The gaze


Title: The gaze

Author: Elif shafak

Translator: Vahideh Salami

Publisher: Nasim Ghalam

Subject: Turkish stories

Age category: Adult

Cover: Paperback

Number of pages: 216

Language: Farsi



The gaze (Muharram) is another famous work by the world-famous Turkish author of recent years, Elif shafak, who is well known for his book “The Nation of Love”.

Nation of Love is one of the best-selling and most popular literary works of the present century and is always one of the best-selling books in Iran. “Three Daughters of Eve” is the name of another famous work by him.

This time, “Looks” is the story of a fat woman and a thin man who, with all their contradictions, try to live a quiet life away from people’s eyes, and …

This novel is recommended for people who want to make a big change in themselves;
Physical, mental, intellectual and …. “Looks” won the Best Novel Award by the Turkish Writers’ Association so that, like Shafak’s other works, his book would receive a positive response from critics and the public.

The views have been translated by Vahideh Salami and published by Nasim Ghalam Publications.

Muharram is a novel by Elif افafak, first published in 1999. In this successful and acclaimed novel, Shafak explores the issue of people’s appearance and its acceptability in the eyes of others.

A fat woman and her fiancé, who is a dwarf, are tired of having to stare at people wherever they go, and decide to change places.

The man makes up his face and the woman puts a mustache on her face. The couple encounters the staring gaze of those around them in a different way.
The woman wants to hide from the whole world while the man prefers to face them directly and even creates a dictionary for himself to show the powerful effects that a simple look can have.

In this entertaining and informative novel, Shafak reminds his audience that the human desire to look at others can cause many injuries and negative effects.

“Looks” won the Best Novel Award by the Turkish Writers’ Association so that, like Shafak’s other works, his book would receive a positive response from critics and the public.

Sentences from the text of the book
The book “Negahs” Author: Elif Shafak , Continue to live a quiet life.

This novel is recommended for people who want to make a big change in themselves.

Description of the book of views by Alif Shafak (Shafaq):
In this beautiful and interesting novel, the author divides the story into four separate parts.

These four parts occur in different places and times.

The story revolves around a very fat woman and her dwarf mistress. Those who are tired of the stares of others decide to change their place.

The dwarf puts on make-up and transforms into a woman, and the woman shaves her beard and sybil and impersonates a man.

The couple deals with the stares of others in different ways.

While the woman wants to hide from the whole world, the dwarf still examines the different looks of others and even shows a dictionary of looks to show the effects of a simple look.

Alif افafak, acclaimed Turkish author, was born on October 25, 1971 in Strasbourg, France. Her real name is “Alif Bilgin” and she is also known as “Alif Shafaq” in Persian.

His parents separated as a child, and Shafak later lived with his mother, a diplomat.

He has lived in Boston, Michigan, Arizona, Istanbul and London and is familiar with different cultures.

During these trips he is fluent in English, Spanish and Arabic.
Elif افafak spent his adolescence in Madrid and Oman and then returned to Turkey.

He began his university studies in Istanbul, his favorite city.

She completed her studies in International Relations, Women’s Studies, and Political Science, and taught for a time at universities in Turkey, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

About the author of the book Views: Elif افafak, a concerned Turkish writer
Influenced by his numerous travels and extensive science, Elif افafak has written works that have been translated into more than thirty languages. She is the most popular female author in Turkey and her books are on the bestseller list in Iran.

Geographical proximity is one of the reasons that this author’s prose has attracted the attention of Iranian audiences.

He writes his stories with a sense of multiculturalism and multilingualism, blending Eastern and Western traditions.

She shows cultural contradictions and their impact on the lives of young people, especially women.

Elif افafak is concerned with women and writes about minorities, immigrants and different cultures.
He places historical concepts, philosophy, and mysticism among contemporary stories, and uses Eastern mysticism to create iconic stories.

He has a special interest in “Rumi”, a Persian-speaking philosopher and poet, whose presence can be clearly seen in his works.

This successful author connects the mystical thoughts of this poet with Western and modern thoughts and narrates them through his stories.
In addition to writing the story, Elif افafak also wrote the song and has worked as a reporter for various newspapers, including the Guardian and The New York Times.

She talks about women’s problems and believes that women are one of the most vulnerable groups in society.

He has been to Ted’s conference talkbook twice to date.

The main character of “Orlando: A Biography” by Virginia Woolf is one of the favorite fictional characters of “Elif افafak”, as well as his favorite authors are “Emily Bronte”, “Albert Camus”, “Marcel Proust”, “William Shakespeare”. And Miguel de Cervantes pointed out that all of them are great writers of world literature.

Elif افafak’s works write beyond borders
Elif افafak published his first work, Anatolia for Bad Eyes, in 1994. He was a student at the time and entered the field of writing by writing this short story.

In 1997, he published his second work, Hidden, which won the Rumi Grand Prize a year later.

In the same years, he published “Mirrors of the City” and “Muharram”, and his book “Muharram” won the Turkish Writers’ Union Award in 2000.

“Elif افafak” followed the writing of his books and is known as one of the most successful writers in Turkey.
He wrote the novel “The Bastard of Istanbul” in 2006 and was accused of insulting Turkey;

Because this author refers to the Armenian genocide in this book.

Elif افafak won the British Women’s Fiction Prize in 2008 for this book.

“Nation of Love” is one of the most famous works of this author, which reached its peak of fame and popularity among Iranian singers after its publication.

The book was published in both Turkish and English in 2010 and became the best-selling book in Turkish history.
In this work, “Alif Shafak” has depicted a mystical atmosphere and in it narrates the circumstances and life of Shams and Rumi.

The author was nominated for the Dublin International MPEC Award, one of the most expensive awards in the world, for his style and depth of meaning.

Elif افafak wrote other books after this work, which were also bestsellers and honors.

He published The Black Lion in 2011, which is a fusion of story and reality. This work is about how long this author lived in Istanbul.

In the same year, the author also published the book “My Mother Died Twice”, which brought several honors to “Elif افafak”.
The novel was nominated for the 2012 Asian Literature Prize, won the 2013 Women’s Story, and was nominated for the 2013 MPEC International Dublin Prize.

This work has also been translated into Persian under the name of “Alexander” because one of the main characters in this story is “Alexander”.

The book “Three Daughters of Eve” is one of the latest works of this author, which was published in 2016. This book, like other works by this author, shows the contradictions between the lives of the West and the East between the life stories of three girls.

“Elif افafak” is an honorable writer who was able to win the prestigious French artistic and literary award.
He received the Best Foreign Language Story Award from the United Kingdom in 2005 and 2007, and the Turkish Writers and Journalists Foundation Award in 2009.

The Happiness of the Moblonds is a different work from this author, in which the happiness of the Moblonds and the colored eyes are examined, and Elif افafak analyzes the identity and authenticity of the West and the East.

“Forty Laws of Love” is another book by this author, which is a romantic and mystical narrative that is defined by several narrators.

This story changes the angle of view and examines the soil, water, wind and fire by eighteen narrators, including “Rumi” and “Shams”.

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