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Title: Design your life: Step by step design your favorite life (to create a happy life)

Author: William Brent

Translator: Simin Movahed

Publisher: Persian Inscription

Subject: Assertiveness / Career Guide / Decision Making

Age category: Adult

Number of pages: 259

Language: Farsi



Introducing the book Design Your Life by Bill Brandt and Dave Evans
Design Your Life is a book and design framework written by Bill Brandt and Dave Evans. This book helps everyone to design their own life. Bill and Dave have long worked at Stanford University as researchers and designers, and in this book they use the design of thinking in terms of personal development and redefine its rules and frameworks for life.

Design about your life book
In this book, we go step by step to learn how to properly deal with our life issues and career concerns; Issues that most of us deal with in our lives, whether we like it or not. The beauty of this book is that its tone is by no means dry and formal, because the author has tried to teach us the necessary points through fascinating stories that tell about the lives of different people, and by using design thinking and realistic approach to issues. , To help us “design our own life!” Design your life It teaches us that to have a happy and successful life we ​​do not have to make big changes in our lives; Sometimes with a change of attitude and a simple solution, we can “build a good life and happiness for ourselves!”

You may have found yourself in a situation in life where you really want to get out, but you do not know how. For example, we are in a relationship where we feel that the other party is harassing us with his behavior, but we still “cling” to that relationship! Or, for example, we work in a job that is difficult for us at the moment, but we can not give up.

In such a situation, we must ask ourselves an important question before doing anything: “Who do we like to become when we grow up (growing up means that we have more individual abilities and skills to understand different situations in our lives)?” “Shall we wash?” The answer to this question is not easy. Many adults can not answer this question. Especially when they are in a situation where everything is static and unchanging.
Before moving on to the next section of this note, we suggest that you also read the note “The Difference Between Psychology, Success, and Motivation Books.” In this memo, Priya Naghizadeh has helped us to identify what category each book falls into. After reading this, go back to this note and introduce the book “Design Your Life” and guess for yourself exactly what category this book falls into.

Why is life design an effective approach?
There are three reasons why this approach is an effective approach to our lives:

This method has been tested by hundreds of people before. The “design your own life” method is one of the most popular classes at Stanford University, and hundreds of students in these classes have learned this method and applied it in their own lives. In addition to these classes, this method has been taught in various workshops and thousands of people have become familiar with it.
This method is based on academic research and has been tested on many samples. This approach was first tested on Stanford University doctoral students. These experiments were all based on scientific and academic methods, for example, the control group method was used in one of the stages of idea testing, and this has increased the credibility of this idea as an academic research. Time and time again, results have shown that when people use life design frameworks to build the life they love, they are more successful, they lose less, and they become more empowered to live the life they love.
Design thinking is inherently a powerful method and has led to the development of various industries. When design thinking is used in another context, only the results are adapted, while the rules and framework are the same. So the probability of its effectiveness and obtaining the desired result becomes more and more.
Summary of this approach:
Use your curiosity and learn about yourself: where you are now, things that are important to you, things that give you energy and a sense of passion. Look at four aspects of your life: work, leisure, health and love. Use this knowledge to build your own compass. Something that helps you move towards the northern stars and succeed!
Postpone the judgment and come up with a few ideas: even the most stupid ideas! Involve other people in the process and do it collaboratively. Great design is done by the team, not one person.
Get started: Experiment with the little things and make a sample copy. Try to understand what happens and what is effective by building a prototype and engaging other people. For example, interviewing a number of people who may have done what you decided to do with your life.
Build your support team (or team): A team with the following mix: Coaches, friends, and anyone else you think would like to design a life like yours. Collective efforts help increase the impact of a well-designed life.
Live the life you have designed: not just at the end of the road, but as you design your life, try, engage and promote all the opportunities that lie ahead.
The book “Design Your Life” introduces many additional resources for reading, there are various exercises in it, and ideas are given in it, which help everyone to find their way in this path more easily. Finally, it asks people to always remember the 5 principles of life design:

Be curious
Try different options
Redefine problems in a new way
Know that this is the process
Ask for help
Powerful duals
Follow your passion to build your favorite life – Prototype that ideal life and use your intuition to improve results.
Find the Right Answer – Create multiple options
The best possible plan for life – multiple and different lifestyles
Become a job seeker – look for multiple offers
The right choice – a good choice
Life means achievements (limited game) – Life means process (unlimited game)
Failure is something we must avoid – failure of the raw materials provides victory.
Design your life book has a simple language and simplifies many things, but it also has its drawbacks. He was able to teach his audience how to design evidence-based thinking and coaching.

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