Title: Hero

Author: Randa Byrne

Translator: Samira Bayat

Publisher: Nik Farjam

Subject: Success

Age category: Adult

Number of pages: 200

Language: Farsi



Introducing the book Hero by Randa Byrne
The Hero Book is about a story that has changed the lives of Randa Berne and many others throughout history. This story has been told in different ways in different cultures and countries since the beginning of time, but its theme has always been the same. The story is about a hero who bravely travels on this planet.

About the hero book
This book is about a story, a story that has changed my life and the lives of many people throughout history. This story has been told since the beginning of human creation and has been published in various forms in every culture and country, but the original story always remains the same.

This story is about a hero who promises to embark on a journey on planet Earth. Happiness and sorrow are both present on this planet, because this beautiful world is a world of duality – a world of contradictions. There is an opposite direction to everything.
Light and darkness, near and far, up and down, left and right, hot and cold; And these contradictions are observed at every level of life; There are friends and enemies, falling in love and giving up love, security and insecurity, wealth and poverty, happiness and unhappiness, and there are positive and negative characteristics in each person. On Earth, everything has its opposite.

Introducing the hero book
The view of the earth is very pleasant and beautiful, the seas, mountains, forests, beaches, plains, animals, birds, etc … We must add to this natural beauty, all the excitement of the experiences of the people who live on this beautiful planet.
Nevertheless, as the protagonist discovers, life on earth is fraught with challenges. Growth takes a lot of effort, from childhood to adolescence, youth, and old age. No one can escape physical suffering, grief, and eventually death. Of course, life on this planet is associated with pain and joy, sorrow and joy, defeat and victory, because our earthly life as human beings is based on contradictions and confrontations. Everything has an opposite and is known by its opposite.

Maulana says:
This world is the confinement of your souls. As you go beyond your desert, this world is limited and itself is infinite. Yes, you have to discover that for yourself, and reach for your infinite possibilities.

It is only by completing the hero’s journey and realizing the potential of your being that you become the hero of your life story. Then, a lofty goal will be placed in the vision of your life and your heart will turn to itself, helping those who have just embarked on the heroic journey of their lives.

You rush to their aid with everything you have discovered in your heroic journey in life.
The people you are going to travel with in The Hero Book are the ones who have set out on the journey of the hero of their lives. They come together from all over the world to tell their life story and share their experiences with you. They try to persuade you to a heartwarming and exciting journey: the journey of a hero.

Rhonda, Byrne began her spiritual journey with The Secret, which was well received by millions around the world. Following this film, he published the book Secret. The book was translated into 47 living languages ​​of the world and sold millions of copies.

Index of the book  Hero
The first part of the dream
Invites you to the story
Reject the inner voice
Find your dream
Pursue your happiness
The second part of the hero
The mind of a hero
The heart of a hero
The style of the hero
The third part of the search
Witnesses and supporters
The way of hard tests and miracles
The best test
Part IV Victory
A life worth living
The hero inside you

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