Familiar story


Title: Familiar story

Author: Ahmad Mahmoud

Publisher: Moin

Subject: Persian short stories – 19th century

Age category: Adult

Number of pages: 108

Language: Farsi

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The Familiar Story is a book by the well-known contemporary author, “Ahmad Mahmoud”, which contains a story of the same name along with three other stories. The rest of the stories in the forthcoming series are “Search”, “Aging Cane”, “Broken Column”, “Shadow” and “Kharkesh”, each of which presents a beautiful story with a warm and intimate narrative.
Introducing the book of familiar stories by Ahmad Mahmoud
One of the features of “Ahmad Mahmoud”‘s pen is that the words and narrations of the characters of his stories seem very tangible and familiar, and this issue is more and more known in the collection, which happens to be entitled “Familiar Story”. Eyes. The characters of “Familiar Story” are so close and believable that the audience easily communicates with them without having to adapt to the conditions of a new story, and the intimate and familiar world of the stories sinks.

Each of the stories has its own interesting and unique story, and in the first story, which is the “familiar story”, friends from high school are supposed to take a course. The story of “Search” is the story of a grenade found and exploded in a garden, and “The Cane of Aging” is the familiar story of an old woman who, with the death of her husband, her children are reluctant to take care of her.

“Broken Pillar” is a man tired of war who has returned home, and “Shadow” is the story of a displacement at the time of the discovery of the hijab. The last story of this series is called “Donkey” and it is the story of a boy who kills donkeys while drunk and that is why he is known by this name.

Familiar story
The book “Familiar Story” was written by “Ahmad Mahmoud” and was first published in 1991. The familiar storybook contains six short stories. The book begins with the phrase “Daddy knocked on your ear and said” and from the very beginning surprises the audience in an unexpected way.

As mentioned, the familiar story audio book includes a short story. These stories are: Familiar Story, Search, The Old Woman’s Cane, Broken Pillar, Shadow and Donkey. The subject of most of the stories in this book is the grief and poverty of ordinary people in society, and the author has been able to express his dominance over this issue.
Author; Mr. Ahmad Mahmoud has combined the method of realism with the method of expressing his sensory effects in the stories of the audio book of the familiar story, and by writing this book, he has taken a long and effective step in expressing the feelings and social relations of the people.

Summary of Familiar Story Book:
In this part of the article, we intend to briefly mention the subject of each of the six stories in the familiar story book.
Familiar story: This story is told by old friends who are going to get together after a long time to meet.

Search: This story narrates the events that take place after a grenade is found in the garden and then explodes.
The cane of old age: It narrates the life of an old woman who has lost her husband, but none of her children show any desire to keep him.
Broken Column: In this story, we read the life of a man who is tired of war and intends to return home.
Shadow: A story about the discovery of hijab.
Donkey: It is a strange story about a headless lot who kills donkeys due to drunkenness and for this reason he is known as the donkey man.

Part of a familiar story book:
The familiar story storybook begins like this:
The father listened to Karim and said: Write a vector. Karim picked up a pencil to write. The father said: Do not go with a pencil and bring a French pen. Karim shot the pencil on the porch on the roof. He took the French pen and pen and returned to his father.
The chicken’s bowl filled the house. The father’s voice was raised: “Well, tie this egg around his neck and throw it out of the house, as if it were a golden egg.” Karim grinned. The father said: Do not laugh miserably. Write dust on our heads. Karim frowned, put his tongue to his teeth and wrote: Our dust. The father whispered in Karim’s ear and said: So what do the dead owners remember in this school?

The woman’s voice came from the porch: “Leave this child alone.” The tall father said, “Oh, when I tell us that he should not write to us, it’s unhealthy in the third grade.” The woman’s voice came again: You do not know anything more than a child with two Akbar classes. The father grumbled: La ilaha illa Allah. He picked up a can of cigarettes and said, “Cyrus, write from scratch.”
Karim crossed out the text. The woman was drinking water in the porch. The man said: Well, now write, the day will come when I will hit you on the head and tell you to get rid of the sorrel. Karim wrote: The day will come when I will hit myself in the head and tell him to get better from sorrel …
In another part of the story, it says:
He trembled and shouted, “What is the answer of God to the son of Chamush in that world?” I was saying in my heart that there is a long time until the Day of Judgment, Dad! Until then – God willing – it will be forgotten who prayed and who did not.

Familiar story book analysis:
Author; Mr. Ahmad Mahmoud in the audio book of the familiar story was able to reveal the pain of many people with his sharpness and intelligence and using the language of irony in different parts of the book, for example, in the audio book of the familiar story he says: . Which is in fact the case.

The characters selected in the book, as it is clear from the title of the book, are selected from ordinary and familiar people in the society, so that by reading the stories of the book and getting acquainted with each of its characters, the audience says to themselves how familiar and tangible the book characters are. . This factor has made the book attractive to the audience.
The audio book of the familiar story has a very simple and sincere tone, and this factor forces the reader to read it to the end without leaving the book.
The stories in this book narrate the lives of poor people living in the south of the city.

About Ahmad Mahmoud:
Ahmad Atta; The contemporary Iranian writer known as Ahmad Mahmoud was born on January 25, 1961 in Ahvaz.
He was born to Dezfuli parents. It is noteworthy that Ahmad Mahmoud completed his primary and secondary education in Dezful and then entered the Army Officer College. He is one of those who was sent to prison after the coup d’état of August 29, 1943, for not signing a letter of repentance and not cooperating with the Pahlavi government, and also spent some time in exile in the port of Lengeh.

In 1333, he published his first collection of short stories in Omid magazine, and then in 1338, he succeeded in publishing his first collection of stories entitled Mol.
Other works of Ahmad Mahmoud include:
Pilgrimage in the rain, neighbors, a native boy, the story of a city, zero degree orbit, scorched earth, strangers, futility, from traveler to herpes, fig tree temples, visit, the sea is still calm ….
Finally, Ahmad Mahmoud died of a lung disease on October 3, 2002 in Mehrad Hospital.

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