Broken winged birds


Title: Broken Winged Birds

Author: Aisha Colin

Translator: Perry Ashtari

Publisher: Foroozeh

Subject: Turkish story

Age category: Adult

Cover: Paperback

Number of pages: 400 pages

Language Farsi

Categories: ,


Broken Winged Birds is a work by Aisha Colin translated by Perry Ashtari and published by Foroozeh Publications. This is not a historical novel, but its story is in the heart of history and is narrated from the thirties to recent years. Broken Bird is a human-centered story that is associated with contemporary Turkish history and tells of forced migration, politicization of religion, discrimination, violence and so on. The story begins in March 1933 in Frankfurt, from the sad and sad looks of a woman who has to leave her memories, her identity, her home, her lovely memories and everything she is used to, in order to be able to Save his life.

Excerpts from the book
Gerhard gently patted his hand and asked, “Are you… good professor?”

“I am fine? I am fine? I! Because I was a Jew in my homeland, I was considered a lowly race, I was humbled, I was expelled from teaching, I, a refugee who was forced to leave my job, my home and my land, fled! Now here in a country on the other side of the world, in a palace drowned in crystal and marble, and among the furniture of pearl jewelry, in a house decorated with magnificent carpets and paintings, he is recognized as one of the thousand chosen people, as a respected professor. I can. Yes sir, well, very well. “It’s like I was born again.”

Biography of the author of the book
Colin was born in 1941 in Istanbul. His father, Mohitin Kolin, was of Bosnian descent and was one of the first civil engineers in Istanbul to establish the State Hydraulic Installation Company (DSİ). His mother was Sitare Hanim, a Circassian, and the grandson of an Ottoman economy minister.

Colin graduated from the American Girls’ College in Arnautoko, Istanbul. He published a collection of short stories entitled Güneşe Dön Yüzünü in 1984. The short story of this work called Glyzar was turned into a film in 1986 and won him a screenplay award from the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. Colin has worked as a screenwriter, cinematographer and producer for many films, TV series and commercials. In 1986, he won the Best Cinematography Award from the Theater Cinema Association for his work on the television series Ayaşlı ve Kiracıları.
In 1996, he wrote a biography of Munir Noureddin Selcuk entitled “Bir Tatlı Huzur”. In the same year, his short story “Foto Sabah Resimleri” won the “Haldon Tanner” short story award, and the following year he won the Fike site short story award.

In 2002, Colin wrote the novel Nafs Nafs about Turkish diplomats who saved Jewish lives during the Holocaust during World War II.

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