No, listen and get rich


Title: No, listen and get rich; Yes it is a goal and not a ladder

Authors: Richard Fenton; Andrea Waltz

Translator: Giova Publications

Publisher: Giwa

Subject: Success

Age category: Adult

Number of pages: 96

Language: Farsi

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Introducing the book No listen and Get Rich by Richard Fenton and Andrea Waltz
The book Hear Not and Get Rich by Richard Fenton and Andrea Waltz will tell a fictional story about four memorable days in the life of Eric James Bratton. A person who is a wonderful husband, an amazing brother and a simple copier seller.

Do not listen to the book and get rich: yes it is a goal and what is the ladder to achieve it?

What happens if you can go to the future and speak to yourself smarter and braver? This is an opportunity for Eric James Bratton, the main character of this story, to make a fundamental change in his life. Undoubtedly, the book Do Not Hear and Get Rich, despite its small size, will have a tremendous impact on your life and decisions.

In this story, Richard Fenton introduces you to the thoughts of a person named Eric, using two different perspectives, and shows the world of someone who just wants to hear “yes” with the world of someone who wants to hear “no”. He knows “yes” to how different it is.
The first character in Go For No !: Yes is the destination, no is how you get there, is a salesman, but this story is not only useful for salespeople. This book will definitely be useful for all those who need to answer “no”; An author who is looking for a publisher, an entrepreneur who is looking for a safe investment, or even a parent who is trying to persuade their child to eat and …

In other words, this book is useful for all those who want to get rid of the obstacles they have created with their own hands and to achieve all that life has to offer.

Listen to some comments about No Book and Get Rich:
– If you decide to read only one other book in your whole life, be sure to read this book as the last book. You will definitely be amazed at the effect.

– It seems that reading this book is necessary not only for sellers, but for all people seeking success.

In a part of the book, Do Not Hear and Get Rich, we read:
“What are you doing here, Eric?” Said Tuesday morning as I walked from my desk to my office.

I showed him the large amount of paper I was holding and said, “What do you think I’m doing?” As usual, I’m doing backlogs. You know, Karen, ten percent of sales are for potential customers, and ninety percent are for paperwork. More paperwork equals more sales. “That is why one regrets one’s work!”

He pointed to the large office in the corner of the room and said with a smile, “Beware, Frank, don’t be fooled!”
Frank White was the sales assistant and should not be underestimated. He was a hard-working, ambitious and extremely determined man who could empty the heart at a glance. There was a small tablet on the edge of his desk with his favorite slogan engraved on it so that all members of the sales team could read it.

“Either set a sales record for yourself or close Bart and get out of here.” This simple, expressive, and daunting sentence was, in most cases, instructive. I’m so scared of this slogan that I do not want to remember the last time I failed to reach the quorum. The company had other executives who often encouraged employees with bonuses to increase their success, but Frank never did. He used punishment and reprimand to persuade sellers.

Index of the book
Introduction to Translators
Note by Behnam Bostan
Small, but big
Authors’ notes
Chapter One: A Great Start
Chapter Two: Dealing with Backlogs
Chapter 3: That’s why I work in sales
Chapter 4: Strawberry Joey
Chapter Five: What’s up here?
Chapter 6: You do not look very good!
Chapter 7: Another “I”
Chapter 8: Looking in the Mirror
Chapter 9: Elaine
Chapter Ten: Rainwater Restaurant
Chapter 11: How did you find out that customer was not buying anything else?
Chapter Twelve: The Plan of Success and Failure
Chapter 13: Where our paths diverged
Chapter Fourteen: An Invitation I Could Not Reject
Chapter 15: A Time to Think
Chapter Sixteen: The Pilot Speaks
Chapter Seventeen: Learn to Hear “No”
Chapter 18: The World’s Most Powerful Word
Chapter 19: Setting a Goal Based on Hearing “No”
Chapter 20: When you fall on the rails, the wind blows you away
Chapter Twenty-one: Next!
Chapter Twenty-two: Morning at the Beach
Chapter Twenty-Three: You do not intend to buy insurance; it’s true?
Chapter Twenty-Four: “No” does not mean “never”!
Chapter Twenty-Five: A Delicious Bite
Chapter Twenty-six: Failure, Behind Failure
Chapter Twenty-seven: Valuing Success and Failure
Chapter Twenty-eight: In One
Chapter Twenty-Nine: Finally, I opened my eyes
Six months later …

Do not listen to the book and get rich
Perhaps in the first place, the idea that we will succeed by hearing “no” or that we plan based on hearing “no” is too far-fetched. Many people may see it as moving in the opposite direction of success, because they see success as moving in the “yes” direction.

Surely by reading this valuable book and meditating on its contents, you will find that its authors never consider “no” as the goal of the sales process, but rather seek to teach us that “no” is not the goal, but the path. It is to reach the goal, and since in order to reach any goal, one must plan for that path and be prepared to move in it, then one must inevitably face the “no’s” and plan to pass it. We have all heard and known that defeat is the bridge to victory, but knowing this alone will not help us.

We must deeply believe that in order to achieve victory, we must cross the path of defeat. Of course, considering that failure, or in other words, hearing “no”, is not a destination and a place, but a passage;
A passage that, no doubt, must be crossed and crossed in order to succeed. Edison tried thousands of times to invent the light bulb and failed, until he was finally able to invent the light bulb. Do you think that someone else did not try to invent the lamp at that time? But why did Edison get the credit for this great invention? Because he accepted defeat as the way to success.

If not, after a few failures, you will give up and the honor of this invention will go to someone else. In the words of world basketball legend Michael Jordan: “I have failed many times in my life and that is why I have succeeded.” Accepting “no” is part of the process of finding customers who say “yes” to us.

What if you are given a container containing 9 white beads and one black bead and asked to take out the black bead and look for a prize without looking inside the container or turning it over? Be sure to remove the beads one by one to get the black bead.
If the first 5 nuts are white, will you stop working and get frustrated? Never, even if the black bead is the last bead that comes out of the container, you will still try 10 times, because you know that after 9 defeats, you will surely win the tenth attempt and take out the black bead.

This is exactly the attitude that the authors of this book are trying to convey to us about hearing “no” and its importance in achieving success. Fourth Wave Educational Complex and Giova Publications recommend reading this valuable book to all those involved in the sales industry, especially insurance industry representatives and network marketing activists. Undoubtedly, reading and reflecting on the contents of this book will be a leap towards more and better sales.

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