the fifth agreement


Title: Fifth Covenant

Author: Miguel Ruiz

Translator: Shahin Riahi

Publisher: Bubble

Subject: The way of life / doubt and faith / Toltec philosophy

Age category: Adult

Number of pages: 144

Language: Farsi



the fifth agreement: a practical guide to self-mastery from Don Miguel Ruiz’s Indian beliefs and are a simplification of the Toltec Indians’ teachings.

Introducing the book of the fifth covenant by Don Miguel Ruiz
Don Miguel Ruiz wrote the book of the Fifth Covenant in continuation of the best-selling book of the Fourth Covenant. Four Covenants was on the bestseller list for eight years after its publication.

About the book of the fifth covenant or the fifth covenant
This book is supposed to break the beliefs formed from childhood inside you. This book will help you find your true self beyond any religion. By following the instructions in this book, you can put aside the erroneous traditions formed within you without any fear and make a change in yourself.

Don Miguel Ruiz himself has said about this book:

The principles in The Four Covenants speak to the hearts of all, young and old. Now is the time to give another gift. The fifth covenant was not in my first book because at that time the first four covenants were enough for the challenge. Of course, the fifth covenant is made up of words, but its meaning and intention are beyond words.

To whom do we recommend the book of the fifth covenant?
We invite those who are interested in success and self-help books to listen to this book

About the book of the fifth agreement: a practical guide to self-mastery
The Fifth Covenant is Toltec’s highest lesson because it prepares us to return to what we really are: true messengers. Every time we speak, we send a message, and if we do not communicate the truth during this conversation, it is because we do not know what we really are. The first four covenants help to achieve the self-awareness that we are.

Those covenants helped us to be aware of the power of our words, but the main purpose of the fifth covenant is because it takes us beyond symbolism and holds us accountable for every word we use. The Fifth Covenant helps us to realize the power of the ideas we place in symbols. When we go beyond symbols, our power will become incredible, because this is the power of the artist creator, the power of life and, in fact, our true self.

Be skeptical, but learn how to listen, the covenant you must make to live in a world full of false symbols so that you can walk in the path of absolute truth and not fall victim. Like a true warrior, you must be able to break the power of symbols by using the previous four covenants and create your true dream.
Have a word without error, but always be skeptical while listening until you find the absolute truth and become a master in this path. Infinite existence is everywhere, but if you are in the dark you can not see what is there. You do not see it because you see your knowledge. You dream of creatures, and your knowledge can not explain what is happening in your life.

This is where you feel threatened. What you know is what you feel insecure about. But there will come a time when you will realize that knowledge is nothing but a description of a dream. Humans have been trying for thousands of years to understand the world, nature and human nature. It is amazing that people are working all over the world, in different places and with different cultures that exist on this beautiful planet.

Humans make great efforts to understand this issue, but they also make many assumptions. As artists, we distort the truth and create the most astonishing ideas. We create the strangest philosophies and religions and make up stories and superstitions about everything, including ourselves. This is exactly the point: we create them ourselves.

Book Review of the Fifth Covenant
“From the moment you are born, you send a message to the world. What is that message? That’s your message, baby. This is the presence of an angel, a message of infinity in the human body. Infinite, absolute power, creates a plan just for you and what you need to be who you are meant to be. You are born, you grow up, you choose a mate, you grow old, and in the end you go back to infinity.

Every cell of your body is a world in itself; “It’s smart, it’s perfect, and it’s programmed to be what it is.” These are the sentences with which the book of the fifth covenant begins. Don Miguel Ruiz, author of the famous book The Four Covenants, has written another book that guides man toward wisdom.

‌About the book The Fifth Covenant by Don Miguel Ruiz
The book of the fifth treaty with the main title “the fifth agreement: a practical guide to self-mastery” was published in 2009. This book is a continuation of the four covenants that have been on the New York Times bestseller list for seven years. In the Four Covenants, Don Miguel Ruiz encourages man to let go of things that have limited him and caused him to distance himself from his true self. In the four covenants of freedom, he promises love and happiness to the audience. Now in the Fifth Covenant, Miguel Ruiz offers a new covenant that makes life his personal paradise.

An overview of the chapters of the book of the fifth covenant
The Book of the Fifth Covenant is a book that is written in two main sections and deals with the Covenants throughout the book. The titles of the different sections of the book are as follows:


Introduction by the author
Part One: The Power of Symbols
Symbols and covenants – the art of human beings
First Covenant: Be error-free in your words
Second Covenant: Do not take anything with you
Covenant 3: Do not make assumptions baseless
The Power of Belief – The Symbol of Santa Claus
Covenant 4: Always do your best
Part II: The Force of Confirmation
Covenant 5: Be skeptical, but learn to listen
The dream of the first attention of the victims
The dream of the second attention of the warriors
The dream of the third attention of the masters
A new perspective
What kind of message are you?
Concluding remarks
دAbout Don Miguel Ruiz, author of The Fifth Covenant
Don Miguel یزngel Ruiz Macías was born in 1972 in Mexico. He was the thirteenth child in his family. Don Miguel and one of his brothers entered medical school, and he worked as a physician and surgeon for several years. Eventually a fatal car accident changed his life, and Don Miguel paid close attention to moral education.

He studied as a shaman’s student. Miguel Ruiz combined ancient teachings with moral issues to provide guidance for mankind today. He also uses the ancient Mexican culture known as the Toltec culture in his works.
Don Miguel Ruiz became one of the most famous writers in the field of spirituality in 1997 with the publication of the Four Covenants. He has other works in his repertoire, among which we can mention the books “Circle of Fire”, “Mastery of Love”, “Voice of Knowledge” and “Toltec Art in Death and Life”.

Translation of the book of the fifth agreement: a practical guide to self-mastery into Persian
The book of the Fifth Covenant in Iran, like in other parts of the world, has attracted attention. Various translations of this work are available in the Iranian book market. Tahereh Bahadoran has translated this book into Persian called “The Fifth Covenant” for Paul Publications. Liusa Publications has also published the book of the Fifth Covenant translated by Dr. Farzam Habibi Esfahani and made it available to those interested.

Why should I read the book of the fifth covenant?
The book of the fifth covenant is an attractive book. This book completes the four covenants of these covenants. In the Fifth Covenant, Don Miguel Ruiz speaks of acceptance. He knows the way to happiness in accepting our true selves and the real selves of others. This book has a very beautiful feeling and it is a very good book for the moments when you want to get away from the daily life of today.

The book of the fifth covenant is in the category of books of the way of life.

The book of the fifth covenant is suitable for the adult age group.

The number of pages of the printed version of the book is 168 pages, which by reading it for 20 minutes a day, you can read this book in 8 days.
The book of the fifth covenant is small in volume and will be useful for people who do not have enough time to read long books and want to read a short book on the way of life.

What you read above was a review of Don Miguel Ruiz’s Book of the Fifth Covenant. It is possible to buy and download this work on this page. To read other books on the way of life and drawing, you can refer to the book classification section and see the books on this subject together.

بخشی In a part of the book of the fifth covenant, we read:
Your body gradually grows, your mind matures, and you begin to use symbols to send your message. Just as birds understand the language of birds and cats understand the language of cats, humans can understand each other symbolically. If you were born on an island and lived alone all the time, it might take ten years; However, you put a name to everything you saw and used that language to send the message, even if it was just you. Why are you doing this? Well, it’s easy to understand, and it’s not because humans are smart. This is because we are programmed to create a monolingual language to create complete symbolism for ourselves.

As you know, people all over the world speak and write in thousands of different languages. Humans have created all kinds of symbols to communicate not only with other human beings but more importantly with themselves. Symbols can be the sounds we make; The references we make or the signatures and signatures that are essentially graphic. For subjects, purposes, theories, music and mathematics; There are symbols; But providing sounds is the first step and means learning to use symbols in speech.
The people who have come before us have given names to almost everything, and they teach us the meaning of sounds. They called it a table and called it a chair. They also have names for everything in our minds: like mermaids and unicorns. Every word we learn is a symbol of something real or imaginary, and there are thousands of words to learn. If we observe children from one to four years old, we can see their efforts to learn a complete symbolism. This is a great endeavor that we often do not remember because our minds had not yet developed, but with repetition and practice, we finally learned to speak.

As soon as we learn to speak, the people who take care of us teach us what they know, that is, they plan us with this knowledge. The people we live with have a great deal of knowledge that encompasses all of the social, religious, and moral laws of their culture. They hook our attention, pass on information to us, and remind us to be like them. We learn how to be a man or a woman according to the social principles in which we were born. We learn how to behave properly in society, that is, how to be a good person.

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