Theres a spiritual solution to every problem


Title: There is a spiritual solution to every problem

Author: Wayne Dyer

Translator: Vajiha Ayatollah

Publisher: Parseh

Subject: Life meaning / problem solving

Age category: Adult

Number of pages: 336

Language: Farsi



“Theres a spiritual solution to every problem” by Wayne Dyer (1940-2015), American author and motivational speaker.

Introducing the book Theres a spiritual solution to every problem by Wayne Dyer

Your quality of life is the result of your beliefs. You need to believe deeply in your abilities and do not forget that it does not matter at all how others think of you. Always look for a way to bring joy and hope into your life and the lives of those around you. Be special, being special does not mean being better than others, but trying to make each person superior to their own past.

The human soul needs peace and kindness. Replace love with love. Instead of resorting to violence, be calm, forgiving, and forgiving. Always be careful how you treat others, because one day you may need them.
Whenever you have problems in life, instead of thinking about the negative aspects, think only of the solution. Never doubt in your heart. Listening to the inner voice is the best solution to any problem. Nothing in the world happens.

In part of the book we read:

I finished the first edition of this book on June 15, 2000 at my home in Moe with an amazing sense of virtue and perfection. Shortly afterwards, a few months later, I realized that I had been commissioned to apply what I had written and to try the principles of finding a spiritual solution to any problem first in my personal life. In the fall of 2000, when I was alone in a hotel room, I really got on my knees.

I could hardly breathe. It was as if my chest had been crushed. I was sweating a lot and soon found out I had a heart attack. But it was also very wrong to think so. I did not smoke, I did not drink alcohol, I was not overweight, I exercised every day, and that was exactly my life plan from 25 years ago until that day. I paid a lot of attention to my diet, I should not have had a heart attack.
A heart attack occurs in people who, through their lifestyle, invite multiple heart attacks into their lives; Not me. No, Dr. Wayne Dyer. But anyway, it happened and I was in the hospital, with the monitor wires attached all over my upper body and serum entering my body. I avoided admitting that this had happened to me.

I moaned in front of my family and to be honest I was very scared. After the first day, I started to try again what I wrote in this book and you are reading it now. I was reminded of the title of the book over and over again: there is a spiritual solution to every problem, and my illness was definitely a problem.

Book introduction There is a spiritual solution to every problem

This book makes a big claim. Yes, you can really get rid of all your problems by pursuing and pursuing spiritual solutions.

“When I was practicing the attainment of higher energies, I found that when faced with what is called so-called difficulty, I felt lighter, more loving, and kinder, and I found myself free from exactly any problem. “I have now simply separated myself from the world of problems in my mind and joined the world of spirituality.” (Wayne Dyer)

The main message of this book is summarized in the following ten points:

1. Everything in the world is in the form of energy. In other words, everything in the universe is vibrating from within its nucleus at a specific frequency.
2. Weak and slow vibrations appear as solid and hard materials and this is where the problems manifest themselves.
3. Faster vibrations, such as light and thought, are less visible.
4. The fastest vibrations are actually what I call spirituality.
5. When the highest and fastest vibrations of spirituality appear in the face of weaker and slower vibrations, what we call problems disappear and disperse.
6. You have the power to increase your energy to achieve life problems and achieve higher and faster energies.
7. If you want to find a spiritual solution when faced with problems, you must understand some basic principles and apply them in practice.
8. Once you understand these principles, the final choice is with you whether you are in the transcendent energy field or in the weak energy field.
9. In fact, when you understand the world of spirituality sincerely and in private, you will clearly see that all problems are just illusions created by our minds because we separate ourselves from our Creator. I call this Creator God, but you can choose a name for him as you wish.
10. These illusions are in fact mistakes that have been made in our minds and, like any other mistake, disappear when they are confronted with the truth.

The book is organized in two parts.

The first section consists of six chapters that detail the basic principles. These principles help us to understand that spiritual solutions to any or all problems are always available.
The second part of the book consists of chapters seven to thirteen, the title of each of which is one of the most famous and acceptable prayers ever written. This prayer of St. Francis of Assisi contains the main message of the book. When we place the transcendent vibrations of spirituality in the presence of the weak vibrations of problems, all problems will disappear at once. I have made every effort to give you specific suggestions on how you can use transcendent energies in practice and in beneficial ways.

Index of the book Theres a spiritual solution to every problem

  • Introduction
  • Introduction
  • Part One: Basic Principles for Spiritually Solving Problems
  • Chapter One: The Spiritual Solution to Problems
  • Chapter Two: Old Basic Beliefs
  • Chapter 3: Everything is in the form of energy
  • Chapter 4: Stop energizing things you do not believe in
  • Chapter 5: Clean your energy field of any pollution
  • Chapter 6: Increase your spiritual energy and keep it the same
  • Part 2: Find a spiritual solution to your problems
  • Chapter 7: O Lord, make me a means to expand your peace
  • Chapter 8: May God Help Me to Sow the Seeds of Love and Affection in Hearts Filled with Hate
  • Chapter 9: O Lord, help me to sow the seeds of forgiveness in the hearts of the afflicted.
  • Chapter Ten: O Lord, Help Me to Work in Hearts Filled with Doubt
  • Chapter 11: O Lord, Help Me to Sow the Seed of Hope in Desperate Hearts
  • Chapter Twelve: O Lord, Help Me to Create Light and Light in Hearts Filled with Darkness
  • Chapter 13: Why We Avoid Being Happy

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