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Introducing the book The evolution of Love by Alan Dubaton
The Journey of Love is written by Alain Dubatten, a contemporary English writer and philosopher.

This book has been translated by Zahra Bakhtari. The course of love is, in fact, an exploration of what happens after the beginning of love, what keeps love alive, and what comes under the pressures of everyday life over the basic ideals of human beings.

The first novel by contemporary English philosopher and author Alain Dubaton, “Essays on Love,” was published in 1993, when he was 23 years old.

Since then, Dubatten’s literary works have often been the nature of articles, such as the successful How Proust Can Transform Your Life.
Now that Dubatan is twice the age of writing his first novel, after a long time he turns to the novel again to continue the path he started with his first novel.

Contrary to popular belief, it’s not just the “beginning of love” that matters, but how it continues. In the course of love, she pulls back the curtains and looks honestly and unemotionally at the institution of marriage in modern times.

“The Journey of Love” narrates the developments of a couple’s romantic relationship, named Rabi and Kirsten, who fall in love in Edinburgh, get married and have children;
But no long-term relationship is simply the end of a love story: “… and they lived together happily ever after!”

The Journey of Love is a romance novel that explores how love survives and develops in the long run. This novel tries to explore what happens after love;

What keeps love alive and what comes under the pressures of ordinary life over our original ideals. With Rabi and Karsten, the singer experiences the first sparks of mania, the simplicity of falling into the trap of love, as well as the course of life after it.

The philosophical passages that have been challenged are explained and guided by Alain de Button to his readers. Alain de Button has such successful works as Proust How Can You Transform Your Life and has essays on love in his repertoire.

Dubatan has always sought to combine his personal experiences with great thinkers and to incorporate philosophy into people’s daily lives. He calls it “everyday philosophy”.

Everyday philosophy transforms the course of love into a fictional, philosophical, and psychological novel that encourages its audience to deeply identify with the characters of the novel and to reflect on their experiences of love.
Rabi and Kirsten, the two characters in Dubatan’s novel, in this story, after experiencing the first sparks of love, must experience the course of life after that and face the misfortunes and happy and unhappy realities of life.

They enter real life after marriage. Experience anger and frustration early in life together.

They argue about stupid issues, they are curious about relationships. In fights, they look for the culprit, realize that they have to learn from each other, have children, learn to be parents, face challenges in marital life, accuse each other of infidelity, tell their secrets, and try to live beyond romantic love. Preserve themselves and think about the future.

In the influential novel The Course of Love, Dubatan examines how love survives and progresses in the long run, and the result is a philosophical and psychoanalytic story that encourages us to deeply identify with the characters in the novel and to reflect on their romantic experiences.

Part of the book The evolution of Love
Two years after their marriage, Rabi is still unstable at work and at risk of a slump in work and a sudden change in customer opinion.

As a result, Rabie is overjoyed when the company makes a huge, long-term deal across the border on January 1 in South Shields, England, a hard-working city two and a half hours by train from Edinburgh.

What is to be done is to rebuild the land around the dock and the abandoned land full of industrial sheds and turn them into parks, cafes and museums to preserve a local monument called the Tyne, which is the second oldest lifeboat in Britain.

Eun asks Rabi if he wants to take over project management, which is a great honor, but requires him to spend three and a half nights a month away from Christmas.

The budget is limited, so he settles in the Premier South Shields Inn, a relatively inexpensive place stuck between the women’s prison and the warehouse. In the evenings, diners are served at the hotel’s restaurant, Tibarnes, where pork chops are cooked under the lights of the butcher shop.

During his second visit there, he hears from local officials about a range of issues.
Everyone is so timid that they can not make big decisions and delays fall on the shoulders of various strict laws; It is a miracle that they have been able to get here.

There is a vein in Rabi’s neck that shoots like this. Shortly after nine o’clock, while walking on a nylon carpet in socks, he calls from his cherry-purple room to call.

He tells him: “Tekel, another day has passed with meetings that numb the brain and idiots of the council who cause trouble for no good reason.

I miss you so much. “I am ready to do anything to have you by my side right now.” Karsten pauses (Rabi feels he can hear the miles they have traveled), then responds in a calm tone that before the start of March, Rabi should add his name to the car insurance and that their neighbor wants to talk about the sewer pipe. To speak, as it is towards the garden;
Here Rabi quietly but seriously repeats that he misses her and wishes they were together. In Edinburgh, Kresten wears his jacket and squats on one side of the couch, on the other side, with a bowl of tuna and a piece of toast.

Kersten pauses again, but Rabi’s answer is brief, dry, and formal: “Yes.” It is a pity that Rabi can not see that Karst is holding back his tears.

This book is the story of Rabi Khan (Beirut – Middle East) and Kirsten McLeland (Scotland).

The book examines the lives of these two people from the beginning of their acquaintance with each other and analyzes and examines everything that happens to them in every way of life.

This book is written in five parts as follows:
after that
Escape from Romanticism
In the back of the book we read:
This book is the story of a marriage; From the most exciting moments to the joys and fears of true commitment and the deep problems that slowly arise in our life together.

The translator of the book also says in the introduction of the book:
Two Buttons in this romance novel examines how love survives and thrives in the long run. The result is a fictional, philosophical, and psychoanalytic experience that encourages us to deeply identify with the characters in the novel and to reflect on their romantic experiences.

The writing style of this book is such that after every important event or incident, the author has written an analysis of it.

That’s why I think this book is more like an exciting classroom than a thriller.

This book shows us that love and marriage have their own problems and we all need to learn how to deal with these problems.

In fact, love and cohabitation require skill, and this book tries to teach us this skill.

Although I think that all the topics and issues of the book are not compatible with the Iranian culture and our way of life in Iran, but the contents of the book “The Journey of Love” are extremely good and very meaningful, so I suggest you read this book carefully and patiently.

Excerpts from the book
For Rabi, marriage is the culmination of a daring path to absolute intimacy; The request for marriage has all the charm of jumping from a precipice with its eyes closed, hoping and confident that someone else will come down and catch us.

People who are good listeners are just as important and rare as people who express themselves well.

To have good relationships, we do not need to be constantly wise; All we need to do is to be able to openly admit once in a while that we may have acted foolishly in one or two situations.

If we truly love someone, we do not ask them to change at all.
One of the symptoms of an anxious attachment is the inability to tolerate complex situations and react dramatically to such situations, such as silence, procrastination, or indifferent speech.

These are quickly interpreted with negativity, insults or malicious attacks. For a person with anxiety attachment, any minor insults, harsh words or negligence may be considered a serious threat that signals the breakdown of the relationship.

There are few people in this world who are really always naughty; Those who hurt us are in torment themselves.

So the right response is by no means pessimism or violence, but love is always the rarest moment that one can handle.

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