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Title: The Magic of Gratitude

Author: Randa Byrne

Translator: Giti Shahidi

Publisher: Shir Mohammadi

Subject: Religion, spirituality, thanksgiving

Age category: Adult

Cover: Paperback

Number of pages: 216 p

Language: Farsi



The magic is the work of Randa Byrne

Gratitude for the gift we receive is obvious, but it will not last for many of us. Many people face many problems in life and have no solution for them and at home at the end of the day they go home very tired; Randa Byrne, author of the best-selling book The Secret, attributes this confusion to our ingratitude and misguided way of thanking, and believes that with 28 exercises, we can learn how to use this miracle properly. Exercises that make magic books an effective book.

Randa Bern; From depression to writing a self-knowledge book
Rhonda Byrne was born in March 1945 in Melbourne, Australia. He first worked as a producer on television and until 2004 aired many television works. Berne became severely depressed after his father’s death and read The Science of Getting Rich at the request of his daughter. The book was published in 1910 by Wallace D. Wattles in pursuit of new intellectual movements. In this book, Watts talks about overcoming spiritual barriers and emphasizes that the key to attracting the wealth of creation is not competition. Influenced by this book, Randa Byrne discovered positive thinking and the power of attraction, and began researching positive thinking.

The “Secret” project, which includes books, films and collections of articles, began around this time. After his research, he discovered that great letters throughout history believed in the law of mystery and the miracle of thanksgiving, including “Abraham Lincoln”, “Beethoven” and “Churchill”. His attention is drawn to contemporary figures such as Jack Canfield, an American motivational writer and speaker; John Gray, author of the famous book Martian Men, Venusian Women; Was attracted.

Randa Byrne became famous not only as an Australian author with the publication of the documentary and book “The Secret” about the law of attraction, but also by translating the book into other languages; He also gained worldwide fame. In 2007, The Secret became the world’s best-selling book and was translated into more than 40 other languages. This book was translated in Iran by Nafiseh Motakaf and published by Liosa Publications.

Randa Byrne published the book The Magic in 2012, which was also translated into Persian as Miracle, after the publication of the “Secret” series. Magic deals with the concept of gratitude and its effect on life, and some consider it a complement to the book “Secret”. After the publication of Randa Berne’s book Magic, she did not stop writing about psychology and self-knowledge, and wrote other books, including The Law of Attraction, The Hero, and How She Changed the Secret of My Life.

In 2007, Time magazine named Randa Byrne one of the most influential people in the world. After the publication of his books on success, Berne attracted the attention of a wide range of readers and was introduced as a talented writer in the field of success and self-knowledge.

What is the magic book talking about?
Believers in the concept of the miracle of thanksgiving believe that “gratitude” is an exercise and can magically change the whole of human life, but many people are unaware of the effect of this miracle on their daily lives. After realizing this serious problem in society, Randa Berne wrote the book Magic with the aim of learning to be grateful and to enjoy life again.

The book The Magic of Thanksgiving, in the form of twenty-eight exercises, describes the mental skills of gratitude in short but effective sentences: “Day One: Count Your Blessings,” “Day Two: The Magic Stone,” “Day Three: Magical Relationships,” Day Four: Health “Magical”, “Day 5: Magical Wealth”, “Day 6: Work Magically”, “Day 7: The Magical Way Out of Negative Attitudes”, “Day 8: The Magical Element”, “Day 9: Attracting Wealth”, “Day Tenth: “Everyone’s magic powder”, “Day 11: A magical morning”, “Day 12: Magical people who made a dramatic change”, “Day 13: Make your dreams come true” and … Randa Byrne emphasizes in these exercises That man should not ignore the blessings of his life, but it is better to make a list of them and write the reason for gratitude for each. Make a list at the end of the day and be thankful for your daily blessings and miracles.

Berne believes that doing these exercises in twenty-eight days makes gratitude a habit and you can quickly see the effect in life. These habits work like a miracle, and painful and sad situations disappear. By following these tips, emotions such as fear, worry, sadness, grief and depression will be reduced and the conditions will be created in such a way that each person can get closer to his desires with a light spirit and a calm mind.

In addition to using her experiences in the practice of gratitude, Randa Byrne describes the experiences of other people in writing the book Magic. The miracle of gratitude, which sometimes heals patients, sometimes suggests solutions to marital problems, and sometimes gives hope to salvation, light, and happiness by designing effective exercises and techniques.

“This is a simple fact: When you are not thankful, you do not receive much,” says Berne in his book The Magic or Miracle of Thanksgiving. In fact, you prevent magic from continuing in your life, when you are ungrateful you stop the flow of better health, better relationships, more happiness, more wealth and career advancement. You must donate to receive. This is the law. “Gratitude is giving thanks, and without it, you deprive yourself of a miracle and receive whatever you want in life.”

In part of the book Magic we read:
Every bad feeling about wealth takes the wealth away from you and reduces the amount of it in your life, and every time you have a bad feeling about money, you reduce your wealth a little more. It is impossible to get more if you have feelings about money such as jealousy, frustration, worry, or fear. The law of attraction says that both sexes attract each other, so if you feel frustrated that you do not have enough money, you will receive more frustrating conditions of not having enough money. If you worry about money, your worries will get worse. If you’re afraid of your finances, you’re in a situation where you’re still afraid of money.

As difficult as it may be, you should ignore your current situation and any lack of wealth you may have experienced now. Thank you for your guaranteed method. You can not be thankful and disappointed for wealth at the same time. At the same time, you can not think of gratitude for money and have trouble thinking about it. You can not be thankful and scared about money at the same time. When you are thankful for wealth, not only do you stop the negative thoughts and feelings that drive wealth away from you, but you are doing the same thing that brings you more wealth.

You have already practiced gratitude for the wealth you have received and for continuing to receive it. So before using the magical power of gratitude for the money you want, you need to understand the various ways in which you could bring money and wealth into your life. Because if you are not thankful every time your wealth or money increases, you will stop the flow to you.

Any situation that leads to an increase in money for you or the receipt of something of financial value is the result of your gratitude. “Knowing that you have done this makes you feel very happy, and when you join your joy in gratitude, you have a real absorbing force that will continue to attract more and more.”

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