The 48 laws of power


Title: 48 Law of Power

Author: Robert Green

Translator: Saeed Akhtarizadeh

Publisher: Atisa

Subject: Power control

Age category: Adult

Cover: Paperback

Number of pages: 592 p

Language: Farsi

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The 48 laws of power is a guide for all those who want power, observe it and seek to arm themselves against it. The rules set forth in this book are all taken from prominent policymakers of 3,000 years of human history, such as Machiavelli, San Tzu, Queen Elizabeth I, Henry Kissinger, and others.

Each of the rules in this book is devoted to a chapter, and a description of that rule is given. The great depth of the topics discussed in the book is the main reason for the high volume of this book. Each of the chapters of this book is completed by giving documented examples of the application of the law proposed by individuals and the results and interpretation of the laws, and gives the reader an in-depth view of the proposed law.

In part of the book The 48 laws of power we read
Rule 10: Impression: Avoid upset and unlucky people

The misery of others may cause your death. Mental illnesses are like contagious diseases that affect you. You may feel that you are rescuing a drowning person. But you were actually accelerating your misery. Miserable people sometimes draw misery towards themselves. So they can bring misery to you too. Make friends with happy people.

Violation of the law
Marie Gilbert was born in Limerick, Ireland in 1818 and moved to Paris in the 1840s to make her future as a singer and actress. He introduced himself as Lula Montes and the Flamingo dancer from Spain. In 1845 his career slowed down and he turned to prostitution for a living and soon became one of the most successful in Paris.

Only one man was able to save Lola’s dance career; Alexandre Dujarri, owner of France’s most numerous newspaper and critic of the newspaper’s story. Lula decided to approach the man and grab him. Investigating Alexander’s habits, he discovered that he rode in the morning, and since he himself was a skilled rider, he went out for a ride one morning and saw him very “accidentally.” From that day on, they rode together every day. A few weeks later, Lola moved into Alexander’s house!

For a while, the two were happy together. With the help of the duo, Lola revived her dancing career. Despite ruining his social reputation, Dujarri told his friends that he would marry Lula in the spring (but Lula had never told Alexander that she had run away to marry an English man at the age of 19 and was still legally married). Although Dojariyeh was really in love, his life fell into disrepair.
His career prospects changed and his influential friends shunned him. On a double night, he was invited to a party attended by wealthy young men from Paris. Lula wanted to go with him, but he would not let her. They argued for the first time and then went to a party twice. He drank too much there and insulted one of the influential critics;

Maybe the reason for the insult was the criticism he wrote about Lola! The next morning, the critic invited Alexander to a duel. He was one of the best shooters in France. He tried to apologize twice. But the battle took place and he was shot twice by Biovalon. Thus ended the life of one of the promising young people of Paris. After this destruction, Lula left Paris.

راAbout Robert Green and Just Alfarez, author of 48 Laws of Power
Robert Green was born in 1959. He is an American author and speaker best known for his books on strategy, power, and deception. Green has four books that have become bestsellers internationally. These books are: The Art of Deception, 33 Strategies of War, The Fifty Century Law (Fiftieth Law), and the forthcoming book, The 48 Laws of Power.

Greene admits to more than 80 other jobs and careers before he began writing. The 48 Laws of Power is the first book to be published by Robert Green and has received a great deal of international acclaim.

Translation of the book 48 Laws of Power into Persian
Hormozd Publications has published the book 48 Laws of Power translated by Farnaz Kamyar and made it available to those who are interested. This book was first published in 2015 by Hormozd Publishing.

Why read Book 48 of the Law of Power?
Book 48 The Law of Power has a theme and content that many other books on the psychology of success have tried to move around. But 48 Laws of Power is not a yellow book without content, as its name may confuse the audience. 48 The laws of power are deep, and the foundations of the laws presented in this book are strong and the result of many experiences or important narratives of influential people in human history. Book 48 The Law of Power is a serious and real book that is recommended to all true seekers of success.

Book 48 The Law of Power is in the category of psychology books.
Book 48 Laws of Power is suitable for the adult age group.
The number of pages of the printed version of the book is 851 pages, which by reading it for 20 minutes a day, you can read this book in 42 days.
Book 48 The Law of Power is one of the longest-running books on the psychology of progress. This book is a good choice for people who have more time to study and want to spend more time studying psychology.
In part 48 of the Law of Power, we read:
The hunters chased the snake. The snake asked the farmer to save his life. The farmer squatted to hide the snake and allowed the snake to enter his belly, but when the danger was removed and the farmer asked the snake to come out, the snake refused because it was warm and safe inside the farmer’s belly.

On the way home, the farmer saw a fish-eating chicken and went to him and told him the story. The fish-eater told him to squat and push himself to get the snake out. When the snake pulled out its head, the fish-eater caught it and pulled it out and killed it.

The farmer was afraid that snake venom was still in his body. The fish-eating chicken also told him that to cure the snake venom, you should eat six white birds. The farmer said to himself that this fish-eating chicken is also a white bird, so I will start with myself.
He quickly grabbed the fish-eater, threw it into the bag, took it home, and hung it on the wall. “I’m surprised,” he said as he told his wife. “The bird has loved you and freed you from the enemy you had in your belly. Now you have trapped him and are talking about killing him?” He immediately released the fish-eating chicken, and the fish-eater flew away, but he also took the farmer’s wife’s eyes out of the bowl with his beak and took them with him.

Index of the book The 48 laws of power
Rule 1: Never shine brighter than your bosses
Rule 2: Never trust your friends too much and learn to take advantage of your enemies
Rule 3: Hide your intentions
Rule 4: Always talk less than necessary
Rule 5: Reputation plays an important role in success, keep it with your teeth
Rule 6: Get everyone’s attention no matter what
Rule 1: Get help from others and advance your goal but finish it in your own name
Rule 8: Attract others and use them as bait if you need to
Rule 1: Never show off your victory by arguing, but show it by action
Rule 10: Infection Infection: Avoid people who have a sore knee and are unlucky.
Rule 11: Make others dependent on you
Rule 12: Use honesty and selective generosity to disarm your victim
Rule 13: When you ask for help from someone, emphasize the benefits that come from that help and do not care too much about their gratitude and kindness.
Rule 14: Pretend to be a friend but act like a spy
Rule 15: Defeat your enemy
Rule 16: Use your absence to increase self-esteem and self-esteem
Rule 17: Keep others in doubt and fear and create an unpredictable atmosphere
Rule 18: You do not need a wall to take care of yourself. Isolation is dangerous
Rule 19: Know your opponent or enemy and do not mistakenly disturb another person
Rule 20: Do not commit to anyone
Rule 21: Be stupid to deceive stupid people
Rule 22: Use the surrender tactic: turn weakness into strength
Rule 23: Concentrate all your energy
Rule 24: Behave like a courtier
Rule 25: Re-create yourself
Rule 26: Do not contaminate your hands
Rule 27: Make the Most of the Needs and Weaknesses of Others to Follow You Reasonably and Why
Rule 28: Take bold action
Rule 29: Plan the entire route from start to finish
Rule 30: Show your achievements simply and easily
Rule 31: Control the options Get others to play the same cards of your choice
Rule 32: Play with people’s imagination
Rule 33: Find the weakness of others
Rule 34: Be bound by your style, behave royally so that you will be treated like a king
Rule 35: Time management is an art, learn it skillfully
Rule 36: Despise everything you can not get because ignoring it is the best revenge
Rule 37: Have a full show
Rule 38: Think whatever you like, but act like others
Rule 39: Catch fish in muddy water
Rule 40: Do not accept free lunch
Rule 41: Do not put your foot in the shoes of adults
Rule 42: Frighten the shepherd so that the sheep may flee
Rule 43: Conquer people’s hearts and minds
Rule 44: Disarm and anger others using the mirror effect
Rule 45: Talk about the need for change, but do not make a sudden change all at once
Rule 46: You never looked so perfect
Rule 47: Do not go beyond the goal you have set and learn where to brake
Rule 48: Do not limit yourself to any form or format

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