Living light as a feather


Title: Do not make life difficult; How to deal with everyday problems easily and solve them

Author: Roots Fischel

Translator: Narges Heidari Manjili

Publisher: Standard

Subject: Happiness / way of life

Age category: Adult

Number of pages: 208

Language: Farsi



Introducing the book Living light as a feather by Roots Fischel

Do not take life hard is the work of Roots Fischel. He recommends this book to those who are looking for joy and peace. We always have problems in life, sometimes they are out of our reach, but the more we think about life’s problems, the more we sink into it. Do not take life hard The book teaches us how to ease life’s problems and get over them easily. This book points to easy and constructive solutions that can help us make things easier.

Don’t make life difficult The prosperity of life, a few mornings are passing…
Do not take life hard
The prosperity of life is just a few mornings away.
Our story.
A leaf survives from the legendary book of mystery.
If the heart breaks.
If the flower dies.
And if the garden takes on the color of autumn.
All warnings to you;
my dear
take it easy
The life of a nomad is these swallows.
Just as beautiful.

Do not take some of the ways to make life easier in the book of life
1- Do not involve yourself in small things.
2- Reconcile with your defect.
3- Get rid of the image that calm and relaxed people are not capable of achieving success.
4 – Be aware of the gradual destructive effect of your thinking
5- Increase your compassion
6- Always remind yourself that your death will not empty your portfolio.
7. Do something useful for others and do not tell anyone about it
8- Consider the honor of others as your honor
9- Live in the moment
10- Have the image that everyone except you has a clear mind
11- In most cases, give the right to others
12- Be more patient
13- Imitate patience training courses
15- Be a pioneer in making love and winning hearts.
Do not take it hard in life teaches us how to solve everyday problems calmly and with dignity when we are in a hurry and worried.
This book teaches us how to do things in order and live in the moment; And enjoy life in the moment.
It teaches us to reduce our stress and communicate with the subconscious mind.
Richard Carlson tells us in the book Do Not Take Life Hard (that life is not an emergency, it is a valuable gift)

 It teaches us to make our dream life.

Richard Carlson says living in peace and happiness is the first step to personal and social success. To have a life full of peace and full of positive feelings, we must start from ourselves and make changes in our behavior.

Who is Richard Carlson?
Richard Carlson (born May 16, 1961) is an American author and holds a Ph.D. in Psychology from the University of California. “How to Make Life Easier” is his most important work. This best-selling book was recognized as the best-selling book of the year in 1997 and made him famous. “Do not take the book of life hard” was another of his bestsellers. In this book, 100 effective and at the same time easy ways to make life easier are stated. The book was on the New York Times bestseller list for more than 100 weeks. The book has now been translated into 30 living languages ​​and published in 135 countries.

His other books include “You Can Be Happy Even in Difficulties,” “How to Live Happily,” “A Book for the Sweat of Details,” “Do Not Trouble for Yourself and Your Families,” and “A Hundred Ways to. “Peace”, “Book of life without anger”, “Book of life without stress”, “Do not take hard book, believe that it does not matter!”, “Book can be happy in any situation” and “Book of an hour to live, an hour to love” Cited.

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