The Asshole Survival Guide


Title: How to get rid of idiots

Author: Robert I. Satin

Translator: Shokoofeh Gholami

Publisher: Nik Farjam

Subject: Organizational behavior, differences between people, bullying in the workplace, relationships between people, psychological abuse

Cover: Paperback

Number of pages: 200

Language: Farsi

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The Asshole Survival Guide By Robert I. Sutton provides practical tips for identifying different types of idiots.

These recommendations are based on research on various groups: from ruthless government officials to bus drivers, as well as 8,000 emails about people’s prostitution sent to him.

Where are the idiots? I mean the assholes that Javier Carmente introduced in his book The Unconscious. Where can one escape the bite of a bitch? Where do we go so that we are not exposed to their bitch?

Or should I say where not to go? Do not go to the office? What about the store? Airport, school, school, street? Shall we sit at home so that our eyes do not fall on the bitch?
What if one of the idiots’s house is nice? How do people change? Aren’t we all born normal? So at what age do bitch people decide to be / become a bitch?

Being with strangers, whether in the office or anywhere else, lowers our performance and prevents us from achieving our tasks and plans safely. Who does not know that being a bitch in a team reduces the efficiency of the team by at least 30 to 40%?
It is not in vain that the eunuch of Shiraz said in the seventh century: You see, these idiots have been around since the seventh century and maybe thousands of years ago. Could it be that Cain, who accidentally beheaded his brother Abel, was the first bitch in the world?

Who knows. In short, it is not bad to know that scientists have discovered that rudeness and filthiness are also a kind of virus. How about According to research, unconsciousness and playfulness like a contagious disease can be transmitted from person to person, and to be honest, this is even worse than being a bitch herself, because this damn virus can affect anyone, even our own weight.
A much bigger problem is that usually idiots do not know they are idiots. It’s like being a zombie. What a tragedy!

There are seven chapters on The Asshole Survival Guide:
1. Eight thousand emails

۲. Barometer: How bad is the problem?

3. Get rid of it in time

4. Techniques for avoiding bitch: Reducing exposure

5. Mental tricks to protect your psyche

6. Retaliate

7. Be part of the solution, not the problem

The first chapter of the book deals with concrete examples from Satan’s personal experiences and personal emails. Examples that most of us have encountered in our daily lives and are confused by the problems we face. Satin writes:
From a medical point of view in a “carefree” hospital with “the most insensitive director imaginable:

What should be done under such a person? I can lower my head, take care of the patients with all my might, and try to get past these abuses, but working in such an environment is discouraging.

A Lutheran priest from Illinois wrote to me:
Most of the work in our church is done by volunteers who are not paid but occasionally hurt the feelings of other volunteers. Do you have any ideas about dealing with such abusive volunteers?

A retired production manager from Germany asked me:
In my work life, I have been fired at least three times for the work of stupid and ignorant people and people from this fabric. What advice should I give to my son so that he does not suffer the same fate?

The CEO of Silicon Valley wrote to me:

Seeing so many startups and investors who are risk-averse but have no executive experience and sit on the board, the question came to me: Have you thought or thought about bitch members or completely uncharacteristic board members that can be called “bitch boards”?

Each of these real-life examples reflects important parts of the behavior of the idiots around you. Behaviors, none of which can be reconciled with logic and common sense, and why they can be understood. If Javier Carment describes idiots in the best-selling book Unconsciousness, Satin in this book discusses ways to deal with them and offers solutions that can really get rid of them. The most important chapter of this book can be considered as the fourth chapter.

“Avoidance of bitch techniques: reducing exposure” helps you to protect yourself and your psyche from the reach and bite of ignorant and bitch people.

Introduction and information of the book How to get rid of bad people
You must have met people in your life who made you feel bad; They make you feel inferior or worthless, and they make you less energetic or discouraged from doing your work.

If you are unlucky, you are dealing with such people every day at work, university or family.

Such people are not limited to work or study or friendly environments. You may even encounter these people in public places, subways, buses, airplanes, or even sidewalks.

Sometimes it is just a one-time encounter and you will never see that person again, and sometimes it is someone you deal with every day at work, at school, etc .;

And sometimes it’s even a member of your family. There is no one way to deal with these people.
Stanford University Professor of Psychology Robert Sutton in How to Get Rid of Bad People?

Separates the types of problems that idiots cause us, gives many real-life examples, and suggests different ways to get rid of them;

From not facing them to retaliating against them. In his view, everyone should combine two or more different solutions to a particular problem and arrive at a specific solution for that case.

The purpose of these solutions is to not let the bad guys make you feel bad, ruin your day, hinder your career and academic success, and make you feel worthless.

Satin, with expertise and wit, presents solid and methodical plans to fight villains. First, it gives a plan to examine the target bitch:
Let’s see what kind of bitch we are dealing with and what strategies are available to identify bitch. He then suggests ways and techniques to deal with idiots, techniques that have stood the test of time and sometimes surprise you;

From avoiding idiots and leaving things to them to mental tricks.

The bitch uses a few dirty tricks to annoy their victims. Consider the following terrifying phrases from my emails: Flip to ear. shouting.

A co-worker who smiles warmly and whispers in his ear: “You are a loser. “I will bring you to your knees.” A passive aggressive bitch treats humans as if they are invisible and ignores their demands. Simply inviting his “lights” to a holiday party in his office. “Five times in five minutes” interrupt the speaker.
Asking, “Have you not finished this nonsense yet?” Holding mandatory business meetings on holidays. Biting and taunting that colleague because of her hard work. Going blindfolded, naming others, taking on “the first morning of a filthy face,” constantly mocking, and considering everything a matter of life and death, and making a mountain out of straw.

He flatters and flatters in front of his colleagues, but spreads vicious lies behind them.
He writes a report because one of the employees arrived at work fifteen minutes earlier. He runs out of the oven because the water for his office air conditioner has been delayed.

Defines that employee only once in eight years. Uses vulgar words in almost every sentence. When he gets angry, he breathes like Darth Vader. He fires his employees and urges his other colleagues to do the same. He tells his colleague that customers feel sorry for him because he has “sad eyes.”

Behind a customer, he calls her an “ugly prostitute” who wears “torn clothes.” He throws a small cigarette at his colleague. He bites his other co-worker and bites and bruises his hands.

Alas, these examples probably do not shock you, given the dramatic spread of rude and degrading work that you hear in traditional and social media stories these days. Yet, without visual evidence, some of this madness still seems artificial or highly exaggerated.

In part of the book The Asshole Survival Guide we read :
The result is as follows. When you do things that might hurt, hurt, or threaten others — whether those on the other side of you are precious or valuable colleagues — there is a big difference between what you do and how you do it. » This interpretation always makes me think of my friend Michael Deering.

He is a serious businessman: one of his favorite parables is that stove capitalism is self-purifying. Michael has quit his jobs in several places, including Disney and eBay, sacking top executives here and there, and these days – as venture capitalists who have helped start more than 100 companies – he has fired CEOs. Dismissed and brought in the income of unsuccessful companies.

In fact, Michael taught at Stanford for years with me and a few colleagues and eventually left us!
But Michael is popular with almost everyone who quits working with them (including me), fires them, or stops funding them.

This is because of the way he was left out. He treats people with respect and supports people emotionally both during and after separation.

When Michael worked with great co-workers (“95% of the time”) or occasional bitch (“5% or less”), he told me that he designed the “how” part of his work by “taking that person’s point of view into account.”

Even when he breaks up with a bitch, he tries to convey the truth in a respectful and empathetic way.
Surely Michael has made a few enemies along the way, and looking back, he wonders if he could have been warmer and more empathetic with them.

Michael is like this; He is supposed to blame himself, not others – even when they are probably to blame. He realizes the benefits of being labeled a bitch to others and being labeled a bitch.

About Robert I Satin
Robert I. Saten was born in 1954 in Chicago. He holds a PhD in Psychology from the University of Michigan. He is a professor of management at Stanford University. Robert Sutton is recognized as one of the New York Times bestselling writers.

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