The Power Is Within You


Title: Amazing Power Within

Author: Louise L. Hee

Translator: Mina Amiri

Publisher: Nik Farjam

Subject: Self-acceptance / Transformation (Psychology)

Age category: Adult

Number of pages: 222

Language: Farsi

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Introducing the book The Power Is Within You the work of Louise L. Hee
The book The Amazing Power Within is written in continuation of the book Healing Life. This book shows you how powerful you are. The power that we have always sought in every corner is present within us and ready to use it in positive ways.

Louise L. Hee believes that this power can lead us romantically to perfect health, excellent communication and perfect jobs, and bring us every kind of happiness. In order to obtain them, we must first believe that they are possible.
This book expresses the opinions and suggestions of a person who has been able to solve some of his problems by his slow work and acting on the findings of this effort. He seeks to share these views with his fellow human beings on the basis of the same factor of the advancement of science, that is, paying attention to the thoughts of others and perceiving their positive points, and continuing the development of human society.

“The Power Is Within You” is a book by Louise L. Hee about self-acceptance and inner transformation.

In the introduction to this book we read: The material and information in this book is part of my lectures over the past five years, the same launching pad for self-discovery, an opportunity to learn more about yourself and the potential within you. Be aware. Forces that can be a beacon of self-knowledge. You have the opportunity to become a part of the incredible and unimaginable world of love by loving yourself. Love begins in our hearts and lives within us. Let your love play a role in the restoration of this planet.

About Louise L. Hee
Louise L. Hee (October 8, 1926 – August 30, 2017) is an American motivational speaker and author. He is the founder of “Khaneh Hey” publishing house. He has authored several books on innovation and self-help, including The Healing of Life, published in 1984.
Louise Hay was born in Los Angeles. His stepfather was a violent man and he always harassed him and his mother. She was raped by a neighbor at the age of 5 and dropped out of high school at the age of 15 while pregnant. She gave birth to a child at the age of 16.

He then moved to Chicago to pursue low-paying jobs. She came to New York again in 1950 and worked as a model for three of the fashion designers of the day, which was a success for her. In 1954, he married an English businessman named Andrew Hee. After living together for 14 years, Andrew married another woman and he fell in love.
In those days, Louise Hay found the first church of theology, located at 48th Street, where she learned the power of thought. There he studied the work of Florence Schavel Sheen and Ernest Holmes on modern thinking, which taught that optimism could change people’s material conditions or that it could be used to cure physical problems.

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