Creativity: unleashing the forces within


Title: Creativity

Author: Asho

Translator: Marjan Faraji

Publisher: Forbidden

Subject: Strategies for a new life, the release of inner strength

Age category: Adult

Cover: Paperback

Number of pages: 248 pages

Language: Farsi

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Introducing the book Creativity: unleashing the forces within by Ashu
The author tries to liberate each individual by destroying the collective mind so that they can be themselves (of course, it is the author’s own opinion and introduction). This way, there will be no more problems on the way. Then everyone can live as they wish. In fact, humanity can only be truly born on the day when one’s rebellion is respected. Humanity has not yet been born. It is still in its infancy. What you see as humanity is merely a very distorted phenomenon. It’s messy.

Unless we give everyone absolute freedom to be themselves and to declare their own way of existence. Of course, in a way that does not disturb others and the laws that govern society. This is part of freedom.

“Creativity” is a collection of teachings of Ashu, one of the mystics of India, which is about liberating inner forces, creating meaning, knowing the truth and solutions for new life. It comes to mind that the more knowledge, skill, and practice a person has and the stronger his memory, the more likely he is to master the theorems and study them from different dimensions (new plan). To creativity and innovation. But creativity is not construction, nor is it exploration.

In essence, creativity is not associated with any effort or activity, but talking about surrender and stillness in the current moments in the bed of time and being watered by the boiling spring of love … but changing the position from imitative and regular behavior to flexibility and creative initiative requires change. It is deep in our abilities and attitudes about ourselves, in other words, thinking and living outside the framework, and this is what we call creativity.
In this book, while giving a definition of spiritual creativity and the conditions for achieving it, the author enumerates its basic obstacles (self-awareness, perfectionism, wisdom, belief, and the game of fame). He talks about “the peak of creativity”, “creative imagination”, “depression” and “the art of money”.

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