The Magic By Rhonda Byrne


Title: The Miracle of Thanksgiving

Author: Randa Byrne

Translator: Ahmad Banpour

Publisher: Zamen Ahoo

Subject: Psychology

Age category: Adult

Cover: Paperback

Number of pages: 156 p

Language: Farsi

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The Magic By Rhonda Byrne, or The Miracle of Thanksgiving, is written by Randa Byrne (1945), an American author and motivational speaker.

There are few people in the world these days who thank God for His blessings. In fact, the structure of advertising and social networks is such that each of us is more often reminded of our shortcomings and shortcomings. The ultimate goal is to buy and consume more and more so that the wheel of the liberal economy spins faster than ever and capitalists become richer every day.

Randa Berne, the famous author of the most famous book “Secret” in her book Miracle of Gratitude, has tried to remind us to be thankful for the blessings of our lives and in this way to achieve inner peace and tranquility. He taught this in the form of a 28-day program and said exercises for each day.
According to this book, if you do one of the Thanksgiving exercises every day, after 28 days, you will see an amazing effect in your life. But the main condition is to believe in this from the bottom of your heart and do Thanksgiving exercises every day with full motivation and enthusiasm. These exercises will help you to increase your knowledge about life and understand the mechanism of life and know how easy it is to have the things you dream of. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people.

About Randa Byrne, author of The Miracle of Thanksgiving
Randa Byrne is one of the most famous writers and directors of the seventeenth century, and most of us remember her with the documentary Secret. This documentary, along with the famous book Raz, is one of the best-selling and most popular documentaries and books in the world. Although it has received a lot of criticism, there are few who hide the great impact it has had on its audience. In fact, this book has been able to strongly introduce the idea of ​​the law of attraction among readers around the world. Time Magazine ranked Randa Byrne one of the 100 Most Successful Women in the World in 2007.

Part of the exercises in the book The Miracle of Thanksgiving
Exercise 1: The first thing you need to do is count the blessings you have. This is best done in the morning.

Exercise 2: Write in a notebook one of the successes you have achieved and thank God for it. Also, choose another goal and explore ways to achieve it. At night, think about what good things have happened to you to achieve this goal.

Exercise 3: Find three people with whom you have a close relationship and thank them. Remember their good behaviors and ethics. Give 5 reasons to love each of them.

Exercise 4: Thank God for your health.
Exercise 5: Think about your childhood and everything that has been provided for you at no cost! Things that many may be deprived of. Remember every memory in which money was spent for you. Thank God for these.

Exercise 6: Day 6 As much as you can, look for things you have thanked God for. Finish the seventh day without saying negative sentences.

– You can read the rest of the interesting exercises in this book along with the explanations of these 6 exercises in the main text of the book.

In part of the book The Magic By Rhonda Byrne we read:
When you send the miraculous energy of gratitude into a negative situation; A new situation is created and the old situation disappears. In other words; When you bring yourself to a level where, instead of feeling the lack of money, you are thanking God for having a small amount of money; A new situation arises in your life, the lack of money disappears and more money is miraculously absorbed into your life.

All the bad and unpleasant feelings about money actually drive money away from you and reduce the circulation of money in your life. Also, every time you have a bad feeling about money; You reduce the cash flow of your life a little more. If you have feelings of regret, frustration, worry, or fear about money; So, you can not attract more money.
According to the law of attraction, two similar species always attract each other. Thus, if you are frustrated that you do not have enough money; So, the more you get into frustrating situations, the less money you make. If you are worried about money; So, you would only resort to this as a last resort. If you have a fear about your financial situation; So, you would only resort to this as a last resort.

You need to ignore the financial situation and possible shortage of money in your current life; However, this may be difficult for you. However, know that giving thanks to God is the guaranteed way to do it. When you are thankful to God for having money, however small; At the same time you can not feel frustrated about money.

Some examples of the benefits of Thanksgiving
If you are a grateful person, it is better to know that you are more mentally and emotionally calm than others and you have a healthy body and soul. Thanksgiving will have a profound effect on your well-being.
How do you feel when you hear the word “thanksgiving”? How many times during the day do you thank God for the small and big joys you have received? Do you even think about this? Do you think there is a connection between being grateful and one’s mental and physical condition? Are grateful people healthier human beings?

Maybe it’s because of the hustle and bustle of life or the forgetfulness of today’s human beings, or maybe it’s for other reasons, whatever it is, thanksgiving has become a distant habit for us these days. In fact, the small and big excuses of happiness seem to be easily forgotten; But this forgetfulness has consequences, and these consequences have a negative effect on our soul and body.

Probably a little hard to believe; But there is a possibility that: Grateful people are mentally and physically healthier than others.
Accordingly, patients who are grateful even in difficult situations not only feel better, but also experience easier sleep, less fatigue, and less inflammation.

The Magic By Rhonda Byrne

Of course, the amazing effects of gratitude on the human body do not end there, regulating blood pressure, regulating heart rate and reducing the risk of heart disease are other unique results of the miracle of gratitude on the human body; So, if you want to have a healthy physical body along with peace of mind and taste the sweet life, be thankful for the small and big blessings of your life.

The Miracle of Thanksgiving is one of the best motivational books in the world. The exercises in this book are extremely practical and energizing.
The book is interestingly composed of 28 days. Every day is dedicated to a task. For example, the first day you should count the blessings of life.

The second, third and fourth day is the time to build relationships, health and wonderful things.
On the fifth day, look for an amazing way to get out of the negative. On the sixth and seventh day, after discovering the amazing elements, we activate the magnet of money and move forward in the same way.
On the eighth day, you should appreciate all the people around you.
Day 11, you need to be prepared to make your dreams come true.
As the last days approach, the surprises increase.
The eighteenth day is the day of the surprise of the heart and the twenty-first day is the wonderful weather!
And finally, on the twenty-eighth day, you have become another human being, you have changed and become a thankful human being full of positive energy. Your soul is refined and you must continue on this path. Do not let negative thoughts enter your mind and infect it again.

Amazing Thanksgiving Sentences
Say this amazing phrase: “God, thank you.”
Shout out this amazing sentence out loud.
Then whisper it to yourself every day; Say it in your mind or feel it in your heart. From now on, wherever you go, try to take the feeling of gratitude and its miracle with you.
To have an amazing life full of abundance and joy; Know that you just have to always say thank you to God and feel it in the depths of your being. You can always be grateful and always create surprises in your life.

The exercises in this book help us to always think about and appreciate the blessings of our lives.

As we said in Randa Byrne’s book The Miracle of Thanksgiving, there are 26 special exercises to be thankful for. Keep in mind that these exercises are the starting point for “thankful living.”
They are the starting point because the more we thank God, the less. To live thankfully, we must be thankful in action.
Appreciating blessings means using them well. At the end of the 26-day period of these exercises, try to repeat them always.

Who is Randa Byrne, author of The Miracle of Thanksgiving?
Randa Byrne, now 74 (born 1945), is a well-known Australian writer and producer. Ms. Berne is best known for writing a series of mystery books. In 2007, he was named one of the 100 Most Influential People in the World by Time Magazine.
Continuing his writing activities, he also wrote the book Power, Magic and Hero and the Miracle of Thanksgiving.

In 2007 alone, his book The Secret sold more than 19 million copies in 40 languages ​​and was reproduced in more than 2 million DVDs. Secret Books and Movies have sold more than $ 300,000,000.
After a period of hardship and financial collapse, Berne borrows a book from his daughter to read; Written by Wallace Watts, The Science of Getting Rich, this book became the dough for Randa Berne’s thoughts, and Bern mentions the influence of this book on his thought and intellectual foundations several times in his books. have given.
Randa Byrne finally succeeded after years of repeated economic failures, and in 2007 was named one of Time Magazine’s 100 Most Influential People in the World.

A few beautiful sentences from Randa Berne, author of The Thanksgiving Miracle
Take the time to get to know yourself.
Identify all your aspirations and goals.
Take as much time as you can, write down whatever you want out of life, write down all your short-term and long-term goals, and be honest with yourself.
Do not do things that others ask you to do. Do things you love, things that will at least put a smile on your face.
You do not need to look at your visuals every day. Do not look at it particularly mechanically and numbly. Even if you have not made a visual painting but you have it in your mind and you can feel it, you will get what you want.
Start feeling it, feel it. Although it is invisible and intangible, but start to feel it and live in that dream. It should be very close to you, like breathing, and the stronger you feel it, the sooner and stronger you will reach it.
Miracle Book Review
In modern society today, most people work hard to provide for their material needs. Most people, despite achieving many of their desires, are still unaware of the blessings that have been offered to them and are not grateful for them. These people always believe that something is missing in their lives and wait to thank God for it only when a miracle happens in their lives. In The Miracle, Randa Byrne teaches her readers how to thank God for the blessings He has given man, and with this thanksgiving, they can find true peace in their lives.

Thanksgiving with simple exercises

“When you wake up in the morning, write down the ten blessings you have as your first card. Ten simple and thankful things (home, family, sky, sun, five senses, a good night’s sleep, etc.) After the ten things are over, look around and read them all aloud again. At the end of each thankful thing, say it three times, God, feel the gratitude and the atmosphere of gratitude completely.

“Then move on to the next case.” This was part of the first part of the book Miracle. If we learn to practice Thanksgiving in our lives, our lives and the way we look at the world around us will also change. If we put these exercises regularly in our daily lives, our lives will change. To be in a good mood, one should always thank God. But sugar does not mean that it is only on the tongue and that our hearts and souls are constantly dissatisfied with everything like a tired and complaining person.

The Magic By Rhonda Byrne,  teaches us to do these exercises in whatever situation we are in, by providing 28-day Thanksgiving exercises. Whether in difficult life situations that we all face in life for sure or in good and comfortable moments. In this book, 28 Thanksgiving exercises in 28 days are suggested, which are very simple and easy exercises and reveal the miracle of Thanksgiving in life.

According to this book, if you do a Thanksgiving exercise every day, you will see amazing results after 28 days. When you do these exercises regularly and with motivation, you will notice changes in your life. These exercises will make gratitude enter your life like a meditation act and gratitude will become a part of your daily habits. Gratitude creates a good mood and a sense of satisfaction in all matters of life. In fact, you will see the positive effect of these exercises when you do the exercises regularly and accurately and do not give up. In this case, at the end of the story, feel good and enjoy the moments of life to the fullest.

This book has been translated into more than 40 languages ​​to date. In 2007, Time magazine named the successful woman one of the 100 most influential people in the world. It is interesting to know that Randa Byrne had been suffering from severe depression for some time in her life before writing the book “Secret” due to the death of her father, and the books that her daughter gave her to read in the field of success gradually saved her from crisis and she became a successful woman. Impressed. Today, he has influenced the lives of many people around the world with his activities.

Randa Byrne’s books and films include The Secret, The Secret of Thanksgiving, The Law of Attraction, The Hero, The Secret of Existence, Power, The Miracle, and The Miracle of Gratitude. Randa Byrne lives in Los Angeles and is one of the top women in the field of success and self-knowledge.

Translation of Randa Berne’s works in Iran

Most of Randa Byrne’s works in Iran have been considered by various publishers and there are different translations of her books. The book Miracle has also been translated as “The Miracle of Thanksgiving” and “The Miracle of Thanksgiving”. Among the translations of this book are the translation of “Nafiseh Motakaf” in the publication of “Liusa” and the translation of “Sima Faraji” in the publication of “Navandish” and the translation of “Masiha Barzegar”.

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