The shift


Title: The Evolution

Author: Wayne Dyer

Translator: Maryam Rashtizadeh

Publisher: Avaye Bostan

Subject: Assertiveness

Age category: Adult

Number of pages: 128

Language: Farsi



The book The shift: taking your life from ambition to meaning is by Wayne Dyer.

In the forthcoming book and in four chapters, the author tries to save the reader from spiritual hunger in order to have a meaningful life.

He describes the world of nothingness, from which everything originated, and tries to bring us back from the ambitious soul that is right in front of our souls with an efficient change to our true selves, our souls, so that we can live a meaningful and hereafter life. Happy to achieve. Excerpt from the book

Every new experience, like the change from the morning of life to the evening of life, creates surprising and wonderful situations. This new shift from ambition to meaning often creates the unexpected.
I have come to understand that every time I have access to spiritual progress, it is as a result of my transformation as a result of a fall that has already taken place, this is a universal law that, after every failure, a great change takes place. . This breakdown can be an unpleasant event in the life of a person as a result of selfish progress, and it happened to me when I decided to quit alcohol.

Of course, this collapse can occur as a result of a fire accident and the destruction of the property and money that we had saved. Or, for example, an illness, the severance of a relationship with a person we love, or the death of a loved one, or the injury caused by a misbehavior, or quitting addiction, failure in a profession, or complete bankruptcy, or the like, that cause grief and The grief becomes deep. This is the law that gives us the energy we need for a purposeful life.

When I was in high school, I was a member of the high school jump team. To jump over the bar, I approached the obstacle, looked down, and accepted that I could, and created a positive image of jumping over the bar.
In my opinion, this is a situation that happens before any change. In every collapse there is an underlying power that provides the energy needed to change the direction of our lives.
Every fall has a hidden factor in it to take us to a higher place than before. Maybe we need to experience failure and fall to the ground and be sad so that we can free our souls from the clutches of selfishness.

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