How to stop worrying and start living


Title: life style

Author: Dale Carnegie

Translator: Mohammad Reza Akbari

Publisher: اردیبهشت

Subject: Success, friendship

Age category: Adult

Cover: Paperback

Number of pages: 283 p

Language: Farsi

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How to stop worrying and start living  by Dale Carnegie was first published in 1948.

Although it is almost fifty years since this book was published, it is still one of the best-selling books in the field of success and a better life.

In this book, the author provides effective instructions to readers. Things that readers can do in their daily lives to eventually achieve a better life.
It is interesting to note that Dale Carnegie described how the idea for the book came to him in the introduction before the book began: “About thirty-five years ago I was one of New York City’s most frustrated young people, I had sold it.

Although I did not understand the mechanics of this vehicle and also my driving was not very good, but I was very eager to get it again and own it.
Because I did not have a very lucrative job, I lived in a low-rise neighborhood in a simple, humble house on 56th Street in New York City.

A house full of disgusting beetles and insects that when I went to the closet in the morning to get dressed, I first shook my clothes so that a few beetles that were by their side would escape so that I could put on my shirt and pants.

Was that life? Were these the dreams I was looking forward to? Was that my share of life on Earth? “To be with beetles in a poor house and eat rotten food and have no hope for the future?”

An overview of the chapters of the book Life style
The book of the rite of life is written in nine sections.

Part One: Facts About Concern

Part II: Basic Methods of Concern Analysis

Part 3: How to overcome anxiety before it overwhelms us.

Part 4: Seven ways to enhance happiness and peace of mind

Section Five: A Complete Way to Overcome Worry

Section 6: How not to be upset by the criticism of others

Section 7: Six ways to relieve fatigue and anxiety and increase physical and mental strength

Section 8: How do I find a job in which we will be successful and satisfied?

Section 9: How to Reduce Your Financial Concerns

دیAbout Dale Carnegie, author of The Rite of Life
Dale Carnegie was born in November 1888 in Maryville, Missouri. Born in a small town with poor families, he has been interested in human relations since he was a child.

That’s why most of his books are about human relations. He began writing in 1915 with the book The Rite of Speech.

“The Rite of Friendship” and ” Life style” are his other works that Mahnaz Behrangi has translated into Persian.

Dale Carnegie was one of the first writers to research and write about self-knowledge and improving one’s life.

“I thought about writing this book when I realized that people want to influence each other more than anything else,” Carnegie says of the book The Rite of Friendship.

Since no book had been written on the subject of friendship until then, Carnegie decided to write his first book on how to influence others and how to influence others.

“There’s only one way you can change the behavior of others, and that is to change the way you look at them,” says Dale Carnegie.

“Our doubts and fears, and the lack of a good source for learning, limit us,” he said. For this reason, he formed his first educational circle.

In this forum, he spoke about topics such as fear of lecturing, fear of communication, and so on.

In 1954, he founded Dale Carnegie & Partners; An institution that has held thousands of classes and courses on self-knowledge and leadership.

The Dale Carnegie Institution has more than 2,700 students who teach at more than 85 countries.

Translation of the book Rite of Life into Persian
Shabgir Publications has published the book Rite of Life translated by Mahnaz Behrangi and made it available to those who are interested.

Religion of Life is one of the four titles of books translated by Mahnaz Behrangi from Dale Carnegie.

Mahnaz Behrangi’s main field of activity is books on psychology and self-knowledge.

He has translated The Marriage Rite, The Dating Rite, and The Lecture Rite by Dale Carnegie, and The Martian Men, The Venusian Rule by John Gray.

The book of the rite of life is in the category of books of success.

The Rite of Life book is suitable for the adult age group.

The number of pages of the printed version of the book is 316 pages, which you can read in 16 days by reading it for 20 minutes a day.

‌ In a part of the book, we read the ritual of life
“Each of you is a larger collection than an ocean-going ship built for long voyages,” Cyril Asler used the experience to address the students that day.

My request to you is to adjust and take control of your life ship so that you can separate yesterday and today and do not interfere in tomorrow’s work for no reason so that you can move forward with confidence in this long journey of life. Go and overcome the endless waves of time.

You should always be able to close the iron door on yesterday at different stages of your life, because yesterday no longer exists, and close the iron curtain on future doors and do not try to look at tomorrow from its corners, because tomorrow has not come yet.
So just look at today and focus on it and do your best to spend today in the best way and with confidence.

He believed that the past should be forgotten like a lifeless body because sighing and longing for the past, in addition to wasting our precious time, also has a bitter effect on our spirit.

Also, if we add the problems and worries of the future to today’s issues, we will no longer be able to overcome the great mountain of difficulties.
Few can resist this destructive monster and not be defeated.

In general, focusing on past failures and visualizing a vague and anxious future blocks the way to enjoy today.

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