My Grandmother Asked Me to Tell You She’s Sorry


Title: Grandmother greets and says she’m sorry

Author: Frederick Beckman

Translator: Zahra Sadeghi

Publisher: Nik Farjam

Subject: Swedish stories

Age category: Adult

Number of pages: 391

Language: Farsi

Categories: ,


My Grandmother Asked Me to Tell You She’s Sorry Frederick Beckman’s writing was about an emotional relationship between a grandchild and a grandmother who was rejected by other members of the community and family because they were different.

Introducing Grandma’s book, she greeted him and said she was sorry
This time, the main character in the story is Fredrik Backman, a 7-year-old girl named Elsa, who is different from her peers, and this difference makes her classmates harass her and she has no friends other than her grandmother, who is 77 years old. These grandchildren and great-grandparents have a strong emotional connection.

These two create their own imaginary worlds and protect each other with this imaginary world. Everything looks good and beautiful until one day Elsa’s grandmother dies and Elsa is upset and angry about her grandmother leaving, but her grandmother leaves letters to Elsa like a loyal friend and takes her granddaughter into new adventures in real life.

Why should we read the grandmother’s novel and say she is sorry?
All the characters in Frederick Beckman’s stories are strange and at the same time lovable, and this can be considered a common feature of all his works. Just as in the memorable novel “A Man Named Ove” the reader connects with Ove’s strange character, in this book the same thing happens to Elsa and her grandmother, and this feeling of closeness draws you to the end of the story.

My Grandmother Asked Me to Tell You She’s Sorry was published in 2015 and was included in the New York Times bestseller list and was nominated for Bestreads.

Who is Frederick Beckman?
Beckman was born in 1981 in Sweden. His first novel, A Man Named Ove, was published in 2012 and was very well received. “Grandmother Greets and Says Sorry” is also the second novel by the famous author who was able to replicate the success of Beckman’s first work.

His other works include “And I Love You”, “Bear City”, “Everything My Little Boy Needs to Know About the World”, “Every Morning the Road Goes Farther and Farther” and so on.

The selected sentences of the grandmother’s book greeted and said she was sorry:
– The special thing about grandmothers’ house is that you will never forget the smell.
Every seven-year-old should have a superhero. That’s what it is.
– I’m sorry I had to die. I’m sorry that people. I’m sorry I got old. I’m sorry I left you alone, I’m sorry for this damn cancer. I am sorry that sometimes I was more miserable than other times.
In a part of the book, the grandmother greeted him and said that she was sorry, we read:
Grandmother told him the sad story of the sea angel, and the story of two princes who were both in love with Princess Maploris and fought over her love. It also tells the story of a prince who fell with a sorcerer who had stolen the most valuable treasure of the semi-awake land, and the warriors of Mibatalus and the dancers of Mimovas and the dream hunters in Mirvas.

How much they had all clashed together and quarreled in the head, until the day when the “chosen one” escaped from the land of Mimovas from the shadows that tried to kidnap him. Grandmother told the story of the cloud animals who were taken to Miami, and the inhabitants of the semi-awake land finally realized that there was something more important to fight.

When the shadows assembled their army to capture the chosen one by force, all the inhabitants of the semi-awake land united against the shadows.
Even when the seemingly endless war seemed to end in no way except by conceding defeat, and even when the territory of Mibatalus fell and was razed to the ground, under no circumstances did the inhabitants of the other territories surrender or give up the fight, knowing that if the shadows The whole world music is destroyed, and the power of imagination dies in the land of semi-awakening.

Then nothing will be different from anything. All myths derive their existence from differences. “Only different people can change the world,” Grandma always said. “Ordinary people do not offer to change anything.” Then he talks about the wars. Elsa should have found out much sooner. You have to understand everything from the beginning.

Grandmother’s book greeted her and said she was sorry
The grandmother is the person to whom the childhood memories of most of us are tied; From family reunions to stories that make us sleep the night before and introduce us to the magical world of fairy tales rather than everlasting love.

The joy of a grandmother’s presence is so sweet for some people that the grandmother becomes the hero of their life and after her death one can still feel her presence in life.
Frederick Beckmann greeted his grandmother in the book and said he was sorry to tell a story of a different grandmother and granddaughter.

Summary The story greeted the grandmother and said she was sorry
Elsa is a 7-year-old girl who behaves strangely and differently. He understands more than his age and that is why his classmates at school harass him. Elsa’s only friend is her 77-year-old grandmother.

Grandmother of the hero of Alsast. A woman who is unusual and different from people. At night, the grandmother reads fairy tales to Elsa and takes her to the world of fairy tales, a world in which none of her characters are as ordinary as Elsa and her grandmother.
On the day her grandmother dies, Elsa finds herself alone and angry that her grandmother has left her alone.

My Grandmother Asked Me to Tell You She’s Sorry
The grandmother’s fascinating novel greeted her and said she was sorry that the second book by the famous Swedish author Frederic Beckmann was the author of the novel “A Man Named Oh”. Beckman hailed Grandma’s long novel and said she was sorry she published it in 2015. This time too, the Swedish author managed to present a best-selling and lovable book to his fans by creating a beautiful and intimate story.

The story of the protagonist is a 7-year-old girl, but the audience does not have a specific age range, and it is interesting to read her story without age restrictions. The story of Grandma and Elsa is an important narrator; Every human being has the right to be different.
The grandmother greeted the book and said she was sorry it was written in 34 chapters. The book became one of the best-selling books in the Scandinavian region after its publication, and in the same year it was included in the list of nominees for the best book of the famous Goodreads reading website. Grandmother greets and says she is sorry, it’s one of the New York Times bestsellers in the United States.

Frederick Beckman’s writing style
One of the hallmarks of Beckmann’s books, especially his three long-running novels, A Man Named Oh, Brittany Was Here, and Grandmother Saying Sorry, is the intimate tone and atmosphere of the stories.

Although the story of none of these books is similar to the other, the existence of different, gloomy and even regular people in his stories are common. A noteworthy point in these characters is the reader’s knowledge and interest throughout the story in the inner features of these characters.

Beckman characters may be different in appearance, but they have a kind heart that makes the reader feel positive, so that they can be identified with them over time. The character of “Oh” in the novel “A Man Named Oh”, the character of “Britmari” in the novel “Britmari was here” and the character of the grandmother in the novel “Grandmother greets and says sorry” have this in common that the reader is fascinated by them after a long time. Be.
In his novels, Frederick Beckman combines the bitterness and problems of life, such as lack of love and loneliness, with subtlety in a sweet atmosphere with traces of humor and kindness, so that the reader is finally confronted with a unique work. He chose the language of humor to show his critical view of society in the context of his stories. Friendship, kindness, helping others, and even caring for the elderly are common themes in most of Beckman’s works.

The difference in grandmother’s story style greeted her and said she was sorry to be with Beckman’s other stories creating a fantasy atmosphere alongside reality. In this novel, the reader sees that Elsa is introduced to interesting facts about the story of kings and fairies, which eventually invites her to know more about her grandmother.

Criticism of the characters in the grandmother’s story greeted and said she was sorry
Beckmann greets Grandma’s story and begins with a saying from Elsa: “Every seven-year-old should have a superhero.” “That’s what it is.” From the very beginning, the third-person writer (omniscient) introduces the audience through the lens of his camera into an atmosphere of the world of a little girl, a girl who has a superhero for herself and is dependent on her.

The author then introduces the character of Elsa and the grandmother to the reader and introduces some of their characteristics, characteristics that have led others to call them “very happy” or “very happy”.
According to these definitions, we notice the presence of two different characters from others in this story. Characters who are the main focus of Beckman’s story and whose gender is similar to his other stories, but this time he has added a 7-year-old girl to the story.

Elsa’s character is a combination of creative imagination and thinking. She is a reading girl who constantly reads on Wikipedia and corrects people’s grammatical mistakes, and this makes others angry.
Elsa is ahead of her peers, unlike most of her tech-savvy girls these days, and we see Beckman creating a character who spends most of her time with her grandmother. Elsa speaks plainly about things that make her happy or sad.

The grandmother, who is Elsa’s heroine, is a unique old woman who tells legends to Elsa and takes her to a different world. The character of the grandmother in this story, unlike the character of Elsa’s mother, is a woman without law and order. By creating the grandmother character and her relationship with her little granddaughter, Beckman not only speaks of empathy and kindness between them, but also tells the reader that one should not be afraid to be different.

The grandmother’s character in this novel is a different character from her peers in society. An old woman who is also present in her granddaughter’s life after her death, and with her strange will, Elsa gets to know her neighbors and neighbors in a tortuous adventure.

One of the interesting points in this book is the character of “Britmari”, the grandmother’s neighbor. Britmari, who is the main character in Beckman’s next novel, “Britmari was here,” is in the novel.

Frederick Beckman is a popular Swedish writer
Karl Fredrick Beckman (1981) is a Swedish writer and blogger. Beckman started writing blogging. At a time when there was no news of the popular and best-selling novel “A Man Called Oh,” Beckman wrote articles for various newspapers and websites, and began his first collaboration with Metro Magazine. But since 2012, Beckman broke the boundaries of fame with the publication of his first book, A Man Named Oh, and has become one of Sweden and the world’s most well-known authors.

“Motherberg Greets and Says Sorry” was Beckmann’s second novel, published in 2015, and made Beckman’s audience more eager for his next work. This book, like the author’s previous work, became a bestseller and was published in several languages ​​around the world.
“The novel is full of love, hope and acceptance of differences,” Libre Journal said of Motherberg’s book, saying she was sorry. “Its sweetness will stay with you for a long time.”

A year later, Beckman published “Brittany Was Here,” a story whose main character bore similarities to “Oh” in the novel “A Man Named Oh.”

The translation of the grandmother’s book greeted her and said she was sorry
Nun Publishing first introduced Persian-speakers with the publication of Frederick Beckman’s book “A Man Named Oh”. In 2017, Nun Publishing once again greeted his grandmother with the publication of his book and said that he was sorry to draw Beckman’s Iranian audience to bookstores. “Niloufar Khoshozban” has translated this work into Persian and has been able to convey Beckman’s language and tone well.

In a part of the book, the grandmother greeted him and said, “Sorry, we are reading.”
The special thing about grandmothers’ house is that you will never forget the smell. All in all, it is a simple building. It has four floors, not an apartment, and the whole building smells like Grandma.

The story of the grandmother’s book greeted her and said she was sorry

The story of this book is about Elsa, a seven-year-old girl who is different from all other seven-year-olds.
The elders around him believe that he “will grow up as a seven-year-old.” Elsa knows that the elders mean that “she is very nervous as a seven-year-old.”

The book is also about a seventy-seven-year-old grandmother who is different from the rest. Elsa is very upset and Grandma is very happy.

In general, this book is the story of the adventures of Grandma and Elsa, who protect each other in any case. These two people have their own world.

The grandmother then dies, but before her death she gives Elsa responsibilities that are consistent with the legends her grandmother told Elsa, and…

About the book
The main characters of this book are a 7-year-old girl and a 77-year-old grandmother. What these two characters have in common is that they are both different and have a strong imagination.

It is an adventurous book that is narrated in simple language and sometimes in children’s language. But this book is not for 7-year-olds or 77-year-olds, this book can be read and communicated by anyone. Because there are issues in the book that really have room for thought.

But the book also has many fictional parts that not everyone may like.

Excerpts from the text of the grandmother’s book greeted and said she was sorry
Grandma says Elsa should not pay attention to what these idiots say, because great people are always different: see superheroes. If supernatural forces were commonplace, all people would have access to them.

“Don’t tell me, okay, Dad!” “It was you who threw the PP to the police.”
“Do not be so hard and port. You became your mother. “Do you have a lighter?”
“I’m only seven years old!”
“How long do you want to excuse your seven years?”
“Until he is seven years old.”

Elsa is a child who learned very early on that if she wants to progress in life and get somewhere, she has to choose the soundtrack for her life.
When you have a grandmother, it is as if you have an army behind you. This is the greatest privilege of a grandchild: to know that someone is always by your side, no matter what happens. Even when you make a mistake. In fact, especially when you make a mistake.
A grandmother plays both a sword and a shield. When it is said at school that Elsa is “different”, as if being different means being bad, or when Elsa comes home from school with a bruised body and the principal says “she must learn to be the same color”, Grandma is behind her at times like this.

Elsa loves Halloween: Because it’s normal to be different on Halloween.
Only real-world pretentious people who know nothing better can say such a silly phrase that “it was just a nightmare.” There is no “just” nightmare; Nightmares are living beings, small black clouds of insecurity and sadness that sneak around the house at night when everyone is asleep, trying all the doors and windows to find the entrance and cause anxiety.

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