The power of NOW


Title: The Force of the Present

Author: Eckhart Tull

Translator: Amir Ali Fath Elahi

Publisher: Nik Farjam

Subject: Spiritual life

Age category: Adult

Number of pages: 216

Language: Farsi



Introducing the book The power of NOW : a guide to spiritual enlightenment
Six years after its first publication, “The Force of the Present” continues to play its role in fulfilling the essential mission of transforming human consciousness. Although I have had the honor of creating this book, I feel that the book itself has been able to maintain its strength and dynamism. Millions of readers around the world have read this book and talked to me about its transformative effects on their lives.

Unfortunately, due to the large volume of letters I have received, I can no longer reply to all of them myself. But I would like to seize the opportunity and sincerely thank all those who shared their experiences in their letters. I’m deeply surprised by the changes that have taken place, and I undoubtedly believe that there is indeed an unprecedented shift in consciousness on our planet.

When Vancouver Publishing first published the book in 1997 with 3,000 copies, no one could have predicted its rapid growth. In the first year of publication, the book “The Force of the Present” was able to find its reader only through word of mouth. And that was when I delivered a few volumes of the book to Vancouver bookstores every week. It was a very satisfying job for me and I knew that by giving each volume of it, I would create a potential change in human life.
Friends helped me by placing this book in distant bookstores such as Calgary, Seattle, California, and London, which sold books on spiritual subjects. “I have a very good future for this book,” wrote Stephen Gautry, director of Watkins Publishing, one of the oldest bookstores in Wisdom and Spirituality in London at the time. He was right! In its second year, The Force Awakens became the best-selling underground book. After the “force of the present” found its critics’ approval in various newspapers, its sales increased, and finally reached its peak with the introduction of the book to the world by Oprah Winfrey (22), who herself was influenced by the contents of this book. Five years after its first publication, “The Force of Now” arrived

It entered the bestseller list and has now been translated into thirty languages. The book also became a bestseller in India, a country where many believe it was the birthplace of man’s quest for enlightenment.

Most of the thousands of letters I have received from around the world have been written by ordinary men and women. But among them were letters from Buddhist monks, Christian nuns, prisoners awaiting execution, or terminally ill patients. Psychoanalysts have said in their letters that they have used the book to advise patients or use its teachings to treat their patients. Many of these letters state that by reading this book and practicing its teachings in daily life, their sufferings and problems in life have been reduced or completely eliminated.
In these letters, the wonderful and beneficial effect on inner consciousness has been mentioned many times, that is, achieving that sense of betrayal that is obtained after liberation from self-identification and relying on personal life history and specific living conditions. Achieving a new inner peace that arises when one learns the mental-emotional resistance to “such a state” from the present moment. Many people have read this book many times and said that this repetition does not erase its novelty, because not only does its transformative power not disappear, but it actually becomes stronger.

As the distortion of the human mind becomes more apparent to the world through news and daily media reports, it becomes increasingly apparent that the number of those who see a fundamental change in human consciousness as an urgent need is increasing. Be. This group knows that if they do not want to destroy themselves and the planet Earth, they will have to make this transformation. This need, as well as the readiness of millions for the emergence of a new consciousness, is the perspective in which the “success” of the book “The Force of the Present” must be recognized and understood.
Of course, such an increasing trend does not mean that everyone should have a favorable opinion of this book. In many people, as well as in most political, economic structures, and the wider media, that old consciousness is still deep behind the trench. Anyone who

About the book The Force of the Present
Live! This is all that Eckhart Tull has tried to inspire you in the book The Force of the Present. It must have happened to you many times in your life that you have been captured by your thoughts and have not been able to enjoy and use the moments that have passed over you.

Would you like to get rid of the burden of your daily life and change the way you look at the world around you; So this book is for you. Eckhart writes: “This book contains the essence of my teachings. Of course, I try to put my teachings into words as much as possible and share meaning with individuals and small groups and seekers. This has been my effort for the last ten years. I know that words can not contain everything. I want to thank with all my being all those who had the courage and wanted to experience the transformation within themselves; Those who asked serious questions and were ready to hear my answers. “If it were not for these lovable people, this book would not be adorned with nature. I am sure this book will reach all those who want a fundamental change within themselves.”
Eckhart Tull believes that it is your mind that has trapped you in a chain of negative thoughts about the past or the future. Judging by what has happened to you, daydreaming and worrying about the future that lies ahead, stress and emotional excitement are all things that our minds do, and it’s only our present time that does not matter: Feel inside and out of your body. “The present moment is the only reality you have to face. You are always on the side of the present moment, not the future. You are never on the side of the future.”

Interesting, right? Have you ever considered that there will never be a future? All that we name the future is the sum of the moments that are going on in us.

Eckhart Tull’s book The Force of the Present has changed the worldview of millions of people around the world. This handy book reminds you that to enjoy life, you need to turn off the moment in your mind and look around carefully. Try to enjoy what is going on around you. From nature, sun, night sky and sea.
Eckhart Tull explains that he himself has been suffering from depression. This depression, which isolated him at the height of his youth, was with him for a long time; Until suddenly, one day, he undergoes a spiritual transformation. After this transformation, he decided to teach spiritual teachings to people and became a spiritual teacher. The book The Force of the Present is his first written work in the field of spiritual teachings.

This book is written in ten sections. The titles of the sections of this book are as follows:
You are not in your mind;
Awareness; The way to get rid of suffering;
A journey into the depths of the present moment;
Mind maps to escape the present moment;
Field of presence;
Internal body;
Doors open to the unmanifested;
Clear relationships;
Comfort: beyond sorrow and joy;
The meaning of surrender.
The book Force Now has been translated into more than 30 living languages ​​and has sold millions of copies worldwide.

Many critics consider him the most influential spiritual teacher in the world.

You can download the book Niroo Hal right now from the Navar website. This book has been available on the website of Navar for audio book enthusiasts since 1992, with the voice of the book translator Masiha Barzegar.

Is this book for you?
Spiritual teachings are gaining traction these days. Many people, in search of their lost peace, turn to books on self-knowledge and self-improvement or books on personality development.

In the meantime, the book The Force of the Present is one of the most popular books in this field. Many who have read The Force of the Presence consider it the most influential book of their lives. Of course, by reading a book, we can not change our view of the world, but books become a flip and an excuse to change and learn its ways. So if you are looking for a change to achieve inner peace in your life, or even if you want to know what philosophy those who have unparalleled peace in their lives follow in their lives, read this book. Sometimes curiosity becomes an excuse for change.

Introducing The power of NOW : a guide to spiritual enlightenment book
Eckhart Trap, a book on the exercise of the present, translated by Fatemeh Mashayekhi, has been translated into 15 living languages ​​of the world and has changed many lives. The secret of the success of this book should be considered from the heart and inevitably sit on the heart.

The practice of the present contains exercises to strengthen the present and the life in the moment, and by offering strategies and meditations to get rid of pain, suffering and all the old and negative patterns of behavior, invites the reader to live in the moment and to understand and experience the realm of existence. A realm whose place is deep and infinite peace and contains great vitality, and within it lies the vitality of love.

However, the effects of self-centered mind madness are still ubiquitous; But a new phenomenon is about to take shape. Never before have people been so prepared to shatter the collective mental patterns that have long held mankind captive to suffering. A new state of consciousness is taking shape. We have suffered enough! This awareness is being born within you even now; The moment you hold this book in your hand and read the lines that indicate the possibility of experiencing a free life; A life in which you no longer impose suffering on yourself or others.
Also, in addition to the exercises, the book Practicing the power of now provides shorter sections of the main book that, while recalling some ideas and concepts, can be used as a basis for incorporating those concepts into the daily routine.

Many sections are suitable for study with reflection. When you have such a study, you are not actually studying for new information. Rather, you want to enter a different level of consciousness as you study. That’s why you can read a section over and over again, and each time that section is still fresh and new. Only the word that is written or said in the presence has the power to make such a change, and this power is the force that awakens the presence in the reader.

The best way to read these passages is to read them slowly. In many cases, you may want to pause and allow yourself to meditate in peace or quiet. Sometimes you may want to accidentally open the book and read a few lines.
In this book, Eckhart Tolle does not describe the story and mythology, but writes his objective experience in discovering the essence of life in the form of spiritual questions and answers.

In a part of the book Exercise for the Present, we read:
Once you use your mind, and especially when a creative solution is needed, you will oscillate between thought and stillness, between mind and subconscious every few minutes. Consciousness without thought is a state of mindlessness. Only then can creative thinking be possible. Because only then will thought have real power. Thought alone becomes rapidly empty, irrational, and destructive when it is no longer connected to a much wider range of consciousness.

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