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Title: The Law of Attraction

Author: Michael Lucier

Translator: Fereshteh Amini Ranjour

Publisher: Ella Qalam

Subject: New thinking

Age category: Adult

Cover: Paperback

Number of pages: 120 pages / illustrated / table

Language: Farsi

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The Law of Attraction has made Michael Lucier a huge success, and popular American presenter Oprah Winfrey has invited him to his popular television show four times. Videos of Michael Lucier’s speech have thousands of daily views on websites. After Law of Attraction, Lucier wrote two more books, The Purpose of Your Life and The Law of Communication.

Right time – wrong place; Right place – wrong time. It can be said that all people have cursed their luck at least once by being in the wrong place at the right time or in the right place at the wrong time. Michael Lucier believes that anyone can use the law of attraction to turn all of these situations into their own.

Michael Lucier specializes in neuro-verbal programming, and his job is to study people’s behavior toward words. Lucier has subtitled the book The Law of Attraction “Attracting Desires and Rejecting Unwanted”, so that you know from the first encounter with the book that this law is real and can help you achieve your desired goals and repel your unwanted subjects.

Why should we read Michael Lucier’s Book?
Michael Lucier begins The Law of Attraction with the scientific proof of the law of attraction. He first explains the law of conservation of energy and then, based on it, proposes the law of attraction. By describing the structure of the atom and the placement of its particles, Lucier convinces you to direct your inner energy towards positive thoughts.

The author of the law of attraction defines unconscious absorption as the subconscious sending of internal waves to various phenomena. He says that when something is fun for you, it raises your vibrations and as a result you vibrate the pleasure in the universe. Conversely, whenever something upsets you, you emit negative waves. He plots the cycle of reality of “unconscious attraction” in four stages.

Step # 1- Discovering Your Purpose There is no such thing as a “perfect” life.

Step 2: During the observation, you inadvertently and unconsciously vibrate, whether positively or negatively.

Step 3: The law of attraction reacts to that vibration.

Step 4: As a result, the law of attraction gives you more of what vibrates and nourishes the cycle.

After teaching this cycle, Michael Lucier explains the formula for the three stages of conscious absorption, and in other chapters he explains these three stages in full.

Step # 1- Discovering Your Purpose Step Two: Raise your vibrations. Step Three: Accept it.

Lucier goes on to explain that there are limiting factors that prevent you from getting what you want. But you have to work on your conscious mind for a long time and use all your senses and attention to reinforce these positive thoughts and place them in your subconscious mind. “Limited belief is the repetitive thought that prevents you from absorbing your desires,” he says. Your thoughts can send out negative waves. for example; “You have to work hard to get rich, it creates waves of shortages that prevent you from achieving your desires.”

Lucier believes that the power of our negative speech is greater than that of positive speech, which means that in order to repel the energy of a negative word, we must replace it with at least six positive words. He opposes negative statements and urges you to refrain from saying them negatively:

– I do not deserve it.

– People become obese after quitting smoking.

It is difficult to lose at least six kilos.

– Only once in a lifetime do you get a chance at home.

– Your man can no longer be found in the world.

– There is no good woman in the world.

Although Michael Lucier has scientifically studied the law of attraction in his book, the law of attraction has a simple and psychological tone. Lucier simultaneously with the study of the laws of physics and metaphysical theories; Using a variety of tips and reminders helps the reader apply this rule in his or her life throughout the course of reading the book.

Some readers of this book believe that the solutions of the law of attraction book are better and more efficient than the book of secrets and books with similar topics.

Michael Lucier believes that you should read his book every six months so that his teachings will be internalized for you and you will be able to absorb them subconsciously.

Get to know the author of the Book
Michael Lucier, author of The Law of Attraction, first became acquainted with the function of the Law of Attraction in 1995. In those years, he was a simple employee with a dull job, and only for eight years, motivated by financial need, did something he did not like. But when he became acquainted with the law of attraction, he read about it and accepted it; During five months, he was able to share and teach his theories in more than fifty conferences. This led Lucier to his dream job of teaching.

After this, Lucier quit his administrative job and focused on the law of attraction and various aspects, but had no plans to write a book about his theories. Lucier admits that he wrote the law of attraction at the suggestion of his friends. When he appeared in each group and told the story of his life change, he was confronted with the phrase: “You must write a book.”

Lucier has continued to hold conferences and teach, and so far more than a thousand of his students have been prepared to work in the field of media education by understanding the effect of the “law of attraction.”

Book translator; Under the magnifying glass
Nafiseh Motakaf is the translator of the book Law of Attraction. Motakaf, who has been eager to translate since he was a child, translates his first book at the age of 9, a collection of short stories for children.

Motaqef left his postgraduate studies in the United States and for this reason he read many books in the original language. When he returned to Iran, he came across a Persian translation of a number of books he had read in the original language. The translated text realizes that it can replace accurate translations in the Iranian book market, and for this reason it turns to professional translation.

Nafiseh Motakaf has translated more than two hundred books so far. Motakaf says that due to his wide interest in different literary genres, he translates in all genres and has never limited himself to translation in a particular field or literary genre.

In part of the book we read:
Why do emphatic phrases increase your vibration?

An emphatic phrase is a sentence that is replaced by repetition in your mind and reprograms your way of thinking. Most of the emphatic expressions are expressed in the present tense. For example: “I have a healthy and shapely body” is an emphatic phrase.

Every time you say an emphatic phrase, you react based on how you feel. For example, if you tell yourself that you have a healthy body, while you do not have it, or when you feel that having a healthy body is unattainable, you emit negative waves. The vibrations of your hesitation cause the law of attraction to react to it and offer more than you want.

The phrase related to the desire of a tool is far more effective for keeping the desires in the center of attention and raising your vibrations …

The law of attraction does not react to the words you use or the thoughts you think.

The law of attraction only reacts to what you say or think …

There are many tools for acceptance. The first tool we want to explore is the phrase acceptance. The purpose of this phrase is to reduce by completely eliminating any doubts that prevent you from receiving what you want. After making an acceptance phrase, you need to be confident. That way, you know you really get what you want.

Acceptance of the law of attraction simply means no doubt and is the most important factor in the process of conscious attraction. One of my clients asked me why he did not get what he wanted. He made a clear list of his ideal clients, followed by a great phrase about his wishes.

The recruitment phase did not work for him because he did not specify his wishes well enough and did not want to. He also had to not have the slightest doubt about his belief in order to attract it. The recruitment phase did not work for him because he did not specify his wishes well enough and did not want to.

Some people remember Streex’s motivational speeches until they heard the word law of attraction, and he had a special reputation for this. The book How the Law of Attraction Makes a Difference in Your Life by renowned Australian author Randa Byrne has also found a special place in the market.

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