Bread Season (illustrated book)


Title: Bread Season

Author: Ali Akbar Darvishian

With the voice of: Ali Denivi Sarvi

Publisher: Cheshmeh

Language: Farsi

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Introducing the book of the bread season by Ali Akbar Darvishian
The Bread Season, like many other Dervishes, is a collection of short stories written with the approach of condemning poverty. In the stories of this book, Darvishians try to narrate and blame the commonalities of the stories, the poverty caused by the prevailing algebra, by looking at the world of different characters.

The characters in the Book of the Bread Season, like other works of the Dervishes, are caught in a situation from which it is impossible to escape and progress. Although the characters in this series of stories try to somehow get out of this vicious circle and find a pretext for an easier life, poverty is so ingrained in their lives that they can not easily get rid of it and eventually return to their original place.
The dervishes, who have a deep socialist and leftist outlook on their work and life, undoubtedly believe that in order to disrupt this vicious cycle and provide better living conditions, there is a need for outside intervention and some form of government assistance. This book was published in 1978 by Shabahang Publications and after that Cheshmeh Publishing House republished the book of the bread season.

Bread Season Synopsis
The Bread Season book consists of six short stories that have the following titles in order:

Oil donkey
Daddy Shop
Plum broth
one day
Love and Thatch
Baba Masoumeh
In a part of the book, we read:
We sat at the table. Peel a squash, grate it and put it on the bread. We ate bread and cucumbers. Then we salted the cucumber skin and ate it. My dad ate from the shells so that we could not see. Then he dipped his morsel in salt and said, “O Mulam Ali.” He turned to his grandmother and said, “Imam Ali (as) always eats bread and salt.” “I will be your victim, Mola Jan,” said the grandmother. “Thank you, thank you.” When the bread ran out, Baba raised his hand to the ceiling and we prayed together.

“Thank God. O God, make us. Give us our daily bread. Give us our bread. Do not kill your father. Do not kill your grandmother. Give us your loan. Do not make us unhappy, O God.”
My little sister Fati pointed to the ceiling with the skin of a small cucumber in her thin hand, and while holding her tongue, she said, “Oh God. Give me some candy. Give me some bones.” Asghar laughed and fell silent with Baba’s proud eyes. “Calm down, Saturn is on his stomach.” Baba pointed to the tablecloth and told his grandmother to “increase it” and the grandmother gathered the tablecloth. Baba, who was burping, I went and brought the report card. I gave his hand.

With his literacy furnace, he could hardly find his name and himself. “Sharif Ali’s name, the hardworking fame of Saif Ali’s son” he sang his name, pursed his lips and raised his thick eyebrows.
Like when he reads a prayer book. He liked it. He sang “Saif Ali’s son” again and said to his grandmother, “God blessed the fourth grade.” Asghar lowered his head and moved the empty matchbox to the edge of the kilim, making the sound of a car. It was the second grade. Maybe he was upset that he did not speak. Baba said to Asghar: “What did you do lazy?” Asghar shook his hand. His car went off the road and hit a pigeon on the kilim. Baba turned to me and said, “You have to go to work tomorrow. Asghar is also going to sell tickets.”

Why should I read the book of the bread season?
Darvishians wrote the book Season of Bread in the prison of the Pahlavi government. That is, when in 1974 he was sentenced to eleven years in prison. Ahmad Poori, the good translator of our country, narrates that the Darwishians wrote the whole book of the bread season in prison in small letters.

During one of his meetings with his wife Shahnaz Darabian, he secretly gave the book to his wife without the SAVAK agents realizing that he had exchanged it, and after typing the book from Darvishian writings, the book was published by Shabahang Was deposited.
The book of the bread season is mostly because the main character of the story of the bread season is a child who tries to provide his education conditions along with all the problems of life, was introduced by the Iranian Children’s Book Council in 1978 as the book of the year.

The Bread Season book is in the category of short story books.

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