Khayyam Songs


Title: Khayyam Songs

Author: Khayyam

Translator: Sadegh Hedayat

Publisher: Forbidden

Subject: Persian poetry

Age category: Adult

Cover: Paperback

Number of pages: 98 pages

Language: Farsi



Introducing the book of Khayyam songs by Sadegh Hedayat

Khayyam’s songs have been compiled by Sadegh Hedayat and selected by Jalal, a typist. Ghias-ud-Din Abolfath Omar Ibn Ibrahim Khayyam Neyshabouri, born on 28 May 427 in Neyshabur and died on 12 Azar 510 in the same city, was one of the great men of Iranian knowledge whose discoveries and services in mathematics and astronomy have preserved his worldwide fame to this day.
He was also a sage, omniscient and philosopher, yet his current fame, especially among Persian speakers, owes much to his quatrain. Arranging and refining the calculations of the Iranian calendar during the ministry of “Khajeh Nizam-ol-Molk”, during the reign of “Seljuk Queen” (426-490 AH) is one of his outstanding services that made the world needless in calculating the rotation of the earth around the sun.
Khayyam was also a professor of literary, religious, and historical sciences, and his role in solving third-order equations and his studies of the fifth Euclidean principle have made him one of the leading mathematicians in the history of science. Sadegh Hedayat is the first person in Iran to do research to identify Khayyam’s original quatrains.
He has written two works describing Khayyam’s literary position: the article “Introduction to Khayyam’s Quartets” which was published in 1303 AH and the book “Khayyam Songs” was published for the first time in 1313 AH.
Hedayat’s research has led many greats to write commentaries, critiques, and commentaries, and various works have been created on the subject. What follows is written by Sadegh Hedayat, who has his own divisions and descriptions. In order to clarify the quatrains as much as possible, Sadegh Hedayat has highlighted songs with a star that are skeptical and have been attributed to Khayyam with caution: Again, the sky is so different, Kazadeh, it is easy to reach your heart.

In the introduction of the book, it is stated that few books in the world, such as Khayyam’s poems and songs, have been both admired and hated! This is because Khayyam bravely composed his quatrains with open-mindedness and open-mindedness at a time when intellectuals were slandered by atheism.
Sadegh Hedayat, after examining Khayyam’s poems, came to the conclusion that a number of Khayyam’s quatrains had been mistakenly attributed to him. He considers the poor quality of some of the quatrains as a good reason why these poems are not for Khayyam. Therefore, he has tried to obtain accurate copies of Khayyam’s poems by examining the various manuscripts and putting them together, and to remove the quatrains that do not belong to him. The result of his great work is the book of Khayyam songs that is now in front of you.

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