Ask and it is given


Title: The request is met

Author: Esther Hicks, Jerry Hicks

Translator: Fariba Bordbar

Publisher: Almas Parsian

Subject: Success, Psychology

Age category: Adult

Cover: Paperback

Number of pages: 320 pages / illustrated

Language: Farsi

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Ask and it is given: Learning to manifest the law of attraction work of Esther Hicks and Jerry Hicks.

Request a book will be fulfilled. Ask for a book to be given to you. There is no difference between the two books only in the type of translation.

The above book is a lasting and very influential work by Jerry Hicks and Esther Hicks; You can find this book on most of the bookshelves in the city.

The author couple, Esther and Jerry Hicks, are on the New York Times list of most popular writers.

The book The Applicant is Satisfied has two parts, the first part consists of 22 chapters and the second part consists of 22 stages.
This book is currently on sale in more than one hundred countries around the world.

Who is Esther Hicks?
Esther Hicks was born in 1948 in Utah, USA. She married Jerry Hicks in 1980, and according to Esther, her life was truly romantic and wonderful with Jerry Hicks until Jerry Hicks died on November 8, 2011.

Esther Hicks starred in the 2006 film Secret, which led to her being named as a coach and author of The Law of Attraction.
Esther Hicks is aware of the laws of this world, so she was able to build her life beyond others.

In addition to wealth and peace, Esther Hicks was able to connect with Abraham Hicks, her spiritual guide, and help her with her life’s problems. The Book of Request is Satisfied is also written with the help of the teachings of Abraham Hicks, which makes this book more interesting and different from other books.

The book review request is met
Name of the work: The request is fulfilled.
Author: Esther and Jerry Hicks
Slogan: Beyond Belief
Number of sections: 2 sections (22 chapters and 22 stages)
Number of pages: 220 pages
Genre: Self-help
The chapters and sections of the request book are met
As mentioned, the book The Applicant is Satisfied consists of two parts. The first part, called What We Know, contains 22 chapters, the chapters of which are as follows:

Chapter One / The Power of Feeling Good in the Present
Chapter 2 / We promise you
Chapter 3 / You create your own reality
Chapter 4 / How can we get from here to there? (The book means where you are now and where you want to be)
Chapter 5 / The Basics of Simple Understanding Fits everything together
Chapter Six / The Law of Attraction
Chapter 7 / You stand on the height of thought
Chapter 8 / You are the transmitter and receiver of vibration
Chapter 9 / The latent value in sensitive reactions
Chapter Ten / Three Steps to What You Want to Be
Chapter 11 / You will become a happy and thoughtful creator with practice
Chapter Twelve / Setting Points Your feelings are in control
Chapter 13 / Let Your Emotions Guide You
Chapter Fourteen / Things You Knew Before You Arrived
Chapter 15 / You are a complete but expanding being
Chapter 16 / You Create in a Magnificent and Diverse World Together
Chapter Seventeen / Where Are You and Where Do You Want to Be?
Chapter 18 / You can gradually change your vibration frequency
Chapter 19 / You can really figure out for yourself how you feel
Chapter 20 / Trying to prevent the freedom of others is always at the cost of losing your own freedom
Chapter 21 / You are only 17 seconds away from achieving 68 seconds of success
Chapter Twenty-two / Different degrees of emotion guidance scale
The second part of the book, The Request to Be Fulfilled, also includes 22 wonderful steps. These steps include exercises that bring you closer to your goals and help bring those goals into your life. These steps include the following:
The first stage is the influx of gratitude
The second stage of the magic box of creation
The third step is to create a workshop
The fourth stage of virtual reality
The fifth stage of the boom game
The sixth stage of meditation
Step 7 Evaluate Dreams
Step 8 Office of the Positive Aspects
The ninth stage of screenwriting
Step 10 Carpet place
The eleventh step is to determine the intention at each point
Step 12 is not good if…?
Step 13 Which thought makes better sense?
Step Fourteen Sort
Fifteenth step wallet
Sixteenth stage of rotation
Step 17 The focus wheel
Step 18 Find a place to feel
Step 19 Set aside
Step 20 Leave the job to the manager
Step 21 Re-ask
Step 22 Raise the scale of emotion
The book “Ask to Be Fulfilled” by Esther and Jerry Hicks will help you learn how to express your dreams so that you can have a happy life in which you deserve what you deserve.

With this book, you will understand how relationships, health issues, finances, job worries, and more are affected by the global laws that govern the reality of time and space around you, and you will discover a powerful process that It will help you to move with a positive flow of life.
It is your natural right to live a life full of goodness, and this book shows you how to create these conditions for yourself in any way. The book you have now contains the greatest and most wonderful teachings that have ever been available on the planet. The present work is a unique work among the books that have been published so far.

By reading this book, you will be able to understand the thoughts of those who are constantly connected to the source energy of the universe. In addition, the voices heard from the right are in a language that is completely understandable to you and you can act on them immediately. They give you a plan to understand and realize your destiny. Keep the source of love and blessing separate. The message of this book is very shocking and at the same time simple – you come from a source of love and health.

And when you are in harmony with the energy of love and peace, you gain the power of the same source – and this is the power with which you will fulfill all your desires, you will absorb abundance to where it was previously lacking. And you will achieve the Creator’s instructions in the form of dealing with the right people and the exact right and desirable situation.
This is what the source of the universe does for you, and because you come from the same source, you can do the same. The present book has been published by Almas Parsian Book Publishing.

The book “Apply is Satisfied” (Beyond Belief) is a work by Esther and Jerry Hicks, translated by Fariba Bordbar and published by Almas Parsian, Golden Trick.

Successful and inspiring American writers and speakers, in the forthcoming comprehensive book, teach how to benefit from the law of attraction and counter negative thoughts with practical and understandable examples, to take control of life and achieve the desires. .

Excerpts from the book
If you know that your thoughts are equal to your point of attraction and that it shows how you feel, how much you allow or resist within you, you have the key to creating all your desires.

It is not possible to always have a positive feeling about something and it gets bad, so it is not possible to always have a bad feeling about something and it just comes out of the water; Because your feelings tell you whether or not you allow natural pleasure to come.

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