Sofies verden: roman om filosofiens historie


Title: The World of Sophie

Author: Justin Garder

Translator: Roya Emami Meybodi

Publisher: Alves

Subject: Foreign novel_ History of Philosophy

Age category: Adult

Number of pages: 583

Language: Farsi

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Sofies verden: roman om filosofiens historie is the title of a fascinating book that surprises the audience! Most people who are interested in studying philosophy have included this book in their list of favorite books, but it is interesting to know that Sufi World is a book for people who are not very interested in philosophy and only want to have a slight acquaintance with philosophy. It is attractive. Join us to talk more about this mysterious novel.

A book on the history of philosophy
As can be seen from the cover of The Sufi World, this book is a story about the history of the philosophy of the whole world. According to many audiences, the story of the Sufi world tells a selection of valuable sayings of the world’s major philosophers of the past 3,000 years.

The author of this book creatively expresses all the philosophy and valuable points that everyone should know about this science in simple and fluent language. This issue has made Sophie’s world as one of the best-selling books in the world always happy in the queue of books and was read in 60 different languages ​​in the world.

About Justin Gorder, the author who made philosophy more selfish!
Justin Garder is the name of the creative author of the novel The Sufi World. The Norwegian writer was originally a concerned teacher who devoted many years of his life to teaching philosophy and the history of ideas.

For many years, this author sought to find an easy and fluent book on philosophy so that he could introduce it to his young students. But despite the proliferation of philosophical books, Justin Garder could not find a book that presented simple philosophical concepts to his students, and this concern led Garder to write his own to introduce philosophy to his students by writing compelling stories that are more appealing to young people. .

Other works by Justin Gorder
The latest work in 1991 turned a dream into a reality that was hard for many audiences to believe. It was fascinating for people all over the world to read a book on the subject of Justin Gerdr in philosophy in a fluent and simple language so that people who do not have enough knowledge of philosophy can have a newer view of this science by reading it!

After the publication of this book, many audiences became interested in reading a book that is about philosophy but has a simple language. One of the important features of the Sufi world is that it has made both groups of audiences, those who are interested in philosophy and have had a comprehensive study of each of the chapters of the book, and a group of people who have studied about Have no philosophy to keep satisfied. Because reading the novel of the Sufi world can be considered a comprehensive review of the philosophical studies of different people.
Justin Gerdr is a writer who, with his other exciting works, has attracted a large audience and fans from all over the world. One of the most important and famous books of this Norwegian author, entitled “The Secret of Fortune Telling”, has been a popular book in most libraries for many years. In the following, we will get acquainted with the other works of this author-teacher.

– The secret of fortune telling
– Birthday secret
– Palace of Frogs
– life is short
– Hello, no one is here
– Portuguese girl
– Inside a mirror inside a puzzle
– Anna’s world
The main character of the book
The main character of Sophie’s novel is a creative and energetic girl named Sophie Amundsen! Sophie, who is on the verge of turning 15, is faced with a mind full of various philosophical questions to which she has no answers.

Sophie is a symbol of many teenagers in the world who live with a confused mind of unanswered questions about who and what they are. The story of Sophie’s world literally tells the world of a girl with these characteristics.

A summary of the book Sofies verden: roman om filosofiens historie
The story begins when the world of Sophie is turned upside down by receiving a strange and attractive letter. A letter that was full of content and meaning but can only be summarized in two words “Who are you”! Yes, it’s true that the text of the whole letter was just those two words, and that was enough to occupy Sophie’s mind as many times as she had any questions.

But the story of these letters did not end so easily because some time later Sophie received longer names than before with the theme: How the world came into being!

The mystery of these mysterious letters was finally solved by revealing the name of the sender of the letter. Alberto Cannax is the person who sent these letters to Sophie, intending to teach philosophy to 15-year-old Sophie!
In the rest of the story, the letters gradually get out of the multi-word mode and help Sophie find the right answer to the two questions she was asked. In the meantime, the audience gets acquainted with the theories of different philosophers of the world. Because the author’s goal is to express philosophy simply in the form of a story that can be understood by the audience.

Sentences from the text of the book Sofies verden: roman om filosofiens historie!
This novel is full of fascinating parts that the audience likes to underline Justin Gerdr’s sentences with a bold black pencil so that he can always find the most impressive parts of it and read it over and over again. In the following, we will review some effective sentences of this book.

If we do not know that we are dying, we can not taste the taste of being alive, and that is to live without receiving the wonderful surprise of life! In this case, it is impossible to imagine death. The day the doctor informed his grandmother that his illness was incurable, he said something like this: I had not understood until now. What a beautiful life! Isn’t it sad that one has to get sick to understand what a blessing it is to be alive?

Mankind faces a number of difficult questions for which there are no convincing answers. Well, two things can be done: either we can deceive ourselves and the rest of the world and pretend that we know what we need to know, or we can look forward to it forever. Closed important issues and stopped progress.
Humanity is divided into two categories in this regard. People in general are either one hundred percent sure or one hundred percent indifferent … It is like splitting a card into two parts. Put the black dots on one side and the red dots on the other. But suddenly a person emerges who is neither a brick nor a heart nor a cross. All he knew was that he knew nothing, and that bothered him. So that made him a philosopher!

The millipede was a professional dancer, and all the animals in the forest enjoyed her dance except the turtle, which she did not like or envy. The turtle wrote a letter to Hazarpa saying that I am one of your fans and I have a question for Mosha.
When you first dance, you pick up the right foot number 43, then you start with the left foot, number 73, or you start with the left foot first, number 123, and then you bring the right foot, number 843, after that. Does he? … Do you know what happened in the end? Never dance a millipede again! … This is the result of the imagination that came to reason.

Book specifications
Justin Garder is a master of simplification and brevity. He puts three thousand years of thought in 600 pages and cleverly quotes Goethe: “He who does not benefit from three thousand years is living in poverty.” He easily expresses the complex topics of Western philosophy without being vulgar in simple, eloquent language and with all understanding.

This is the text that has been published on the back cover of Sufi World to encourage the audience to read the book as soon as possible. This text can be a flip for those who have always postponed reading about philosophy and found it difficult to read!
If you go to bookstores or reputable e-book sales sites to buy Sufi World series, it is not bad to know that Sufi World has been published by Niloufar Publications and Hassan Kamshad has provided the most famous translation of this work to the audience.

Which translation of the Sufi world is better?
One of the most important questions that is always a major concern for the audience is which translation on the market is suitable for reading?

Fortunately, due to the specialization of the topics in the book Sufi World! Dexterous translators have translated this book into Persian, each of which is a smooth translation.
Hassan Kamshad and Dr. Mehdi Samsar are two great translators who have made the fluent and attractive translation of the Sufi world available to the audience. You can download and purchase this version from this page.

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