Me Before You


Title: Me Before You

Author: Jojo Moyes

Translator: Vahid Abdulvand

Publisher: Aso

Subject: English stories

Age category: Adult

Cover: Paperback

Number of pages: 460

Language: Farsi



Me Before You

The story of this book begins with an incident that happens to Will Trainer. Will Trainer is an upper-class boy who also specializes in finance. He is an athlete, adventurer, traveler and lover who has a unique financial situation.

He is one of those people who has never had a shortage in life and has achieved everything he wanted.

The important event of the novel takes place in 2007 and the author briefly describes it.

It’s raining heavily, and Will crashes into a motorcyclist on the street after he leaves his girlfriend Lisa to do his chores.

An accident that causes damage to the 5th and 6th vertebrae of the spine and paralyzes his arms and legs.

There is a rumbling sound, Will looks at him. The unpleasant sound is a car horn. He sees a shiny black taxi in front of him. The driver lowered the car window.

In the corner of his field of vision he sees something he cannot discern well. It comes at an incredible speed.
He turns his face towards it, he immediately realizes that he is on his way and there is no way he can pull himself out of his way.

He panics, opens his hand, drops the blackberry phone and falls to the ground. He hears a scream that probably came out of his own throat.

The last thing he sees are leather gloves and a face inside a helmet. (I am before you – page 12)

After this incident, the continuation of the book is narrated from 2009. Where the character of Louisa Clark is added to the story. A 26-year-old girl who lives a very different life from Will.

Louisa is very simple, she has never boarded a plane, she has never seen the world, she wears strange clothes and lives in a poor family.

While working hard to keep her job, Louisa becomes unemployed when her boss moves to Australia and has to look for a new job. After a series of events, Lou is hired as Will’s nurse.
On the surface, his job is to do simple things, he has to help Will eat, provide him with a drink, play the movie he wants, make sure he doesn’t have any problems, and so on.

Will also has a specialist nurse and plays the role of Louisa. But in essence, Lou’s job is to prevent Will from becoming overly depressed.

What Lou has no idea to do but…

There is a lot of discussion about this novel that has reached the top editions. The main arguments are whether this book is good or yellow.

Fans, I know before you a good romance that intensely engages the emotions and ultimately surprises you.

On the other hand, there are people who consider this book a shallow novel with yellow content. Opponents of the novel find the story highly clichéd.

As an audience, I decided to read this book so that I could talk about it better, as I had never read more than a few romance novels due to these debates.

In my opinion, to talk about a book, any book should be read first. And the first thing that came to my mind after reading it before you was its popular story.

The story of the book is between a girl and a boy. A boy from the upper strata of society and a girl from the lower class. The issue itself, that is, the choice of people from the two poles of society, is quite indicative of its popularity, but does the popularity of a book make it yellow?

This novel is simple and enjoyable. It has a linear narrative.
You are only with the two main characters and you do not get tired of reading it while reading. You enjoy the book’s dialogues and descriptions, and you may spend hours reading it.

But note that you should not expect a miracle from this novel. As mentioned, this novel is popular, and if you are a fan of glorious literature and looking for world masterpieces, I will definitely disappoint you before you.

But one thing about the book that strongly named me was that the events of the book were easily predictable.

When I read the book to page 100, I decided to have a prediction of the book’s adventures.

I wrote down my guesses and I have to say I guessed 90% of the events correctly but I was completely wrong about the end of the story.

Maybe the author’s art is here too. Where it surprises the reader. Something you may never have thought of.

The final point I want to make is that Jojo Moyes knows very well how to write a bestseller.
I can even say that he is a master in this field. There may be very few audiences who can understand Will and identify with him.

A person who has no financial problems and has achieved everything he wanted in life is not an easy person to understand.

But there is a large audience that looks like Lou. Like the exemplary hero of the story, the one who honorably seeks work to earn a piece of bread.

Such a person, even if he becomes the nurse of a rich person, does not resent him or ask himself why he has everything and I have nothing.

The greatness of such a person goes beyond even thinking about abusing the resources of this rich family. This man still serves him with full honor and is even willing to sacrifice himself for him.

And the audience sees what happens in the end (we refrain from mentioning it to avoid revealing the main events of the book.) It becomes.

But there is one more point, is the best-seller of a novel the reason why it is cheap or yellow?

I suggest that if you are looking for a simple and enjoyable novel to read at night before going to bed, keep an eye on my novel before you.

This romance novel, which is about love but love is not its main subject, can also be a good option for people who are new to books and reading.

Finally, do not forget that the most important thing in reading a book is your personal taste.

My movie before you

Based on this novel, a film has been made in which the role of Louisa is played by Emilia Clarke, the famous returnee of the series Throne.

The characters in the book are well portrayed in the film, and the reader who watches the film also communicates very well with it.

The always problem with this type of film (films that are made from a book) is that the director does not have the opportunity to portray all the events of the book or go into the details of the work.

This is why the viewer feels how quickly everything happens and ends. In my film before you, although the director did not portray the whole story of the book, he was able to make a good film.

If you have read the book, I suggest you watch the movie as well. But our usual suggestion is to read the novel first and then watch the movie.

Sentences from the text of my novel before you

My heart really burned for him. When I saw him outside the window, I thought he was the saddest person I had ever seen.

As time went on, I realized that his condition was not just about being in a wheelchair, not because he had lost his physical freedom, but about a long and endless list of physical and mental problems that could have dire consequences.

I thought to myself, if I were him, I would probably feel just as helpless. (My Book Before You – Page 71)

If you really love someone, do you have a duty to stay with them? Help him who is depressed? In illness, in health, and in any situation? (My Book Before You – Page 85)

Anyone who has a wallet deep in the diamond mine can make anything beautiful. (My book before you – page 138)

It is said that when a person gets a little older, he becomes interested in flowers and plants, and I think that is true.
Most likely, it is something that is related to the main cycle of life. Rising again after a sad winter is nothing short of a miracle. A kind of joy and happiness that comes every year.

It is a way that nature uses to finally show the power of different manifestations of the garden. (My Book Before You – Page 158)

For the first time, I was enjoying being the center of attention. It may have been childish, but it was true. I fell in love when I saw Baba and Will laugh at my work.

When I saw that all the food and desserts were made to my liking, I packed my bags. I was happy that I could be the one I love and that my sister is not constantly reminding me of who I am. (My Book Before You – Page 256)

The worst thing about nursing is not what you probably think.

It has nothing to do with going up and down the patient and cleaning, or medicine and wet wipes, or the constant and perceptible smell of disinfectants.

It’s not even the fact that most people think that’s the only thing you can do.

Rather, it is the fact that when a person spends all day with someone, he has no escape from his state of mind, even from his own state of mind. (My Book Before You – Page 334)

The difference between my upbringing and Will’s upbringing was that someone like him considered himself worthy of everything.
In my opinion, if one grows up in a situation with rich parents, in big houses, first-class schools and expensive restaurants, one probably also has the feeling that life is always as it should be and naturally has a high place in the world. . (I am before you – page 351)

No one is willing to hear about it. No one wants you to talk to them about fear, or about your pain, or how scared you are that an infection will develop and you will die.

No one wants to know how bad it is that you can no longer sleep with a woman, you can no longer eat food cooked with your own hands, you can never hug your baby.

Nobody wants to know when I am in this wheelchair I sometimes get scared of the closed space.

When I think that I have to spend another day in this damn thing, I just want to shout like crazy. (I Am Before You – Page 361)

Will’s hands were the hands of a clean-shaven man – handsome and handsome, with square fingers.

He could not look at it and think that he had no power, that he could never lift anything from the table, caress a hand or even punch it. (I am before you – page 435)

Do you realize how hard it is to be silent and say nothing, while every bit of your being wants to explode? All the way to the airport, I was practicing with myself not to say anything.

But I was really dying. Will shook his head. Finally, when I was able to say something, my voice was hoarse and dull. The sentence I uttered was the only good thing I could say.

-I missed you! (I am before you – page 521)
Jojo Moyes; Introducing the author of my novel before you

Jojo Moyes (born 4 August 1969 in London) is now 47 years old.

A few years later, Jojo Moyes decided to write a book in 2002 and has been writing romance novels ever since. Continues.

Jojo Moyes has already published several romance novels, all of which are popular books, and has been praised and awarded by the Romance Novel Writers Association for this unique novel.

His first book, Rain Shelter, was published in 2002, and Jojo Moyes has now published 15 books.

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