Smokeless fire


Title: Smokeless Fire

Author: Nader Ebrahimi

Publisher: Roozbehan

Subject: Persian literature

Age category: Adult

Cover: Paperback

Number of pages: 3 c

Language Farsi

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Remember the smokeless fire with its TV series that aired in 1953 and 1954, and perhaps by reading this long novel, you will tie your days and nights with a pleasant story. However, this is a work of fiction that took thirty years to write, and has won the Golden Plate Award and the Diploma of Honor for 20 Years of Iranian Fiction, and other awards such as Bratislava, UNESCO Education and the book ‌ Year of Iran for its author, Nader Ebrahimi. The seven-volume novel, published in three separate books, tells the story of several generations of a family. In this note, we take a look at this beautiful Iranian novel.

The main letter
The main character of this novel is love. But love is not the usual kind we have read in other books. A passionate love that nurtures pride and violence. Along with love, Nader Ebrahimi’s poetic language depicts such beauties of the Turkmen Sahara that one can close one’s eyes and imagine oneself there. The confrontation of ignorance with science and knowledge is another issue that this book reflects and shows the differences between the two generations.

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The sweet story of the heroes of the story

The main characters of this novel are Galan and Solmaz; The love between them, which is mixed with pride and violence, their love for their homeland and their struggles have made the story of this book. The creation of Galan’s character comes to Nader Ebrahimi’s mind one day while playing backgammon. When his opponent, Dr. Khedr Forouhar, talked about his ancestors and named a person named Galan. This character fell in love with Nader Ebrahimi so much that he became its protagonist.

A story of love and hate
Love and hate, peace and enmity are the other two forces that spin the wheel of the world and shine in this story as well. Here, too, the story begins with the phrase: “Goklan does not give a girl to Yamut, and he does not give a girl to Yamut, still.” The enmity between the two tribes has started over the water years ago and over the years, their relationship with each other has narrowed considerably, but what happens next is like firewood added to the fire.

Galan Oja, a young hero and legendary hero from the Yamut tribe, meets a beautiful girl during his sightseeing. The girl, who is known for her courage, has attracted many lovers with her charming beauty. His name is Solmaz and he is from Goklan tribe.
But is it possible to fall in love with the daughter of the head of the enemy tribe? Is it possible to cultivate his love in his heart and ignore the hatred and hatred of the two tribes for many years? Love has blinded Galan’s eyes and he is doing something strange. He steals his lover. This incident ignites the fire of this hatred and enmity and kills the Galan brothers.

Enemy fire also engulfs subsequent victims. Galan and Solmaz are also caught, but in the following books we read about the lives of Galan and Solmaz’s children and grandchildren.

If you are interested in Nader Ebrahimi’s stories and writing style, we suggest that you also read the note “Nader Ebrahimi, the author we loved”.

Nader Ebrahimi; The author we loved
Generations of fighters

Nader Ebrahimi begins the book Smokeless Fire with a love story, but as the story progresses, it also tells the struggles and lives of three generations of nomadic Turkmen from the Qajar period and the reign of Nasser al-Din Shah to the second Pahlavi and the rule of Mohammad Reza Pahlavi. Seven volumes of this novel have been published in three books.

In the first volumes, we read about Galan and Solmaz and their love and life. In the following volumes of the book, we meet Allen, the grandson of Galan and Solmaz. Allen likes to go to town and study for a doctorate. The people of the desert, who are not happy with the tuition, oppose him, but he eventually goes his own way. Eventually, the story ends with the killing of Galan’s grandchildren, Allen’s children, and his wife, Maral. Although the story ends, their role in their struggles and sacrifices will never be forgotten.

The structure of the novel
The novel Smokeless Fire is seven volumes. These seven volumes have been published in three books by Roozbehan Publishing. The first book consists of the first three volumes, namely “Galan and Solmaz”, “Holy Tree” and “The Great Union”. The second book, Volumes Four and Five, covers “Bloody Realities” and “Moving Again.” The third book tells the story of volumes six and seven, “You will never rest” and “Every end is a beginning”.

By combining poetry and struggle, Ebrahimi tells the love story, myths and legends of the Turkmen Sahara. This story, like Ebrahimi’s other works, reflects his poetic language, and this is one of the main features of this novel.

Smokeless fire series
Nader Ebrahimi produced a series of the first three volumes of this series in 1953 and 1954, which was broadcast on Iranian national television. The story began with this fiery and violent love. It sparked a rift between the two tribes, culminating in a peace treaty. In this TV series, famous artists such as Mehri Mehrnia, Mehri Vedadian, Jamshid Gorgin, Massoud Valdebeigi and Mohammad Ali Keshavarz played roles.

last word
This story is different from everything you have read before. If you are familiar with Nader Ebrahimi’s poetic language and tone, you will enjoy reading this work, and if this is your first encounter, you will have a pure experience. Combining issues such as pride, love, enmity, struggle, ignorance, wisdom, etc., and addressing all of them, can only come from great artists like Nader Ebrahimi.

He has been able to make a good example of this Turkmen proverb in the form of words: “Fire cannot be without smoke, young man without sin.” This beautiful story, which is the narration of the love of Turkmen myths, has the ability to be read in the new dress that Nader Ebrahimi is wearing, like the stories of grandmothers to grandchildren.

د. Excerpts from the book Smokeless Fire
We should talk about love, we should always talk about love. Love arises in the moment, love along with time. This is the most fundamental difference between love and affection. Love breaks standards; Love is based on criteria.

Love ignites suddenly and unintentionally, love springs from knowing and wanting. Love knows no law, love is the culmination of respect for a set of emotional laws. Love erupts – like a volcano, and erupts – like a huge waterfall; Love flows.

Those who do not seek and do not ask and do not know, like many blind people, are attached to the staff of the staff; And woe to that visionary who goes his own way, not the way the blind desire; And woe to the seemingly blind, in the sense of blindness that has taken the son of an alien cane …
When you have to beg for something to get it, it shows that it is very worthless and useless. Everything that has value and credibility keeps itself away from the battle of dirty give and take

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