Little Women


Title: Little Women

Translator: Fatemeh Shokri

Publisher: Atash

Subject: American stories

Age category: Adult

Cover: Paperback

Number of pages: 352

Language: Farsi



Little Women is a famous American novel by Louisa May Alcott (1832-1832). This book was published in two volumes in 1868 and 1869.

The book is the story of four sisters – Meg, Joe, Beth and Amy March – and tells the story of their childhood to their femininity. The story has three perspectives: living at home, working and true love.

The four sisters live with their mother in the absence of their father, who went to war. Meg is their most beautiful sister, Joe has a boyish spirit and is very playful, he is an idol player and Amy is a charming artist.

Their lives are in financial difficulties, so the sisters work to help support the family …

In part of the book we read:

It was Christmas Eve, and the four daughters of the March family felt poorer than ever. With the loss of the family fortune and Mr. March’s presence on the battlefield, none of the girls expected a Christmas present.

However, the family’s eldest daughter, Meg, did not mind having a pair of silk gloves.

The second daughter, Joe, who loved to read, longed for Andin and Sintram. Idol enjoyed playing the piano and accelerated the new notes of his learning music.

Amy, the youngest daughter in the family, is also passionate about new pencils.

In addition, life was not meant to be dedicated to any of the sisters; Meg, a homemaker, complained about the mistreatment of her wealthy and lazy students, and spent the whole day with her great-aunt, Mrs. March, making incessant nods to the old woman.

The idol was washing all day at home, and sometimes the skin on his hands became so dry and rough that it was difficult to play the piano.

Amy also wore a wide nose and wished she had a more beautiful nose.
“I gave my best to the homeland I love, and I did not shed tears for him to go to war and defend. This is my wife’s dearest person …”

This is what Mrs. March says to her worried daughters, Meg, Joe, Amy, and Beth, when her husband is injured.

In the absence of a father, young girls endure poverty, deprivation, illness, loneliness, etc., but they never give up and acquire knowledge, art, work, life skills, and affection with power.

The story of “Little Women”, a classic and moral work, is an emotional yet serious novel for teenagers that takes place in America.

The educational-emotional theme of the story revolves around respecting work, not wasting time, enjoying a simple life and pride in living a poor and simple life.

The characters in the story are four sisters, 13 to 17 years old, who spend the hard days of life without a father learning art, work and reading books, and enjoy family life.

Most of the focus of this realistic story is on the actions of 16-year-old “Joe”, who sells his beautiful hair with self-sacrifice when his father is ill to help his father with his money.

The motto of this family, in bitter and sweet moments, is work and hope. The book introduces the audience to many stories and authors in simple language.

The characteristics of the book are self-sacrifice, patriotism, attention to books and reading books in groups.
Little Women is the title of a feature novel by American author Louisa May Alcat.

A story that has been translated into more than 50 languages ​​and has managed to cross cultural and religious boundaries.

The story is about the lives of four sisters – Meg, Joe, Beth and Amy March – which is inspired by the author’s real life with his three sisters.

The story of the book Little Women is about the March family, who used to be rich but are not well now, and their father has gone to war to help the soldiers of the homeland, and now they are trying to manage their lives and help the needy.

They all have a relatively difficult life and support each other and interesting adventures happen to them.

In the second book, there are interesting adventures, the most prominent of which can be mentioned:
Larry falls in love with Joe, and Joe, realizing this, tries to stay away from him; But one day when they go out for a walk, Larry makes his request and asks Joe to marry him.

Larry tells her that he has fallen in love with her from the first moment he sees her.

Joe rejects his request and tells him that despite his best efforts, he has not been able to fall in love with Larry.

Depressed, Larry goes to Europe with his grandfather, where he meets Amy, and because Amy has been very kind to him, he falls in love with Amy, and Amy, who loves him, marries him.

Her sister is very sad and writes a book called “My Beth” and sends it to her friend the professor.

The professor falls in love with Joe by reading the book, and Joe falls in love with the professor, even though he has told Larry he will never marry, and when the professor comes to America after Amy and Larry get married, he meets Joe and finally tells him that he loves her. And they get married.

Louisa May Alcott was born in November 1832 into a religious family in German Town, Philadelphia.
His date of birth coincided with that of his father, a hardworking man, and his father was very fond of him.

Louisa had three sisters, Abby Gill, Elizabeth, and Anna, who inspired her to create characters in her stories.

Louisa’s family moved to Boston as a child, and the rest of the author’s life was spent there.

Louisa, who was very interested in writing, pursued writing with enthusiasm.

He published his poems and short stories in various newspapers, such as The Atlantic Monthly, which focused on modern journalism.

Louisa May Alcott cared for the hospital and assisted the wounded during the American Civil War;

During this time he sent letters to his family, which he collected and published after the war in a collection called the “Hospital Description”.

He was also interested in children’s literature and was the editor of a children’s magazine.
Eliza’s family were poor families whose father made a living as a teacher. Since this girl was very interested in her father, she always tried to contribute to the family income by doing various jobs.

He first helped his father with tasks such as serving or educating children.

But then he was able to make more money using his writing skills, and a few years later he turned to writing stories and books, and in the third decade of his life he was able to write books for little women. The book became Louisa May Alcatel’s most famous work.

Following this remarkable success, Louisa pursued fiction more seriously and gave up her other pursuits to focus entirely on writing.

Three other works were published by him, Good Wives in 1869, Little Men in 1871, and Sons of Joe in 1886, and with the proceeds from their publication, Louise overcame the financial worries left over from her childhood. .

Louisa May Alcott also did a lot of social work; Including efforts to eradicate injustice and oppose slavery. She believed in equal social rights for human beings, and after traveling to Europe she became acquainted with more concerns in the field of women.

Louisa May Alcott never married, and died in Massachusetts in March 1888, when she became known as a writer of children’s literature.

Little Women; A book for teenagers
In Little Women we read the story of four sisters written by the author inspired by his family. Maggie, Joe, Betty and Amy are the sisters of the March family who live in an old house with their black mother and maid.

Their father is away from family and at war, and they are forced to leave home without a father.

Each of these girls strives to overcome their problems and, in difficult days, experiences a life full of love, hope, solidarity and self-sacrifice; An experience that makes them grow up much earlier and reach intellectual maturity like women.

Joe is the main character in the story, who does not want to be banned from doing something because of his gender, and disguises himself as a boy.
Meg is Joe’s older sister who teaches other children. She is interested in a luxurious life because she has more experience of living in this situation than her sisters.

Idol is their other sister who is interested in piano and loves Joe more than the other sisters.

Amy, who is the youngest sister, tries to be on par with the other sisters. In this story, Joe’s character is taken from Alcott’s character, but unlike Louisa’s real life, Joe gets married in the story.

In The Story of Little Women, Louisa May Alcott reflects on the plight of women during the American Civil War and portrays women’s right to choose.

Little Women Movies; Combining the charm of literature and cinema
Many adaptations of the book Little Women have been made in the form of movies and TV series and cartoons.

The film Little Women was first made in 1949, directed by Mervyn Leroy.

In 1994, Italian director Gillian Armstrong directed Little Women based on the book.

Little Women is a drama film, and Winona Ryder was nominated for an Academy Award for her role as Joe.

In 118 minutes, Armstrong was able to bring the story of Louisa May Alcat to life in the cinema.

Based on the book Little Women, a cartoon called “Ai no Wakakusa Monogatari” is also made and aired in 48-episode series on Japanese television.

This series has also been dubbed in Persian.
In the Persian dub of the series Little Women, the name of Joe’s character has been changed to Katie, and this animation is one of the nostalgic animations on Iranian television, which was broadcast on the One Sima network.

The story of the little women is so fascinating that moviegoers still look at the novel as a source for cinematic adaptation.

In 2018, the film Little Women was made starring “Lucas Jrabel” and “Ian Bohen”.

The latest film adaptation of the story of the little women was made by “Greta Grewig” starring “Meryl Streep” and “Emma Watson” in 2019, which attracted the attention of many audiences.

In some sections of Little Women we read:
“Everyone went to the heater. The mother sat in a large chair and the idol on the floor next to her, Mag and Amy leaned on the handles and Joe leaned back in the chair so that if the letter was moving, no one would notice his feelings.

In those days, less and less letters were written that were not effective, especially letters sent by fathers.

The letter wrote very little about hardships, dangers, or longings.

It was a letter full of hope and joy, full of vivid descriptions of camp life, advances, and army news. Only at the end of the letter did paternal feelings flare up, ending the letter with the wish of returning home and seeing their daughters again.

Tell them I love them very much and kiss them all on my behalf. Tell them I think of them day and night and I pray for them at night and their love and affection warms my heart and comforts me.

A year of waiting is a long time to see them again, but tell them we should all work during the waiting period and not waste these hard days.

“I know they remember everything I said and they are good girls to you, they do their job well and they fight their inner enemies and overcome them with their beauties until I come back and I am more proud of my little women than ever.”

About the author of the book Little Women
Louisa May Alcott, author of The Immortal Little Women, was born in 1832 in German Town, now part of Philadelphia, USA.

As a child, his family moved to Boston, where he spent the rest of his life.

Alcott’s father was a devout man and his job was to teach a religious and charitable school and run a poor family.

He had three sisters, Abby Gill, Elizabeth, and Anna, who became Josephine’s three sisters in the novel Little Women.

His first book was a collection of fairy tales, and for some time he wrote poetry and short stories for Atlantic Mantle. She was a hospital nurse during the American Civil War, and the letters she wrote to her family at the time were later published as a collection. For some time he was the editor of a children’s magazine.

The life of nineteenth-century American novelist Louise May Alcott is in many ways similar to that of Josephine in The Little Women.

Alcott, who loved his father, worked as a maid and housekeeper from an early age to help support his family, writing his first work at the age of 16.

Later he wrote serious stories and novels as well as market works to earn more money.
But his most famous work was Little Women, which he wrote in 1868, and following its success and popularity, he wrote three other works in the sequel about the main characters of this work, the March family, which were Good Wives (1869), Little Men. (1871) Sons of Joe (1886) and these works brought him a great deal of economic security in life.

Little Women is a biographical novel based on the author’s own life, although Alcott remained single for the rest of his life, unlike his beloved character (Josephine), who marries in the second volume of the novel (Good Wives).

The book Little Women sold more than 60,000 copies in its first year of publication and is still in print and has buyers. It can be said that there is no literate woman in English speaking countries who has not read this book.

Alcott has written Little Women based on a moral and religious model, and due to its strong humor and intimacy, this work still has many readers around the world, and for many years has maintained its place among the world’s classic and successful works.

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