Choice theory


Title: Choice Theory

Author: William Glasser

Translator: Mehrdad Firoozbakht

Publisher: Forbidden

Subject: Psychology / Selection

Age category: Adult

Cover: Paperback

Number of pages: 432 p

Language: Farsi



William Glasser’s Choice Theory, although not his first book

But it is undoubtedly his most important book.

The book, which has been published since its first publication in 1998, has also attracted the attention of those interested in psychology and improving the quality of personal life.

William Glasser is a psychiatrist who has moved away from conventional psychiatric frameworks.

He insists that the solution to many of our problems as human beings lies in correcting our behaviors and choices, not in the use of chemical drugs.

Learn more about the author of Choice Theory:
William Glasser (May 11, 1925 – August 23, 2013)

He was a psychiatrist from the United States. Glaser Expand W. Edwards Deming’s views on reality therapy and choice theory.

Glaser innovations in personal counseling in the workplace and school take into account personal choice and responsibility and personality change.

Glaser was opposed to the common principles and rules among psychiatrists that instead of focusing on the classification of mental syndromes; As a mental disorder, they immediately prescribed medication to the person.

Summary of William Glasser’s Theory of Selection
The operational premise of External Control Psychology is:

Punish people who do the wrong thing, to do what you think is right.

Then reward them for maintaining a new behavior.

This is the predominant mental pattern of most people on this planet

This book is about the importance of good relationships. In this book, I want to say that besides illness, poverty and old age, other important human problems such as violence, delinquency, child abuse, spouse abuse, alcohol and drug addiction, premature sex and love-free and unhappy Emotions are the result of unsatisfactory relationships.
The whole book is a statement of this and shows a better way to get along with each other. I focus on four types of relationships that all need to be improved. These four relationships are the couple relationship, the parent-child relationship, the teacher-student relationship, and the principal-employee relationship. In my opinion, if we do not improve these relations, we will not have much success in reducing the mentioned problems. At first, I found such a claim to be a brazen claim, but before this book was published, I had new research that suggested that adolescents rely on parent-child and teacher-teacher relationships to avoid self-destructive behaviors. They need a good student, they confirmed …

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