Easy Access 2010 Tutorial


Title: Access 2010 Tutorial

Author: Javad Karimi

Publisher: Naghsh Simorgh

Subject: Computer

Age category: Adult

Language: Farsi



Introducing Easy Access 2010 tutorial by Javad Karimi Access 2010
Book List: Chapter One: Introduction to Access 2010 Chapter Two: Creating a Database Chapter Three: Entering Data Chapter Four: Using Forms Chapter Five: Inquiring Access Chapter Six: Reporting Chapter Seven: Database Management Chapter Eight: Working with macros

Microsoft Access is a component of Microsoft Office used to create relational databases. The software combined the Jet Database with a graphical user interface and a tool for generating software.

Version 1.0 The software was introduced in 1992 with Microsoft Windows, allowing separate database packages to communicate with each other through ODBC connection technology. کردن. Version 2.0 Access was released in 1994. An important feature of this version was the addition of the Jet database engine, which made queries run significantly faster.

With the advent of Windows 95, Office 95 was also introduced. In this version of Office, the Web language officially became the language of expansion behind all Office software.

In 1997, the web was expanding and the new access was introduced with tools for interacting with web tools.

Access 2000 had significant improvements in programming. In this version, ideas (English: ActiveX Data Objects or ADO) were introduced.

In 2002, referential integrity was introduced. Added X-Features capabilities were other features of this version.

In the 2003 version, in addition to improving X-ray capabilities, some unique tools in the field of programming and debugging were added.

After that, the 2007 version of Office was introduced and the current version of Access is the 2020 version.

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