Jonathan Livingston Seagull


Title: Jonathan Seagull

Author: Richard Bach

Translator: Morteza Saeedi Tabar

Publisher: Azarmidakht

Subject: American stories

Age category: Adult

Cover: Paperback

Number of pages: 104

Language: Farsi



Introducing Jonathan the Seagull by Richard Bach
Jonathan Livingston Seagull by Richard Bach is a short novel. This book is a story of the life of all human beings; All human beings who are accustomed to living in a self-made society and have no way out of self-made rules and frameworks.

Richard Bach wrote Janathan Livingston Seagull in 1970, the story of a seagull who does not want to live like other seagulls, but wants to fly faster and higher. But his contemporaries do not like change and drive him away.

But really, is Jonathan left alone or the chickens that drove him away? The story of this high-flying seagull has captivated millions for nearly forty years.

Jonathan Seagull is a book full of hope. The story of flight and liberation. The story of how to jump and how to break the heart, the story of giving up and breaking all habits.
A symbolic story from which one can learn to rise. That one should never despair and give up. The author of this book is Richard Bach, the pilot who has written three books about flight so far, and Jonathan the Seagull is one of the three most beautiful books!

In this very simple but valuable work, a seagull named Jonathan, unlike other seagulls who have reduced flight and life to just eating on the beach (being content with the least they can have), loves to fly. Experience, loves to experience the joy of flight and speed. Flying is the ability that is in the essence of Jonathan’s wings …

Beautiful sentences of Jonathan seagull:
For many birds, eating is important, not flying.
– Heaven is not a place, nor is it a time. Heaven is perfection.
– Do not believe what your eyes tell you. Your eyes show only limitations.
– We are free to go wherever we want and be whoever we are.
– The only real law is to lead to freedom. There is no other law.
In part of Jonathan the Seagull’s book we read:
He had finally won. final speed! A seagull with a speed of three hundred and fifty kilometers per hour! It was a huge success, the most glorious moment in the history of seabirds!

And the opening of a new era for Jonathan. As he flew to the secluded training ground, he folded his wings to dive from a height of eight thousand feet. He immediately decided to figure out how to get around.

Jonathan the Seagull’s original book, Jonathan Livingston Seagull, was first published in 1970.

The story of the book is the story of a seagull that flies to learn about life and reach perfection. Russell Monson illustrated the book.
The story of Jonathan the Seagull was first published as a short story in Flying Magazine in the late 1960s and then as a book.

In its first year of release, more than a million copies of seagull Jonathan were sold across the United States.

Jonathan the Seagull was written in three parts, but in 2014 a new version was released with 17 pages added as the fourth part.

Jonathan Seagull’s book has many fans around the world and has been translated into many different languages.

Summary of Jonathan Seagull
Jonathan is a seagull who is tired of gathering food.

He does not tolerate the routine life of seagulls and every day he creates a new story and tries to learn more from flying. Jonathan’s disobedience expels him from the herd.

After being fired from the band, Jonathan embarks on an adventure and tries to learn more about himself and his abilities. These events pose a strange challenge to Jonathan.

Translation of Jonathan Seagull’s book into Persian
Seagull Jonathan has been translated into Persian many times.

This book was first published in Iran under the name of “A Bird Named Azarbad” translated by Soodabeh Partovi.

Later, people such as Fereshteh Molavi and Hormoz Riahi also translated this book into Persian.

Why read Jonathan the Seagull?
Jonathan the Seagull is no ordinary book, it is known as the most inspiring book of our time.

This short and lovable book is the story of breaking down fences.

An enjoyable story that has a lot to say.

In Jonathan the Seagull, Richard Bach asks the audience to let go of stereotypes and fences and achieve their true and unique selves.

This is a book that everyone should read and think about themselves and their dreams.

Jonathan Seagull’s book is in the category of American story books.

Jonathan Seagull’s book is suitable for adults.

‌ In a part of Jonathan’s book, we read seagull.
He thought, therefore, that it is heaven, and he forced himself to smile. It was not at all appropriate to evaluate the sky at such a moment as one entered.

As he now descended from the ground, above the clouds, with two shining seagulls, he realized that his own body was also shining.

In fact, the same young Jonathan who had always lived behind his golden eyes was there, except that his appearance had changed.

His body resembled that of a seagull, except that it now flew much better than his former limbs.

He said to himself: “Because no, with half the effort I will achieve twice as fast and success as the best days on earth.”

Its feathers now shone with a certain whiteness and splendor, and its wings were as soft and perfect as polished silver foil.

He happily brought power to these new wings to find out about them.
At a speed of two hundred and fifty miles per hour, he felt that he had reached the maximum speed.

At a speed of two hundred and seventy-two miles he thought to himself that he was now flying at the last speed he could, and this somewhat disappointed him.

For the new limb, there was a limit to the ability to do work, and although it was much faster than the flight of its predecessor, it was still a limitation that required a great deal of effort to break its record.

He thought …

The clouds parted, and his companions disappeared into the thin air, saying goodbye to Jonathan.

About Jonathan Livingston Seagull
Jonathan the Seagull is a short, thought-provoking, hopeful novel for everyone that you must read!

Undoubtedly, Jonathan’s story inspires all people who are different in some way, and society is not willing to accept them because they are different.

Inspired by rejected people who have pursued a goal that not everyone can comprehend.

Inspiring people who think about the issue of life and want to find meaning in it.

Inspiring people who are not afraid of being pointed fingers and pursue their lofty goal in any way.

In this novel, we are confronted with a seagull who refuses to accept the humiliation of others and becomes rebellious. He opposes and does not regret what he has done.

From the text of the book:
There was no record of seagulls speaking or protesting in response to the “Great Council,” but Jonathan raised his voice. He shouted: “Irresponsibility?

Brothers! Who’s more responsible behavior than a seabird who finds and pursues a higher concept and purpose for life?

“I have spent thousands of years looking for fish heads in every nook and cranny, but now we have a reason to live: to learn, to discover, to achieve freedom!”

The book also has a mystical aspect that we will not mention in order not to reveal more of the book’s story.

Do not hesitate to read Jonathan Seagull and rest assured that this little book will forever remain in the corner of your mind.

In a part of the text of the book we read:

Most seagulls are only concerned with learning the most basic flight techniques: how to get from shore to feed and back.

For most seagulls, satiety outweighs the desire to fly.

But for this particular seagull, eating was not important, it was important to fly. More than anything else in the world. Jonathan Livingston was fascinated by flying.

Some time later, Jonathan realizes that others are looking at him strangely and do not understand his efforts to learn to fly.

Even his parents worry that he is just exercising and eating nothing, and that his fist is full of bones.

Jonathan is asked to be the same color as the congregation and to live like everyone else. But Jonathan has a higher purpose, and in response his mother says:

I do not want to be more than a full fist and bone, mother. I just want to know what I can do in the air and what I can’t do, that’s all. I have no other request.

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