The dark side


Title: Semi-Dark

Author: Daniel Steele

Translator: M. Yusefi

Publisher: New Communication

Subject: American stories

Age category: Adult

Cover: Paperback

Number of pages: 307 p

Language: Farsi

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Introducing The dark side : a nove book by Daniel Steele
Zoe Morgan’s childhood is affected by her younger sister’s terrible illness. Until the last days of their sick daughter’s father, and especially her mother, they are completely devoted to her, and after facing their daughter’s scorching heat, they separate.
Under the influence of these painful memories, Zhu sets strict standards for himself; He studies hard and, with a laudable focus on disadvantaged children, steps up the ladder in a non-profit organization.
Later, when she falls in love and has a child, she is determined to be the best mother in the world. But after a while, his old and deep wounds drag him to the edge of an extremely terrifying abyss. Zhu can not get rid of the evil thoughts of the past and his life story turns into an exciting adventure and a mystery and unforgettable in the field of psychology.

Biography of Daniel Steele
Daniel Steele was born on August 14, 1947 in New York City, USA. Steele sometimes worked on five projects of his novels simultaneously, and most of his novels were bestsellers.

His formula in fiction often involves wealthy families in crisis. At the same time, other intermittent tricks and cycles are evident in his works.

Including threats by elements of darkness such as imprisonment, extortion fraud and suicide.
Steele also has a collection of works on children’s stories and poetry. His books have been translated into 28 languages, of which 22 have been adapted into films or television, and two adaptations of his books have won Golden Club Awards.

Part of the book:
Ignorant people usually break their children more openly and naively and end up in prison for murder. But the children of intelligent people may lose their lives if their parents hit the last wire.

The problem here is getting attention because of having a sick child, either out of compassion or playing the role of a super mother, and everyone says what exemplary mothers they are, but no one realizes that the mother herself is making her children sick. Or put them in situations where you get hurt. Based on what you told me, I think this is possible.
It is usually never possible to say for sure that someone with the disease, most of the victims are under the age of six, because they can not properly convey what is happening to them. However, because they do not understand the situation, they are not good witnesses.

It is strange that most of the fathers of these children do not talk about it. Either they do not understand what is going on or they do not want to make the situation worse than it is, so they sit down and pretend that they have not seen anything. Is your sick father abnormal?

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