The Alchemist


Title: Alchemist

Author: Paolo Coelho

Translator: Arash Hejazi

Publisher: Caravan

Subject: Brazilian stories

Age category: Adult

Cover: Paperback

Number of pages: 183

Language: Farsi



The Alchemist by Paolo Coelho is a very inspiring and beautiful motivational book that has a narrative and the author of a great story. This book, which has many fans all over the world, is also considered as one of the top motivational books in history. Below you can read a summary of this popular and beautiful book.

The Alchemist is one of the most inspiring and beautiful books ever written by Paolo Coelho. This Brazilian author is one of the best and most powerful novelists in the world, and his books are a favorite of many book lovers.

How does the story of the book Alchemist go?
The story of this book goes on in such a way that the reader is always full of anxiety and wants to know what will happen to the hero in the next stage of the story. Will it reach its destination or will it fail and return to where it was in the beginning with a longer leg?

The story is about a young boy named Santiago who lives in Andalusia, Spain. He lives as a shepherd. Of course, this shepherding does not mean that one is illiterate; Because before shepherding, he studied religious and divine sciences for some time, and for this reason, he is familiar with religious and non-religious books and is very interested in reading. He dreams several times that there is a treasure in the pyramids of Egypt.

In the continuation of this story, he meets an amazing old man. It is as if this old man is aware of him; Because it reveals the secret of his heart.
Santiago refers to this dream and the old man’s interpretation of it as a personal myth. In order to achieve this legend, he sells all his sheep so that he can move towards his goal with free wings.
He goes through a lot of hardships and hardships to achieve his personal goal and legend, and spends three years of his youth wandering in the deserts of the North African continent to achieve the goal he has in mind.

The story told in the book The Alchemist by Paolo Coelho shows that this young man goes twice to the edge of the abyss of death on the way to a personal legend and a goal he has set for himself.

In this way, he gains a lot of wealth for himself several times and loses them all again, but it is interesting that he is never willing to give up and forget his personal legend. He is convinced throughout the story that there is a treasure and he must find it.

In one of the parts of the story, the alchemist Santiago meets and falls in love with a young and beautiful girl. He promises her that when he realizes his personal legend and achieves his goal, he will come to the young girl again and marry her.
After this incident, he meets a famous alchemist and that alchemist guides him to the pyramids of Egypt and teaches him life lessons on the way to the pyramids.
Finally, in the final parts of this story, Santiago reaches the pyramids of Egypt and starts digging holes and pits in the same place where he thinks it is a special place for treasure. This part of the story is really exciting.

At the same time, several bandits attacked him and wounded him in the worst possible way. When the bandits wounded him, he heard a strange thing from one of them. The bandit was telling his friends that he had dreamed that a treasure had been buried in the Andaluc .a, exactly where Santiago kept his sheep.

The bandit said that he had no interest or belief in these dreams and considered them nonsense. Therefore, he does not spend his life achieving such dreams.

Santiago is overjoyed to hear this, and he heads to Andalusia, where he succeeds in realizing his own treasure or myth. Now we are going to refer to the whole story so that you can have a general acquaintance with the story of the book Alchemist:

A spatial narrative of the story of the book Alchemist
Andalusia: Santiago realizes his personal legend and decides to try to achieve it.
Tarifa: In Tarifa, he meets a gypsy and an old king, and both encourage him to pursue his dreams.
Tangier: Santiago works with a crystal merchant and meets an Englishman who wants to turn metal into gold.
Santiago falls in love with a desert lady named Fatima.

Giza: He realizes that there is no treasure in the pyramids of Egypt, the treasure is located in Andalusia.
Andalusia: Santiago is realizing his own myth.
The Alchemist is one of the best books available to young entrepreneurs. A person who is young usually has less experience of the hardships and bitterness of life, so as soon as he encounters some problems, he may decide to choose the simple and ordinary life of an employee.

Young entrepreneurs or start-ups by reading this book by Paolo Coelho realize very well that life is not always easy and purposeful and they may have to go a long way to reach the personal myth they have defined for themselves. .

The Alchemist
The Alchemist is one of the most famous and best-selling books by Brazilian author Paolo Coelho.

The Alchemist, in a style similar to Oriental tales, tells the story of a young boy named Santiago who leaves his hometown and travels to North Africa to find a treasure buried near the pyramids of Egypt. On his way, he meets a gypsy woman, a man who considers himself a king and an alchemist, and also falls in love with Fatima, the desert girl.

They all guide Santiago in his quest. Paulo Coelho has used short and meaningful sentences in this work, which in turn has made the story very beautiful and pleasant.

In this novel, the author conveys to his audience the concept that if they have an important goal in life, they should never consider it unattainable and strive for it, because the longer they continue, the more they will deserve a high result.
During his journey, Santiago experiences emotions such as longing, fear, loneliness, love and even failure, but he remains determined.
In this book, Coelho begins his imagination with a critique of everyday life, but in the end what is clear to the reader is the realization of a dream that was considered impossible.

Santiago is a symbol of all human beings who want to strive to achieve their goals, even though others find it impossible even with their imagination.

The Alchemist, published in more than 150 countries and translated into more than 52 languages, is based on one of The Thousand and One Nights and a short story called Two Dreamers by Jorge Luis Borges.

Prior to this work, Paolo Coelho had a tumultuous career, but with determination he continued to write as a full-time job. Other books published in Iran include Memoirs of a Magician, Veronica Decides to Die, The Fifth Mountain, Eleven Minutes, I Sit by the Piedra River and Cry, The Devil and Miss Prim, Zuhair, The Portbello Witch, The Valkyries, Like the River Be current, he pointed out.

In a part of the alchemist’s book, we read:
The young shepherd, disappointed, left the old woman’s house and vowed never to care about her dreams again. He also remembered that he had to do a few things during the day; Go to the grocery store and buy some groceries.

Exchange his book with a thicker book and sit on a bench in the main square of the city to try the fresh drink he had bought. Because it was a hot day and he managed to cool down a bit. The sheep were at the entrance to the city and in the stables of one of his new friends. He was acquainted with many people around him and that is why he loved traveling so much.

He always made new friends and did not need to spend all his time with them constantly. What happens to the monastery usually leads to them becoming a part of our lives.

In that case, if we do not change ourselves according to what others ask of us, they will criticize us. Because people think they know exactly how others should live. However, not all of them know how to live on their own.

Like the woman who interpreted dreams who did not know how to make them a reality. Since he was three days away from the merchant’s workshop, he decided to wait for the sun to set a little before moving with his sheep to the desert.

About Paolo Coelho
Paolo Coelho was born on August 24, 1947 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. As a teenager, Paolo wanted to be a writer; But his parents insisted that he, like his father, turn to engineering. At the age of 16, Coelho’s introversion and disobedience to tradition led to his parents sending him to a psychiatric institution. Paolo escaped from the institute three times before reaching the age of 20.

Because of his parents’s aspirations, he gave up school enrollment and his dream of becoming a writer. But a year later, he left school and lived like a hippie for a while. He traveled around the world from South America, North Africa, Mexico, and Europe, and when he returned to Brazil, he began working as a songwriter. Coelho also worked as an actor, journalist, and theater director. In 1986, on the way, he experienced a spiritual awakening, which he describes in his autobiography on pilgrimage.

Coelho then left his lucrative career as a songwriter to pursue full-time writing.

Numerous works by this Brazilian author have been published, the most important of which are the memoirs of a magician, alchemist, Breida, I sat by the river and cried, the fifth mountain, the fighters of the path of enlightenment, Veronica decides to die, eleven minutes, existence, Zuhair, The winner is alone and …. he pointed out.

Sentences from the book Alchemist
For the past two years, he had traversed all the plains and villages of Andalusia, and he knew all the cities of the region, and that was what gave meaning to his life …. the meaning of traveling.

During the meeting, he decided to explain to the girl how and why a simple, literate shepherd could read.

And explain the reason …. that he was educated in a monastery until he was sixteen years old … that his parents wanted to make him a priest, so that he would be the pride of a poor family who worked hard all his life so that, like sheep, only water And have enough food …. who had learned Latin and Spanish and religious sciences.

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