Me talk retty one day, 1st ed


Title: Finally, one fine day I will talk

Author: David Solaris

Translator: Peyman Khaksar

Publisher: Cheshmeh

Subject: Comic Story, American Story

Age category: Adult

Cover: Paperback

Number of pages: 233 p

Language: Farsi



Me talk retty one day, 1st ed, it was released in 2000. Not a single negative review was written on the book, everyone praised it, both critics and readers liked it.

This book, I speak to you one day, finally became one of the best-selling books of 2000 in the United States.

Cedaris won the Trump Award for American Humor for the book, and was named Comedian of the Year by the Times.

Cedaris is the most popular satirist of the last 15 years in America. All of his books are bestsellers on astronomical scales.

Eight million copies of his work have been sold in the United States to date.

Of course, his most popular and best book is finally talking about a beautiful day. This book has been translated into many languages. Cedaris laughs.

In the true sense of the word. You should not expect the same from him as you did from Kafka, Faulkner and Borges.

Incidentally, in most of his satires – especially in this book – he touches the intellectual spaces and intellectuals and makes them laugh.

Cadaris received an honorary doctorate from the University of Birmingham in December 2008. He has published more than forty articles in The New Yorker Magazine.

David Raymond Sedaris (born December 26, 1956) is an American satirist, comedian, and author.
Cedaris grew up in Rally, North Carolina.

After school, he attended the University of West Carolina for a time but later went to the University of Kent.

Cedaris moved to Chicago in 1983 and graduated from the Art Institute of Chicago in 1987.

He then entered the field of writing satire for radio and other media.

David Cadaris now lives with his fiancée in the Hersham area of ​​West Sussex.

Part of the book:
The first month, when the gas, electricity and telephone bills came, he forced me to go to the office and make a list of people who owed him.

For example, I told him that a bookstore in London owed $ seventeen.

Seventeen dollars! Call them now and tell them to send me the money immediately.

I told him that calling London cost more than seventeen dollars, but it did not matter to him at all, he said that the principles of work were more important to him.

Call them before the tea goes down their throats.

I picked up the phone and pretended to be dialing.

It was impossible for me to return with a full hand, even if I wanted my own personal request, it was not possible for an Englishman to give money to anyone so easily.

I held the phone to my ear and looked at the regular gardens and houses of Valencia’s neighbors.

Servants in uniform, silver tea service entered the rooms by hand.

Men and women were sitting on chairs, staring at the walls of their houses without sunglasses.

What worried me was that I belonged to the Valencia House, and of all the houses in New York, I was here, next to the Countess barefoot.

I said London would not answer. I think today is an official holiday in the UK.

So call that bookstore in Michigan, which owes us twelve dollars and fifty cents.

Excerpts from the book I will finally have a nice day (text pleasure)
We are told every day that we are living in the best country in the world; It is always stated as an undeniable fact … America is the best country in the world.

You grow up with this belief, and when one day you realize that other countries have nationalist slogans for themselves, and none of them is “We are the second!”, You are terrified.

The last time a successful educator proposed to Amy, he stepped a little and said, “Thank you very much, but I’m not in white now.
For me, the most terrible obstacle in learning French is that every noun has a gender, and this gender affects the pronoun and the adjective.

Because the hen is female and lays eggs, she is male.

But the word masculinity is feminine. Because the French grammar so dictates, hermaphrodite is masculine and infertile is feminine.

I tried for months to discover its hidden secret, but I finally realized that reason and logic can not help me at all.

Hysteria, psychosis, torture, depression: I was told that anything unpleasant was probably female.
I was a little hopeful, but this theory also perished with masculine words like crime, toothache, and skating.

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