller list in 2017.

Who do we recommend reading the novel behind the window?
As we said, this is a crime and mystery novel. That’s why all those who like to experience suspense and apprehension by reading a novel, do not miss reading this book.

Also, a movie of the same name has been made based on this book. We suggest you watch this movie as well as read this novel.

In a part of the novel behind the window, we read:
“I see the father of the family in the kitchen of House 207. He is physique and a little fat. The TV behind him is on. I squeeze the camera into my eyes and zoom in: Today’s program. I might as well turn on the TV and watch the show with my neighbors. Or maybe I watch this program from here on his TV and through my camera lens.

I decide to do this.
I haven’t looked outside in a long time, but instead Google shows a street map: a white stone facade. A little fine art with a balcony on the roof. Of course, from here I can see the side of the house; From the east windows I have a clear view of the kitchen, the living room on the second floor and the bedroom above it.

Yesterday a group of furniture workers came. They carried three-seater sofas, a TV, and an old closet. The husband of the house managed their comings and goings. I have not seen the lady of the house since they moved last night. “I think what it looks like.”

About the book The woman in the window
The book behind the window is a magnificent work by E. جی. Finn is an astonishing, thrilling and crime novel that will fascinate you to the end of the story with its impressive Hitchcockian style. In this exceptional and nail-biting trailer, no one and nothing is as it seems.

Many critics hail this work as the best horror story of 2018. “One of the few books that can’t be dropped,” says Stephen King of The Woman Behind the Window.

The popularity of the book also led Fox 2000 Film Company to purchase the rights to make a film based on the novel. The book has been purchased in thirty-five countries around the world. The behind-the-scenes novel, which topped the New York Times bestseller list in 2017, is a book that has sold amazingly well in forty countries around the world, and it marks the book’s outstanding work.
Oh you. جی. In The Woman in the Window, A. j finn tells the powerful story of a woman named Anna who thinks she witnessed a crime in her neighbor’s house.

Anna, who lives in New York, has no interest in connecting with the outside world and those around her. He spends most of his time watching movies and reminiscing, and occasionally monitors the work of his neighbors. One of these days, while looking at his neighbor’s house, something happens that is unbelievable to him …

Ten months had passed since the horrific crash of Anna Fox’s car in which she lost her husband and daughter. During this time he never believed in the death of his loved ones and lived in their memory.
Anna had not left her house for ten months. Ten months spent like a ghost in the rooms of his old house, wandering in the memories of his past, and he was terrified of wanting to leave the house.

The lifeblood of Anna’s life in the real world was summed up in her window, as she sat behind the window for days watching her neighbors. One of her neighbors was a complete picture of a family of three, reflecting Anna’s past life.

Suddenly one night, a terrifying scream broke the street silence, and Anna Fox watched a murder that no one seemed to notice. Now he had to do something to uncover the truth of what had happened; But even if he did, did anyone believe him?

A Woman Behind the Scenes deals with the life of a depressed woman at first glance, but in the sequel, it is an enigmatic and terrifying story reminiscent of Alfred Hitchcock’s films. Everywhere in the story, the question always arises for you, have you stepped into a real and criminal atmosphere or is it all made and paid for by the narrator?
By reading this novel, you enjoy a kind of uncertainty and mental conflicts that are mixed with reality and the ambiguity of the border between the two, and you eagerly set foot on a path that will suddenly undergo fundamental changes.

One of the most prominent features of the present novel is the suspension in the whole story, the fluid flow of the mind and the lack of a clear demarcation between reality and illusion. It is as if you have set foot in a foggy space where from time to time small signs of the path lead you to continue moving. Also, the narrator’s use of unfamiliar descriptions of the environment and a particular look at the behaviors of those around him and himself may seem a little strange to the audience at first, but as the story progresses, he gradually becomes familiar with the narrator’s language.

Some comments about the thriller Woman Behind the Window:
– A very complex story. “Wal McDermid”
– One of those rare novels that is really mesmerizing and readable. Stephen King
– Full of doubt, surprise, amazement and affection. Jane Harper
In a part of the book Behind the Window, we read:
A skinny teenager, like a horse starting out of the gate, came out of the front door of Building 207 and ran east and down the street, he passed in front of the windows of my apartment and I could not see him well. At night I tried to eat less Merlot and woke up early in the morning. The boy had blond hair and a backpack.

I stepped out of the front window. I went upstairs and sat at my desk and picked up the Nikon camera.

In the kitchen of Building 207, I saw the father of the family, a tall, four-shouldered man whose face was clearly visible from the light of the television screen. I put the camera in my eye and zoomed in on it: Show Today. I could go downstairs and turn on my TV, maybe watch with my neighbors, or watch them on camera here. I will decide on that later.
House No. 207 has a white stone surface and a balcony, and from here I can see the kitchen, the living room on the second floor and the bedroom upstairs through its eastern windows.

Yesterday, a number of furniture workers came and brought old furniture, TVs and cupboards. Her husband was driving in front of the building. I have not seen his wife since they came here last night and I do not know what she looks like.

This afternoon, when I heard the sound of the bell, I almost fell asleep. I immediately went downstairs, knocked on the door to open the door and opened the hall, I was a tenant.

He was a jaw-dropping man with deep black eyes, resembling Gregory Pack.

Synopsis of the book behind the window
I’m in the living room again now. By the fire, shadows extend to the corner of the room. Ed begins to speak: “Listen …”. “They have a son.” “What?” I repeat, “a boy,” pressing my forehead against the cold glass of the window.

Streets in this area of ​​Harlem still need sodium lamps and are currently lit by the yellow light of the crescent moon, but I can still recognize the ghosts of their faces: a man, a woman and a tall boy pushing the boxes to the front door. I add “a teenager”.
“I wish you were here,” I say before I can stop myself. This sound surprises me, as well as Ed. We both delay. “You need a little more time,” Ed says. I’m silent. “Doctors say communication is not very good.” “I’m the doctor who said that.”

“You are one of them.” The sound of crackling comes from behind me and sparks a fire and slowly settles in the fireplace. “Why don’t you invite these new people home?” Ed asks. I empty my glass. “I think enough for tonight.” “Anna”. “add”. I can almost hear her breathing. “We’re sorry we are not with you.” I can almost hear the sound of my heart. “me too”. Punch has followed me down the stairs. I hug her with one hand and pull back to the kitchen. I put the phone on the counter. Another glass before I go to bed.

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