Caravan of Islam


Title: Caravan of Islam

Author: Sadegh Hedayat

Publisher: Forbidden

Subject: Persian short stories

Age category: Adult

Cover: Paperback

Number of pages: 140 pages

Language: Farsi

Categories: ,


Introducing the book Caravan of Islam by Sadegh Hedayat
The book of the Caravan of Islam is the work of Sadegh Hedayat, whose other name is Besat al-Salamiyyah to Balad al-Kufr.
Sadegh Hedayat’s friend named Majid Minavi says that Hedayat wrote this work in the year one thousand three hundred and twelve.

In this work, some religious people whose names are as follows go to European countries:
1. Mr. Taj Al-Motalemin Chairman
2. Mr. Andalib al-Islam, Vice President
3. Mr. Sakan Sharia Consultant
4. Mr. Saint Al-Aqsab, the author
5. Mr. Algerjis is a translator and narrator
Caravan of Islam is a satirical writing by Sadegh Hedayat.
In this book, Sadegh Hedayat begins to give religious examples in a humorous tone and tries to show that the mullahs are for their own benefit, who became the preachers of religion.
Hedayat previously wanted the title of this book to be Rastgovsky, but his decision was changed.

This book tells the story of some religious missionaries who decide to go to the land of infidelity and invite the people there to Islam, but after they get there, one of them takes the travel money and runs away, and they stay in European countries. And they enjoy themselves and become like strangers.
This story is told by an Arab journalist.

Sadegh Hedayat’s other works are:
The Legend of Creation
Stray Dog
Khayyam Songs
burried alive
Three drops of blood
وغ وغ سهاب
Alawite Khanum
Pearl ball
One of the famous works of Sadegh Hedayat is The Blind Owl, which is one of the most important works in contemporary Persian literature. Apart from short stories, Hedayat also has translations of Kafka, such as Metamorphosis and The Convicts. Sadegh Hedayat’s writings have been significantly influenced by this German author.

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