Romeo and Juliet


Title: Romeo and Juliet

Author: William Shakespeare

Translator: Maryam Rasouli

Publisher: Ordibehesht

Subject: English play

Age category: Adult

Number of pages: 223

Language: Farsi

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Romeo and Juliet Romeo and Juliet Today, one may not have found the name of the famous novel of Romeo and Juliet by the immortal English poet and writer William Shakespeare. This book is a romance novel by William Shakespeare!

Romeo and Juliet is a tragedy written by William Shakespeare early in his work about two failed lovers who eventually die.

This play is one of the most popular plays of Shakespeare in his lifetime and along with Hamlet is one of the plays that has been screened. Today, the main characters of the story are referred to as ideal lovers.

Book Review by Romeo and Juliet
The experience of a legendary love is everyone’s dream. Love so powerful; To survive throughout history. William Shakespeare addresses his beloved in the 18th lyric:

“But spring never withered on you – the beauty of beauty and do not fall on stones and thorns
Do not tell exaggerated death to its shadow – you were the one who saw such a lasting bit
“Until he sees and sees and breathes to every breath – it’s too late, it has killed countless lives.”

No one can portray such love better than Shakespeare. Love is still a long-standing dream of young girls.

Romeo and Juliet; Shakespeare’s lasting romance
Romeo and Juliet is a famous book by William Shakespeare. A famous love story that takes place between a girl and a boy. The classic story of seeing a girl at a party and falling in love at first sight.

Romeo, the son of the Montigo family, goes to Lord Capillot’s party one day to see the girl he falls in love with. But strange things happen to Romeo at this party, the strangest thing that happens to the party is to see Juliet, the daughter of Lord Capiolet, and to fall in love with her. Love, failure, marriage, death, enmity, wedding, mourning … are all events that occur throughout the story.

Romeo and Juliet William Shakespeare is one of the tragedies of this English author and, like most plays of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, is written in five scenes. And even turn stories for children.
Andrew Matthews is one of the authors who rewrote and simplified the story of Romeo and Juliet for children. Matthews also used photos and illustrations to make the book appealing to children and teens.

About the author of the book Remo and Juliet: William Shakespeare; National Poet of England
William Shakespeare is the most famous English poet and playwright. He is considered the national poet of England and Shakespeare has been awarded the highest national emblem of England, the “Speak of Eun”. Many consider him the greatest playwright in history.

Shakespeare is one of the most prolific English writers of the seventeenth century, with 39 plays, 154 lyric poems and two poems. Scholars consider Shakespeare to be the only author whose works have been translated into all living languages ​​of the world.

Shakespeare’s plays fall into two main categories, tragedy and comedy. Shakespeare was proficient in both styles. “Hamlet”, “Macbeth” and “Othello” are Shakespeare’s most popular tragedies.

“Midnight Night Dream”, “Twelfth Night” and “Mistake Comedy” are some of Shakespeare’s comedies.

Shakespeare’s writing style
Since Shakespeare lived in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, he spoke ancient English.

This language is very different from English today. For this reason, it is very difficult to read Shakespeare in the original language, but Shakespeare’s works are so important that over the years, in addition to being translated into different languages, they have also been facilitated in English.

Shakespeare’s role in English literature is so rich and admirable that he is considered equal to Ferdowsi in Persian poetry and Homer in Latin poetry.

Works influenced by the story of Romeo and Juliet
The impact of the story of Romeo and Juliet is so great and bold that it has inspired many pieces of music, symphonies and paintings. So far, more than twenty operas have been based on the story of Romeo and Juliet.

“George Benda” staged the first opera performance of Romeo and Juliet in 1776, the difference between this performance and Romeo and Juliet’s play was the end, George Banda preferred to change the ending to his liking.

The Opera Romeo and Juliet, composed by the famous French composer Charles Gonad, is the most famous opera Romeo and Juliet, staged in 1867.

The famous Russian composer Tchaikovsky wrote the symphony poem Romeo and Juliet with a 15-minute melody in 1869 and rewrote it in 1870. A symphonic poem is a piece of music in which a story or legend is told.
Romeo and Juliet On the silver screen from the 17th century until now, there have been many painters, inspired by the scenes of Romeo and Juliet for their masterpieces. John Messi Wright has a famous watercolor painting from the balcony of the play Romeo and Juliet.

The first film based on the play Romeo and Juliet was made in 1936.

But the most accurate film made of this five-act play was in 1968. The film’s director, Franco Zafirali, was fully committed to Shakespeare.

Zafirali wrote the screenplay for the play with Franco Brusati and Masolino Damico, with the group aiming to do the least damage to the original Shakespearean text.

Another film, Romeo and Juliet, was made in the late 1990s. Leonardo DiCaprio played Romeo in it.
Although the story is a modernized example of a play by Romeo and Juliet, director Baz Lorman was fully committed to the text. Some people believe that sometimes the contradiction of time and language is felt in this film, but after a few minutes, this is normal and sometimes attractive and unique in this film.

In 2014, a theatrical film called Romeo and Juliet was released from this play

The film was shot on a Broadway theater starring Orlando Bloom as Romeo.
Nomeo and Juliet animation is a romantic and fantasy cartoon that is a kind of free adaptation of Shakespeare’s play Romeo and Juliet. The screenplay was written by John R. Smith and released by Disney.

Shakespeare’s reputation as a poet, writer, actor, and playwright is unique, and some consider him to be the greatest playwright in history.

However, many facts of his life are obscure. His father was a court official who later allegedly ran into financial difficulties

And his mother was the son of a relatively wealthy local landowner. Shakespeare probably attended the Stratford School of Grammar, where he learned valuable information about Latin;

But William did not travel to Oxford or Cambridge.
There are many legends about William’s youth and few credible documents. The first evidence we have of him after baptism and baptism is

From his marriage to Anne Hathaway in 1582,

The fruit was a girl born in 1583 and a twin girl and boy in 1585. After his marriage, Shakespeare went to London and played in the theater. There he was given the task of editing the plays.

Shakespeare took advantage of this situation and wrote several plays that were well received.
After that, we do not have any information about his activities for seven years; But he probably worked as an actor in London before 1592.

At this time, there were several casts in London and elsewhere

Shakespeare’s connection to one or more of them is all speculation.

But we do know of a long and useful relationship with the most successful cast, The Lord Chambelain’s Men.

Which was renamed The King’s Men after James I ascended the throne. Shakespeare not only played with this group, but eventually became the owner and director of the play.

Romeo And Juliet Although the love story of two young men,
But at the same time, it narrates the rivalry between well-off families.

The strange thing is that despite the enmity between the Capulet and Montigo families is one of the key elements of this play,

But the roots of this old grudge are never discussed

But the play’s two norm-breaking lovers want to circumvent strict social rules in their favor.

This youthful rebellion will eventually lead to disaster. But Shakespeare expects

We find ourselves to blame for this tragedy.
Numerous adaptations of William Shakespeare’s immortal work have been made, including ballet, theater, cinema, music, and opera.

According to statistics, Romeo and Juliet is known as the first play that produced the largest number of theaters and films.

Today, one may not have found the name of the famous novel of Romeo and Juliet by the immortal English poet and writer William Shakespeare.

This book is a romance novel of the type of William Shakespeare! Romeo and Juliet Tragedy written by William Shakespeare in the beginning of his work, which is about two failed lovers who eventually die.

This play is one of the most popular plays of Shakespeare in his lifetime and along with Hamlet is one of the plays that has been screened. Today, the main characters of the story are referred to as ideal lovers
In this timeless play, Shakespeare creates a world full of violence and intergenerational conflict in which two teenagers are captured by a burning love.

The Romeo and Juliet families are not only opposed to this love, but are in a bloody battle, each trying to kill another family member on the streets of Verona. Every time a member of the two families is killed in a battle between them, his relatives try to avenge his blood from the killer. Because of this enmity, if Romeo’s family sees him with Juliet, they will undoubtedly kill him.

When Romeo is sent into exile, it seems the only way Juliet can avoid being forced to marry someone else is to end her life. It is as if in the violent and bloody world of this enduring play, lovers can only reach each other after death.

Sentences from the text of the book
Two dynasties, equal in glory / In beautiful Verona, where we spread our scene / Pull the old hatred with new strife, / Where common blood contaminates common hands. / Fate has been so determined, that from among the haters, / Two lovers with the stars of the Qur’an, open their eyes to life, / And the miserable event / With their death, bury the quarrel of the ancestors.
Do not swear by the moon, because it is constantly changing. In this way, your love will also change.
Love gives man the courage to make the impossible possible.

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