Title: Boundless; Improve your brain, learn everything faster, and find the best way of life

Author: Jim Quick

Translator: Pegah Farhang Mehr

Publisher: Milkan

Subject: Self-help / personal development / individual development techniques

Age category: Adult

Number of pages: 303

Language: Farsi

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Jim Quick is arguably the best brain trainer in the world, and in Limitless: Improve Your Brain, Learn Everything Faster, and Find the Best Shape of Your Life, the New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestseller, Provides ways to keep your brain healthy and teaches you how to make the most of it.

About Boundless Book:
What if you could read more books? If you had enough will and perseverance, where would you be now? What problems hinder your focus and progress? Which restrictive thoughts do you think do not allow you to pursue your dreams?

If you’ve had questions like this, but do not know how and where to start, do not worry, James Kwik has been focusing on helping others for years. This person is known as a coach of nurturing and mental health and for some time has helped an important and great personality like Ilan Mask.

This experienced trainer now shares his experiences in the book Limitless and helps others to walk in the right direction.
First of all, you have to realize that believing in limitation keeps you from your greatest dreams, and the book Boundless focuses on this. This book will guide you to overcome your mental limitations and teach you how to improve your brain and memory and make progress by creating healthy habits and making the best use of time.

Of course, before you start your training, Jim introduces you to the four main traitors in your life in a detailed explanation, and you realize that there are probably four factors that have hindered your progress: digital information, digital confusion, digital forgetfulness. And digital perception and conclusion!

All in all, you will learn in the book Boundless to overcome the negative consequences of the digital world, to remove harmful factors, and to persevere in the path of your dreams.

To whom do we recommend reading Limitless Book:
If you want to improve the functioning of your mind in the digital world and increase the productivity of your brain, this book is the best option for you and you can be sure that you will not regret reading it; Because the book Infinite has helped many people in the world so far.

Bookmarks of Unlimited Books:
– Jim Quick knows how to get the most out of me as a human being. (Will Smith)
– This book is a revelation in the field of learning. (Dr. Rudy Tanzi, Alzheimer’s disease researcher)
I do not trust anyone more than Jim Quick and his plans to optimize brain function. (Dr. Daniel Amen, author)
There are no genius pills, but Jim gives you the process of opening the best brain and the brightest future. (Dr. Mark Hayman, Head of Strategy and Innovation at the Cleveland Clinic Medical Center, author of 12 New York Times bestsellers)
Learn more about Jim Quick:
Jim Quick is a renowned expert in memory improvement, brain optimization and fast learning. After suffering a brain injury as a child, Quick developed many learning difficulties and developed strategies to dramatically improve his mental function.

He has since dedicated his life to helping others and has worked as a brain trainer for students, seniors, entrepreneurs and educators.
Quick advocates for brain health and global education, and works as a philanthropist on many projects, including building schools from Guatemala to Kenya, providing health care, clean water, and learning for children in need. Jim’s mission is: no brains should be left behind!

Selected sentences of Infinite Book:
– We do not need magic to change our world.
– All the necessary power to do this is within ourselves.
– The only way to win is to learn faster than others.
– I use not only all the brains I have, but also all the brains I can borrow.
– The only real purpose of training is to make the person constantly ask questions.
– The one who asks the question, can not avoid answering.

– Life has no limits, except the limits that you set yourself.

In a part of the book, we read:
Now we have to consider our values. You can write down your best habits, but you will not succeed if your values ​​do not align with your ultimate goal. For example, a person who likes to memorize people’s letters should value their relationships and relationships with other people. Your behavior must support your values, otherwise you will have no motivation to do so.

Our values ​​are hierarchical in nature. If I were to ask you what is the most important thing in your life, you might say family. Then I will ask what the family does for you. For me, family means love, and for you it may be a sense of belonging.
The important distinction is that the family is an instrumental value, a means to an end. The ultimate value and goal is love and belonging. When we look at our values, we can determine whether the value we have expressed is the ultimate goal or whether it itself brings out another value.

Values ​​must be prioritized. My values ​​are love, growth, participation and adventure. (Likewise) Each value grows over time and leads to the next value. A person’s values ​​will not change every year unless you experience circumstances in life that change your values, such as having a child, losing a loved one, or ending a relationship.

Limitless book table of contents
Part One: Empty your mind
1. Unlimited
2. Why is this important?
3. Your boundless brain
4. How to read and memorize this book (or any book)
5. The magic of belief
6. Seven lies about learning
Part 3: Unlimited Motivation
7. Purpose
8. Energy
9. Simple and small steps
10. Current or drowning
Section 4: Unlimited Methods
11. Focus
12. Study
13. Memory
14. Speed ​​reading
15. Thinking
Conclusion: The return of the possible

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