The power of I am


Title: I am my power

Author: Joel Austin

Translator: Farideh Yeganehparastan Moghaddam

Publisher: Asma, Al-Zahra

Subject: Conversation with self / confidence / positivity

Age category: Adult

Number of pages: 320

Language: Farsi



The book The power of I am : two words that will change your life today, 2015 is by Joel Austin and was published in 2015. Joel Austin is a motivational writer and speaker whose books are on the New York Times bestseller list, and his lectures reach an average of 7 million viewers a week. The book I Am Power is his best-selling and one of his most popular books.

IntroducingThe power of I am : two words that will change your life today, 2015
Words are the most powerful tool in the human hand. Man can powerfully destroy or rebuild the words of life. In fact, these are the words that heal wounds with their energy and effect or become salt on wounds.

But it’s up to man to use this power. Humiliation or respect? It is enough to take a little time and see how our words have paved the way for our own lives and the lives of others. If words are from the depths of our souls and beliefs, they even have the power to change lives. It is enough to believe.

Joel Austin in I Am Power helps us excel with the two words I Am.

I am about the book of my power
In this book, he talks about the power of “I am” that human beings use every day in their words. This book is one of the best-selling and most popular books by Joel Austin, which has long been at the top of bestsellers.

In this book, Joel Austin tries to explain to the reader that whatever human attribute or phrase he attributes to himself, we actually believe it and eventually become the same. The book is full of motivational sentences and is written in simple language so that it can be understood by everyone in the community.

Who is the book I Am Power for?
Usually, bad living conditions and unfortunate events, which are sometimes referred to as bad luck or misery, are formed only as a result of a person’s negative attitude towards the issue.

People who are constantly grumbling in life and looking for excuses to put all the negative traits between my two words I am, by reading the book My Power, can discover their unique abilities and talents and have a more productive and happy life.
In this book, Austin, like his other books, inspires many people with amazing insights and stories to remind them to master the essence and truth of their lives by focusing on the power of positive energy. The book I Am My Power helps the reader to reach the peaks of life by focusing on these two words, and these two words are nothing but me.

I am a review of my book of power
The book I Am Power consists of nineteen chapters. In the opening sections of the book, the author emphasizes that when a person says to himself, “I am very clumsy,” he becomes clumsy.

Wrinkles follow him when he says “I’m too old” or calories when he says “I’m very fat”. In fact, whatever a person says I am, it’s like sending him an invitation and opening the door for him and allowing him to be a part of his life. This is the case for both positive and negative cases.

Austin goes on to explain that what man attributes to himself as beauty and freshness, God puts in his path, and this also refreshes the human soul. The author goes on to explain how practice can turn weaknesses into strengths and sow the seeds of positive thoughts in place of negative thoughts.
Austin emphasizes in this book that we must change our being so that our destiny can also change.

For example, in the twelfth chapter, entitled “I am purposeful, take control of time”, the author explains that time is one of the most valuable human assets, the loss of which can not be compensated in any way.

He says that we are responsible for the time that God has given us and we should not waste it or allow time to be wasted without any specific purpose. Identifying the main priorities of life and being purposeful is one of the strategies that is emphasized in this chapter.

In fact, living life on the web or in vain separates life only from the path of peace and well-being.
In each chapter of Joel Austin’s book, he presents stories, strategies, and approaches that introduce man to the real and important meaning of his life step by step. Continued in the seventeenth chapter, entitled “I am protected;

God loves human beings with defects. ”Austin explains, quoting from the Bible, that if man trusts in God and knows that nothing can enter his life without God’s permission, he will no longer worry about the future. Ultimately, this feeling of trust in God prevents one from deviating from the path of happiness and looking at everything with a positive outlook.

In the concluding chapters of the book, Austin explains that we should not always pray in the presence of God with the view that a miracle will happen and that someone will enter our lives through whom we can feel happy.
He states that now is the time to become the miracle of people’s lives instead of waiting for miracles and happiness to arrive. Man is in fact the hand of God on this planet that can bring hope and enthusiasm in the lives of others.

In The Power of Me, Joel Austin accompanies the reader, step by step, from abandoning negative thinking habits to becoming a miracle in the lives of others.

About Joel Austin; Inspiring speaker and writer
Most fans of motivational lectures and books have been able to make a difference in their lives with the words of Joel Osteen. Joel Austin was born in 1963 in Texas, USA. After his father’s death, he continued to serve as the senior pastor of Likwood Church.

Joel gradually became famous and popular among the people of his hometown with his speeches. Lectures that, like a psychologist in the field of success and self-help and using Bible verses, help his audience to strengthen their inner faith in God in addition to feeling calm.
In addition to articulation techniques, Austin addresses issues that most people face in their daily lives. The charm of Austin’s tone and speech is such that many of his audiences around the world have dubbed him the “Good Priest.”

Austin’s motivational lectures have more than 20 million viewers on the Internet over the course of a month, and his books have been translated into 100 different countries around the world. Joel Austin was named one of the 10 Most Influential People in the World in 2006.

He has written more than seven books, all in the field of psychology and self-help. The remarkable thing about his books is that some of these books have been at the top of the New York Times best books for more than 200 weeks.
The book “I am power” has been translated by “Fariba Sabzchamani” and read by “Mahbod Qanat Pisheh” and has been published by Shaden Pajhwok Publications.

Joel Austin’s books “How to Discover Our Talent”, “The Power of Faith”, “Wanting to Be Able”, “How to Become a Sick Doctor”, “Perfection”, “Beyond Limits”, “You for Life has not been created in limitation “,” You are fully equipped, you have been created completely and purposefully “,” Abundance of blessings “,” Preparation for the goal “,” You do not matter to me “, etc. have been published.

In a part of the book I Am Power, we read:
The situation you are in today is partly because of what you have always said about yourself. Words are like seeds. When you say something in your own language, you bring it to life. If you keep saying it, it may eventually become a reality.

You may realize it yourself or you may not be happy, but you are actually predicting your own future. This is at a time when we are saying things like, “I am God’s mercy.” I am strong. I will achieve my dreams.
“I’ll get out of debt.” “Very well, we’re not only positive, we’re predicting victory, we’re predicting success, we’re predicting new levels. Your life will move in the same direction as your words.

But many people are constantly predicting only negative things. “Nothing very good happens to me in life.” “My body will never fit again.” “The business situation is bad. “I will most likely be fired.” “It’s a sick season. “I will definitely catch the flu.”

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