Didn’t See That Coming


Title: I did not expect such a catastrophe

Author: Rachel Hallis

Translator: Marjan Shamil Shoushtari

Publisher: Yoshita

Topic: Adaptation, life-changing events

Age category: Adult

Cover: Paperback

Number of pages: 184 p

Language: Farsi

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Didn’t See That Coming! Written by Rachel Hallis and translated by Marjan Shamil Shoushtari. This book teaches you if the times were not right for you, get up and rebuild your life.

I did not expect such a tragedy about the book!
Some of us are trying to figure out the effects of past wounds on our lives. Some of us have open wounds in our lives that have shaken and shaken our lives, but we are here anyway, all together.

I think we are strong enough to do the work of healing our wounds ourselves, even if sometimes our efforts make us feel weaker than we did the first day. Do not be afraid of your weaknesses, be afraid of this
To drown in despair for the rest of your life, because you are too afraid to face your pain. In this book, the author tries to do his best, that’s all. He wants to examine our pains, to separate them, if we can laugh at them and cry for them, but never in our lives do we want to hide our pains for the comfort of others.

I did not expect such a catastrophe while reading the book! To whom we offer
We recommend this book to all those who seek peace.

Part of the book I did not expect such a catastrophe!
Well, to make a difference in the house, what you did was try to put a new coating on the old one, but you did not make sure the new paint stuck to the wall; In addition, the original color is likely to be very polished, so it will be difficult to cover it with a new color. Now that you have mistakenly painted the wall, your next mistake was to heat the bath with hot water and cause the bath to be full of heat and humidity, which is why the project you worked so hard on It was completely ruined and the change in the appearance of your bathroom did not have much chance to be seen.

Do any of the above have an impact on your current life? not at all! The color of the bathroom has nothing to do with the situation you are going through right now, but this is a great and clear example for you who are trying to pretend that you do not have negative and ugly feelings about what is happening or even higher, you may think. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people.
If we go back for a moment to the example of changing the color of the bathroom, for the correct and principled reconstruction of the wall of that bathroom, we need both sandpaper and an initial coating as a working infrastructure. Another way is to first remove that annoying layer from the wall, then add a layer of work infrastructure to make sure the next layer sticks firmly to it.

OK! Now the issue is clear to you ??

If you want to move forward and change, you have to be honest about what is happening, even if it is only about you. When the epidemic of the deadly coronary heart disease disrupted the world in the spring of 2020, disrupting everything and shutting them down, it left many people around the world frustrated and sad, but there was a strange feeling. The unhappiness of what was happening made almost everyone I knew feel that their frustration was insignificant and minor.

Book Introduction I did not expect such a catastrophe!
One of the New York Times bestsellers I did not expect such a catastrophe! Written by Rachel Hallis, it teaches you to get up, rebuild your life, and use difficult moments and moments as experiences to achieve evolution and peace in life if times are not right for you.

 about the book Didn’t See That Coming!
Financial loss, job loss, end of cohabitation, death of loved ones, etc. are difficult experiences in life that cause you to be surrounded by grief and doubt, and it is in this state that you return to normal routine, hope and have a positive outlook on Life seems impossible.

The New York Times bestselling author Rachel Hallis, with her candid and honest expression, using her own personal and real-world experiences and practical techniques, shows you in Didn’t See That Coming that in the hardest and most painful Life aspects can also be hopeful for the future, and what is very important is the way each person deals with the problems and crises of his life.

Rachel Hallis In the introduction to the book, I did not expect such a catastrophe! States:

Everything I had made one day collapsed in the blink of an eye. I can not consider this book a confession or an explanation of why and how this seismic change took place in our lives. To be honest, I do not know if I can explain this to you and then straighten up again after this failure, but I would like to believe that one day I will be strong enough to recognize exactly where life in our relationship fell apart, but today definitely, that day is not!

Our lives seemed great from the outside, because the intimacy of our vision was always palpable to everyone, even to strangers; But intimacy and a romantic relationship are two completely different things. After all, we were two completely different people, and that difference meant we had to sacrifice something. And that’s where I found myself today: I have to sacrifice something, and I did.
That’s why I started writing this book, because I had survived the crisis and grief many times; I believed I could have something to say in this book that would help others to read through their problems well. I’m sure I can guide you through your mountain of sorrow. But now I find myself in the midst of great sorrow and with a completely different perspective than I did before. Now I want to go through this pain with you, which means that this book wants to show the unique duality of pain inside and outside.

As someone who always lives with a plan and discipline, someone who also thought about the details of the next two decades of his life and how to plan them, I must honestly say that I did not plan for this one at all. I want to tell you the secret honestly; I was thinking of putting this book aside altogether and getting the idea of ​​writing it out of my mind; I thought I was not ready to write, I’m not sure I’m ready right now. I was hesitant about being able to teach and learn at the same time, because I feel that this lesson, and writing this book, is one of the hardest things I have ever done in my life.
Even though these words were written, even though I thought they might be useful to someone, I knew it was impossible to keep this book in its original form, and from this devastating new sadness that I am now grappling with. , I do not speak; The idea of ​​writing about something so new to me was at odds with everything I believed about my book.

There is an old saying that we can only teach and write about the wounds we have suffered and share them with others, not our own wounds; I have lived with those pains; I mean, I never intend to share the story of my life with you; But instead, I just want to share with you the impact they left on me after it happened.

I did not expect such a catastrophe! Who is suitable?
At first glance, everyone may think that all of Halis’s books are addressed to women and girls, but for anyone who wants to experience the reading of a wonderful and intimate work and help themselves to have a happier life, I did not expect the book at all. fantastic.

Learn more about Rachel Hallis:
One of the women who has established herself as a successful motivational writer and speaker in recent years is Rachel Hollis. She became famous after writing the best-selling books “Be Yourself Girl, Girl Wash Your Face, Do Not Be Ashamed Girl” and today she is known both in the United States and in other countries as a strong and happy woman who always in her lectures women and girls Invites you to freedom and enjoy life.

Rachel Hallis currently works in the field of women’s rights, manages one of the top business podcasts in the United States, is the founder of a private media company, and is a mother to four children.
It should be said that Hallis has used her personal experiences in all her books and has experienced pain and various social pressures, and she knows that in order to become a strong and healthy woman, in today’s modern world, a lot of effort must be made. But he has achieved this success and reputation for having a sincere tone in his books and not using common clichés in self-help books.

I did not expect such a catastrophe in the selected sentences of the book!
– If something is taken from you, if you are knocked down, get up again each time. Preserve the identity you have proudly acquired for yourself.

Sometimes change is necessary because something bad and debilitating has happened in our lives, and sometimes it is because we show more than the personality and identity we have. Evolution may be annoying and unpleasant, but it does not mean it is bad. Try to look at change through the eyes of a positive move forward in your life.

Remember, you may have bad thoughts in your mind, but you are still a good person: I like to always remember that having small, short-sighted, impudent, impractical, jealous, selfish thoughts does not make you a bad person.
When past experiences affect the way we look at a situation, it is incredibly difficult to even understand that it happened. It’s very easy to get caught up in how we feel, even without realizing what triggered it in the first place.

It is important to fill your surroundings with influential people who think and behave the way you want them to think and behave.

I did not expect such a catastrophe in a part of the book! we read:
I want to talk more about courage. I feel I need to talk to you now about the importance of why you should fight for courage instead of holding hands. I also feel I have to warn you that talking about this makes me so nervous that I go crazy. Talking about this bothers me; But I honestly want to tell you the truth, because that’s what I have to do. Not only does this bother me, it also makes me nervous.

Morality dictates that you should never use violence against someone who is going through a difficult situation. But in reality, if what I want to say is true about you, you need someone who is honest with you, and those around you, because they love you so much, can not tell you these things. I love you too, but I love you enough to tell the truth, even if it hurts your feelings. So let’s get started.

The more you cling to your emotions, the more it is enough.
Now is the time. If you want to take a step towards change, then you have to let go of your frustration and take the next appropriate step to help you move forward and reject it before I say what I want and give it a harsh tip from the author. Know that celebrities talk about something they do not understand, you should know that it is not the talk of my mature part that has such firm opinions on the subject.

My dual belief that you have to show hell in your life before it’s too late goes directly back to my childhood. Frankly, I’m writing this from the perspective of a girl who is incapable of expressing the problems of her life to adults, when she desperately needs them.
I could not express these feelings then, I did not even know the language of expressing them, but many years have passed since then, and now, it is enough for me to realize that what happened in the past was wrong. So, it’s me, an adult, and as a wise, mature adult, I tell you what I often had to say to my parents.

Index of the book Didn’t See That Coming
I’m talking nonsense
Things to do today
Chapter One: Get to Know Your New Self
Chapter Two: Stop Asking About Your Sufferings
Chapter 3: Let go of guilt
Things to do tomorrow
Chapter 4: Try a different perspective and mindset
Chapter 5: Change your mindset about getting better
Chapter 6: Make the Most of Your Courage
Chapter 7: Show Yourself
Chapter 8: Be Realistic About Your Financial Assets
Things to do while you are alive
Chapter 9: Surprise yourself with your flexibility
Chapter 10: Stick to your good habits or develop new ones
Chapter 11: Choose to enjoy life even when life is hard and nonsensical
Chapter Twelve: Rethink Your Future
Always be hopeful
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