Madame Bovary


Title: Madame Bovary

Author: Gustav Flaubert

Translator: Sarah Rocky

Publisher: Arastagan

Subject: French stories

Age category: Adult

Cover: Paperback

Number of pages: 384

Language: Farsi

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Madame Bovary is still one of the most important and prominent literary works of France and the world. The story is told in three parts; The first part deals with the events of Charles’s life before he married Emma, ​​the second part deals with Charles’s boring life with Emma, ​​and the third part deals with the real crises of Emma’s life that eventually lead to her death.

Charles Bovary, a shy boy who is ridiculed at his new school. Charles, even when he grows up, is a normal and relatively boring person and has nothing special to distinguish him from others. He even failed his medical exam for the first time, and in the end he can only become a second-class doctor. He even decides to marry a wealthy widow who dies very soon, thus making a fortune.

Madame Bovary falls in love with her almost on the first date with Emma on her father’s farm, who was ill. But despite her simple rural life, she is a book, musician and well-dressed girl who has big dreams in her head. Ando gets married shortly afterwards, after which the story focuses on Emma.

A love of emptiness
Married life to Charles is far from romantic and romantic. He believed that marriage was the solution to all the problems and obstacles he had already experienced in life. Charles is an ordinary man who is miles away from expectations but from his dream man. Meanwhile, Charles and Emma are invited to an aristocratic party at the home of a French aristocrat, and at that point Emma realizes that she wants more out of life.

The constant comparison of the lives of the rich with his simple and rural life, however, makes him more and more frustrated to the point that even books can not satisfy his needs and …

Excerpts from Madame Bovary’s book
Love must come to man at once and with eruption and pride, a storm from the heavens that descends to life and revolves in it, uprooting desire and will like a leaf and throwing the whole heart into the abyss.

Emma was constantly and subconsciously thinking about the child and wanted the child to be a boy; A strong and green boy. His name is George, and the idea of ​​being a boy was due to his past poor reaction and inability. A man is at least free and can travel to different cities and countries, overcome obstacles and problems and taste the sweetest distant pleasures of the world, but a woman is always caught and can not. There is always an obstacle in his way.

In contrast, there are physical disabilities and legal barriers. His hopes and aspirations are like the mask of his hat tied to a thread. It shakes in every wind. There are always some desires that follow him and then stop him because of the customs and traditions.
“Oh,” said Rudolph. Always a duty. I’m upset by this word. They are a bunch of old men with flannel vests and gossipers who always say the word “duty” in the ear. Ah! Jupiter! It is everyone’s duty to feel what is great and to cherish beauty.

It is not our job to accept all the social laws that society imposes on us in disgrace. Not! Not! Why should we not shout in front of love and feelings? But they are not the most beautiful things on earth. “Aren’t they the source of courage, passion, poetry, music, art and everything else in this land?”

Madame Bovary romance novel will be very interesting for those adventurers of love stories, who are looking for different manifestations of this phenomenon. In this story, Gusta Flaubert, a Frenchman, deals with the futility of not reaching true and lasting love. The remarkable and fascinating point in this story is that this sadness lasts for the rest of the life of the main characters of Madame Bovary.

Notable points in the publication of this book include the numerous threats made by readers to the immoral content of Madame Bovary’s novel. Emma’s character is always confused about finding true love, this distress is an example to many people today.

Madame Bovary’s story begins with her mother sending her son to study medicine. The process of this story is followed by the boy becoming a doctor, Charles Bovary. This poor young man, who is also a novice doctor, marries a rich girl for the second time during special adventures. Being urban and, in a way, low in self-confidence, Charles undergoes many costly changes in his life.
Madame Bovary sees the manifestation of love in many men; But just when he has to rely on this love, he finds them hollow and empty. Each of these men, in turn, deals a fatal blow to the young woman’s soul, and interestingly, Charles Bovary is unaware of the events throughout the story. Charles Bovary becomes aware of all that happens when the foundation of the Bovary family is broken.

The main focus of the story is the emphasis on unusual issues in marriage and opposition to the traditional French atmosphere of the time. In fact, the story begins with a trivial incident and then shows a woman who turns around for her freedom and different desires.

The climax of the story occurs in a situation where the main character of the story agrees to find his desires in any way. For this reason, feelings of frustration and sometimes satisfaction add to its appeal throughout the story. In short, Madame Bovary, love and hate can be seen together at very short distances. It should be noted that the cause of all the events in this story was not a strange and extraordinary event; Rather, it is only the dissatisfaction of a young woman and her perfectionist desires that has led her into this abyss.

About the author of Madame Bovary, Gustave Flaubert
The famous Gustave Flaubert was born in 1821 in France. Different prose and the use of rich literature are the features of this famous author’s realistic writing. Gustave Flaubert has inspired countless writers such as Emile Zola, Alphonse Dode and Gay de Mopasan over time and has been instrumental in shaping their unique work.

Flaubert’s work has a great deal of detail, so that perfectionism can be seen in all the works of this meticulous author. The son of an experimental surgeon, Flaubert found himself above all in Madame Bovary and Emma. Buying Madame Bovary is an affordable solution for those interested in Flaubert’s works.

Flaubert would start reading aloud in his office after the stories were over. This helped a lot to harmonize the words and their weight. In the Persian translation of Madame Bovary’s book, observing the rhythm of the words is also on the agenda.

Another characteristic of the intelligent Gustave Flaubert is the torchbearer of a literary movement in France. In fact, Flaubert is one of the pioneers of naturalism or the natural style of writing in France. This style is in fact contrary to the style of Romanticism and provides the space for better development of the realism movement.
According to Flaubert, just as a popular painter brings all the nuances and features of a subject to the canvas, a writer must write all the events and feelings of people without any shortcomings. Art lover Gustave Flaubert believed that in the end everything should be sacrificed to real thinkers and artists.

He believed that philosophical principles would always be subject to change and that the only way to reach truth was through real art. According to Flaubert’s model, the way to reach the absolute world is beauty; Because beauty has fascinated everyone since the beginning of human existence.

Other works by Gustave Flaubert
In addition to Madame Bovary’s book, a variety of other works by the talented Gustave Flaubert have been published. One of his most important works is the book “Training Emotions” translated by Mehdi Sahabi. A Journey to Hell, Memoirs of a Madman, A Dream of Hell, Salambo, Letters to the Municipality of Rouen and Beauvoir and Poche are the stories of Gustave Flaubert.

In all the works of Gustave Flaubert, the modernist, and especially in Madame Bovary, the style of naturalism is considered. This is well reflected in the narration of details of events, the expression of events and feelings. Flaubert’s finesse and meticulousness are evident in every work of any reader; It took seven years to write Madame Bovary alone.

Ms. Bovary’s fantasies, especially of the lives of the upper classes and the affluent, are somewhat unbelievable and humorous to a confident person. Showing this in various ways in Flaubert’s books is a sign of the importance of this feature on human life.

Madame Bovary is the first and most prominent work of Gustave Flaubert, a famous French writer and realist who in the 1850s and before the emergence of new psychological ideas such as “Freud” and … with a realistic view of man and his spirits and in his works the reality of It separates myth and deals with the objective expression of human behavior in a completely neutral way.

In a part of Madame Bovary’s book we read:
His pale face, which had a bezel-less hat, was more wrinkled than a plaid apple, and two long arms were visible from the sleeve of his red jacket.

The dust of the hay barn, the washing of the barley with the wool, had made his hands somewhat rough. It was as if his hands were dirty, while he had washed them with clean water. And they were half-closed because of their hard work.

These hands were a sign of his suffering and toil. A kind of monastic dryness rippled through his face, and no sadness or joy weakened his cold face.

Because of his long life with animals, he became as silent and speechless as they were. It was the first time he had seen himself in such a large crowd, and he was terrified of flags, drums, men in coats, and Mr. Counselor.

He stood motionless and did not know whether to run forward or run and why the crowd was pushing him towards the podium and the board members were smiling at him. Yes, this manifestation of half a century of slavery stood against these brilliant bourgeoisie.

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